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Being A Puppy Walker Is The Best Job In The World And Here's The Proof

It's 24hr floof patrol.

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4. There is a catch – you aren't paid to be a puppy walker, it's a voluntary role and you'll be working for a guide dog charity.

But you are paid back 1,000-fold in puppy love, which currently has a great rate against the British pound.


8. As a puppy walker, it's your job to get the pup used to the big, wide world, and teach it not to be distracted by all the wonderful things it sees out there.

When they're working as guide dogs, they can't do naughty dog things like running after other dogs, barking at cars, eating rubbish out of bins, or jumping up at strangers.


13. Then there's the issue of poo. One of the main duties of a puppy walker is to teach the puppy to poo on command, on a flat area of concrete or stone in the garden.

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It's really important that a guide dog won't just poo in the street. And to make it easier for a blind or partially sighted person to clean up the poo, the puppy must learn it can't go on the grass either.

15. The puppy will usually be sponsored – either by a business, a school, or an individual. The sponsors sometimes choose the puppy's name, and if it's a school, you might take the puppy to visit every couple of weeks.

It costs around £50,000 to fully train a guide dog – although donations start from as little as £1 – so sponsors are essential.


17. The very best thing about the job is knowing that the puppy you helped to raise could go on to transform someone's life.

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Around 1 in 3 guide dog puppies will succesfully make it all the way through training and be given to a blind or partially sighted owner. The ones that don't make it could go on to become another kind of assistance dog, or they might be rehomed with sighted owners.

18. The worst bit is when you have to say goodbye. Eventually, the pup will be ready for big school, and they'll head off to kennels to complete their training.

After spending nearly a year together, you've built up an incredibly close bond. It's painful to watch them go, although you know they're heading off to do great things.

BuzzFeed talked to Trish Davis, a puppy walker for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. You can find out more about becoming a puppy walker on their website.