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    Top Six Ebenezer Scrooges Of 2014

    Every year, the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty gives the Ebenezer Award to the most ridiculous affront to Christmas or Hanukkah celebrations. So gas up your fireplace, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and enjoy our brief little romp through this year’s Scroogeyest contenders.

    6. School Board removes religious holidays from school calendar

    Uhh... no more school holidays? Excuse me while I...

    5. School officials confiscate a first grader's candy cane because it carries a religious message

    What's this? A world where little kids handing out candy canes is an establishment of religion... WHAT'S THIS?!

    4. Cambridge school fires Santa

    Don't worry though, Santa found another job.

    3. North Carolina Courthouse removes nativity scene after 40 year run

    2. University of Maine bans decorations of Christmas trees, PRESENTS, menorahs, candy canes and *PRESENTS* in the name of "diversity"

    But seriously, don't school officials have anything better to do than ban PRESENTS???

    UPDATE: UMaine will allow all of these wonderful things after all (including presents). Good job guys! You get an EGGNOG TOAST!

    And the 2014 Ebenezer Award goes to....

    1. The City of Sioux Falls!! For saying that not only do snowplows keep our streets safe, they enforce religion too!

    But wait! Just like "A Christmas Carol", this story has a happy ending. The City of Sioux Falls had a Scrooge-like change of heart and mended their ways. The student artwork can stay. Another EGGNOG TOAST for you!!