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    42 Problems All Girls With Thick Hair Have Gone Through

    So much hair in your bum after a shower.

    1. Hair elastics being too tight to fit round your ponytail.

    2. Snapping the hair elastic when you try to force it on.

    3. Going through way too many hair ties and hair clips.

    4. Needing several clips to keep your ponytail in place.

    5. Not being able to wear a plait because you have too much hair.

    6. Not being able to do any hairstyle except “up” or “down”.

    7. Or maybe if you’re feeling adventurous “half up, half down”.

    8. Head sweat.

    9. Your hair looking OK on the top layer, but greasy inside from the head sweat.

    10. Having to set aside at least 30 minutes in the shower to wash your hair.

    11. Going through shitloads of shampoo and conditioner every month.

    12. Laughing a tired laugh when the bottle says to use a “coin-sized amount”

    13. Needing to shampoo at least twice, probably three times so that it reaches the inner core of your hair.

    14. Loads of hairs getting lodged in you bum.

    15. Having to pull the hairs out of your bum and it feeling very weird.

    16. The shower drain getting blocked every few days.

    17. Having to pull the “drain rat” out because you know it is largely your fault.

    18. Creating “hair art” on the walls of the shower.

    19. A weak shower that can’t penetrate your hair, so you know it will never properly wash the shampoo out.

    20. It taking time and effort to get your hair fully wet, right to the deepest layer.

    21. Washing and drying your hair, and realising there’s a coating of shampoo residue deep within which makes your hair feel greasier than before you washed it.

    22. Combs snapping in your hair.

    23. Brushing your hair with a soft brush and the bristles just bending back and refusing to do their job.

    24. Hair all over the carpet.

    25. Having to set aside minimum one hour to blow-dry your hair, and it still being damp.

    26. Getting arm ache from holding the hairdryer up for that long.

    27. Needing more than an hour to blow dry it into a style.

    28. Leaving your hair to dry naturally, and it still being damp six hours later.

    29. Getting your hair all nice ‘n’ smooth, then stepping outside and it’s raining.

    30. The frizz explosion when a droplet of rain touches it.

    31. Discovering a rogue hair clip that has been lost in you hair for days.

    32. Other things getting lost in your hair (for me it was a wasp once).

    33. Your hair having distinct “moods”.

    34. Never knowing when you wake up if your hair will be in a good mood or a MASSIVE mood.

    35. Having to buy an extra-large hat size just to fit your hair inside it.

    36. Your hair literally weighing down your head.

    37. Especially when it’s wet.

    38. Asking for layers at the hairdresser and ending up with something more like steps.

    39. Needing to book a double appointment at the hairdressers.

    40. And even longer if you’re getting it dyed.

    41. A new hairdresser not understanding thick hair so you end up with a mushroom ‘do or triangle head.

    42. Your hair getting too long so you basically end up looking like Cousin Itt.