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    21 Things Jewish Girls Love

    Inspired by this and this and this . Also, this list proves that we are a culture of food-lovers.

    1. Bagels (preferably with lox and/or cream cheese).

    Come to mama.

    2. Nice Jewish Boys

    We just want a nice doctor or a lawyer with an impressive jew-fro to bring home to mom! Is that too much to ask?

    3. Challah

    Oh sweet baby moses, YES. Really, we love all carbs. But we pretend not to on dates.

    4. Our Bubbes

    Nobody is better than our grandmas, and our moms for that matter. And don't you forget it.

    5. Bat Mitzvahs

    Your parents essentially threw you and your friends a giant party, which always involved an awesome buffet, chocolate fountains, awkward dances/DJs/dance motivators, Coke/Pepsi games, the hora, and awesome gifts.

    6. Coach Bags

    Speaking of Bat Mitzvahs, this was THE JACKPOT GIFT.

    7. Purim

    Carnivals, costumes, loads of wine, a story with a kick-ass heroine, noisemakers - what's not to love?

    8. Talking about how big our noses are

    "Ugh, MY SCHNOZZ." Also, nose jobs as 16th-birthday gifts: all too common.

    9. Israel

    Can we just move there already?

    10. Birthright

    Week long vacation with fellow members of the tribe? Yes please.

    11. Roast Chicken

    In the words of Grace from Will and Grace:

    Will: The relationship you have with the chicken is truly remarkable. I can't wait for the day when someone inhales my leg and thigh like that.

    Grace: I don't know what to tell you, man. Jews and chicken... it's real and it's deep.

    12. Manischewitz

    The best part of Pesach, by far.

    13. Falafel

    Flickr: 51035735481@N01

    Also, hummus. Chickpeas are by far the best legume.

    14. Jewish Celebrities and Politicians

    Did you know Jon Stewart is Jewish? Debra Messing? Ruth Bader Ginsberg? Rahm Emanuel? Natalie Portman? Let us remind you 40 times. What's that, you want some lists? Here you go!



    Also, the feeling that you get when you discover one of your favorite celebrities is Jewish? THE BEST IN THE WORLD.

    15. Miami

    The best part of visiting Bubbe & Grandpa.

    16. Hair Straighteners

    Gotta tame that mane somehow.

    17. Shabbat

    Mandated day of rest that also just so happens to be the social event of the week and involves lots of food and the aforementioned challah.

    18. Knowing exactly what is and is not kosher

    Also, adapting all of our menus to fit everyone's different variations of kosher/gluten free/vegetarian/vegan.

    19. Talking about our dads

    They are embarrassing, ridiculous, hilarious, and some of our favorite people ever.

    20. Woody Allen

    We dig it.

    21. Using Yiddush in everyday conversation

    Oy gevalt, I'm schvitzing like it's going out of style.