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24 Little Reasons Brunette Girls Shouldn't Dye Their Hair

"Hair colour works better on blondes."

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1. "Colour doesn't work on brunette hair."

Instagram: @bleachlondon

This blue-and-black-haired beauty would beg to differ.

2. "Bright colours don't really show up."

Instagram: @dyeddollies

These plaits are dazzling though.

3. "There's nothing worse than dark roots and coloured hair."

Blake Anderson and Rachael Finley would disagree.
Frazer Harrison / Getty

Blake Anderson and Rachael Finley would disagree.

4. "Hair colour works better on blondes."

Instagram: @bleachlondon

I think this picture proves you wrong.

5. "You shouldn't spoil your normal hair colour by dyeing it."

Instagram: @bleachlondon

But it looks so damn pretty!

6. "Green hair will make you look like a witch."

Instagram: @bleachlondon

Not really, but anyway witches are pretty fucking cool.

7. "You won't look ~right~ if you're not a brunette."

Instagram: @dyeddollies

True, you'd look AMAZING with rose-coloured hair.

8. "Your natural hair colour will always show through."

Instagram: @dyeddollies

This girl was definitely not born with mermaid hair.

9. "If you're brunette, you can only dye your hair one shade lighter."

Instagram: @bleachlondon

This photo says: not true.

10. "Coloured hair and dark eyebrows are all wrong."

Instagram: @dyeddollies

They're 100% spot-on, actually.

11. "You can't achieve subtle colour when you've got dark hair."

Instagram: @bleachlondon

Judging by this spectrum of blue-green-aqua-emerald shades, that's total rubbish.

12. "It's hard to be professional when you've got coloured hair."

Yeah? Try telling Lily Allen that.
Niklas Halle'n / Getty

Yeah? Try telling Lily Allen that.

13. "Colourful hair will clash with your clothes."

Instagram: @dyeddollies

But only in a good way.

14. "There's no way a brunette can pull off rainbow hair."

Instagram: @dyeddollies

Um, wrong.

15. "You'll never get your old hair back once you dye it."

Instagram: @edeebeau

But I'll get this new hair that looks so crazy pretty.

16. "Hair colour just works much better on blondes."

Instagram: @edeebeau

Dark-haired girls can be blondes too, tho.

17. "I like it more when your hair's natural."

Instagram: @dyeddollies

But it looks so damn good when it's emerald green.

18. "Coloured hair only looks good when it's freshly washed."

Instagram: @bleachlondon

Wrong again.

19. "If you've got dark hair, you can never go blonde."

Instagram: @blackhairrocks

This woman just proved how wrong you are.

20. "Dark hair looks weird with colour."

Instagram: @bleachlondon

Ladies and gentlemen, behold: dark hair with rainbow colours looking insanely awesome.

21. "A brunette girl with dyed blue hair will just look brash."

Instagram: @bleachlondon

But how about this barely-there blue denim look?

22. "There is no way a dark-haired girl can go pale pink."

Instagram: @thelondoncurls

This lady would not agree with such nonsense.

23. "Just face facts, brunette girls, your hair will always be brown."

Instagram: @auracolorist

How about brown and peach as a compromise?

24. "Once a brunette, always a brunette."

Instagram: @whittemorehouse

But sometimes a silver-violet, too.