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24 Little Reasons Brunette Girls Shouldn't Dye Their Hair

"Hair colour works better on blondes."

1. "Colour doesn't work on brunette hair."

2. "Bright colours don't really show up."

3. "There's nothing worse than dark roots and coloured hair."

4. "Hair colour works better on blondes."

5. "You shouldn't spoil your normal hair colour by dyeing it."

6. "Green hair will make you look like a witch."

7. "You won't look ~right~ if you're not a brunette."

8. "Your natural hair colour will always show through."

9. "If you're brunette, you can only dye your hair one shade lighter."

10. "Coloured hair and dark eyebrows are all wrong."

11. "You can't achieve subtle colour when you've got dark hair."

12. "It's hard to be professional when you've got coloured hair."

13. "Colourful hair will clash with your clothes."

14. "There's no way a brunette can pull off rainbow hair."

15. "You'll never get your old hair back once you dye it."

16. "Hair colour just works much better on blondes."

17. "I like it more when your hair's natural."

18. "Coloured hair only looks good when it's freshly washed."

19. "If you've got dark hair, you can never go blonde."

20. "Dark hair looks weird with colour."

21. "A brunette girl with dyed blue hair will just look brash."

22. "There is no way a dark-haired girl can go pale pink."

23. "Just face facts, brunette girls, your hair will always be brown."

24. "Once a brunette, always a brunette."