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17 Awards Every Girl Deserved In The '00s

We were hella good at lots of things.

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2. Longest Torso Award

Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

It's kind of like we were a different species in the '00s. Like long-torsoed aliens reigned supreme for a decade before retreating to whence they came from.


9. The Duff Prize for Smart-Casual Fashion Mash-up

Evan Agostini / Getty Images

Omg, we were so bold. Stilleto heels with satin cropped combats, paired with a cartoon T-shirt, and plenty of diamanté neckwear? Nothing phased us.


15. The OMG Award for Most Daring Group Ensemble

Mj Kim / Getty Images

When we got together with our girls, anything could happen. Pleated skirts, with bare bellies, lacey bras and furry gilets? Look out fellas, here we come.

17. The "Wow, Your Trousers Are So Low I Can Nearly See Your Vag" Award

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Those hip bones were on full view, but the pubes must never peep out – it was an art we all perfected, and it deserves recognition.