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    21 Things Jewish Girls Love

    Inspired by this and this and this . Also, this list proves that we are a culture of food-lovers.

    1. Bagels (preferably with lox and/or cream cheese).

    2. Nice Jewish Boys

    3. Challah

    4. Our Bubbes

    5. Bat Mitzvahs

    6. Coach Bags

    7. Purim

    8. Talking about how big our noses are

    9. Israel

    10. Birthright

    11. Roast Chicken

    12. Manischewitz

    13. Falafel

    14. Jewish Celebrities and Politicians

    15. Miami

    16. Hair Straighteners

    17. Shabbat

    18. Knowing exactly what is and is not kosher

    19. Talking about our dads

    20. Woody Allen

    21. Using Yiddush in everyday conversation