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Blue Christmas Lights Are The Worst And They're Ruining Christmas


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It's nearly Christmas, everyone!

Santa Claus Ltd.

But as Christmas approaches, I need to warn you about a terrible scourge threatening to destroy the festive season as we know it.

The scourge of electric-blue Christmas lights.

Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

They're everywhere.

I don't feel merry, though, just cold and alienated.
Twitter: @TheBoltonNews

I don't feel merry, though, just cold and alienated.

They're taking over our villages, towns, and cities.

Such an unfriendly glow.
Twitter: @StevenSaul

Such an unfriendly glow.

Christmas is meant to be the season of cosiness, of warm, twinkling lights glittering in the darkness.

Is this the sort of sinister, haunting Christmas we want for our children???

It looks terrifying. / BuzzFeed

It looks terrifying.

Does this make you feel cosy, festive, and warm?

No it does fucking not.

Daily Express / Greycaines

These are proper Christmas lights:

You've got red – the colour of Santa, holly berries, and Rudolph's nose.

Coca Cola

Green – the colour of Christmas trees.


Yellow, the colour of candlelight and log fires.


And white, of course – like glittering winter snow.

Channel 4

Electric blue is the colour of emergencies, crime scenes, and accidents.

Simonskafar / Getty Images, Brianajackson / Getty Images

When you see blue flashing lights, you know to expect the worst.

It's the colour of anti-heroin train station toilets.

Not especially festive.
Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

Not especially festive.

It's the colour of a fly killer in a butcher's shop.

This window display does not say, "Merry Christmas, everyone!"

When did 'Emergency Services Blue become an acceptable Christmas lights colour? I'm sure it's got something to do w…

It says, "All the flies in here are dead."

The new trend for blue Christmas lights is tainting what should be the purest and happiest of seasons with darkness and fear.

Awkward when from a distance you're admiring someone's blue Christmas lights then you get closer and realise they'r…

Someone has even written a book drawing a direct parallel between blue lights and disaster.

When Christmas lights are blue, prepare for bad news basically.
Twitter: @Trejana67

When Christmas lights are blue, prepare for bad news basically.

This is just eerie.

There's more warmth and festivity coming from the street light and bus window.

I've never felt so alone.

This is 100% more festive than a town centre with blue Christmas lights.


The people on the internet know what they're talking about!

Christmas lights should never be blue! End of story👍🏽

The public has spoken.

It's just wrong.

@Ironbridgeview God preserve from that most unchristmassy of spectacles .... blue christmas lights.

So please, please – let's come together and return our cities, towns, and villages to the festive glory of Regent Street in 1997:

I feel so warm and bathed in festive goodness!
Louisa Macdonell/REX/Shutterstock

I feel so warm and bathed in festive goodness!

Of Birmingham in 1991:

My cockles are toasting nicely!

My cockles are toasting nicely!

Of Sheffield in 1972:

Now I'm feeling Christmassy.

Now I'm feeling Christmassy.

OK, I've said my piece. Merry nearly Christmas everyone – may your festivities be bathed in warm, twinkling lights.