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8 Fantastic To Kill A Mockingbird Quotes In Honor Of Harper Lee's 88th Birthday

“Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.” Thanks for everything, Harper Lee.

beckawall • 5 years ago

7 Laci Green Videos To Make Your Sex Life Better

Laci Green gets it that your sexuality is connected not only to the physical act, but to our personal relationships, the messages society gives, the way we think, and our personal body images. Plus, she's funny, eloquent, and generally AWESOME. May her wisdom wash over you. For more Laci: Youtube | Tumblr

beckawall • 5 years ago

15 Pun-Tacular Hanksy Pieces

Hanksy is a street artist and master of puns.

beckawall • 5 years ago

Sexy Uses Of Foods That Were Part Of The Graham Diet

Around 1829, Sylvester Graham invented the Graham Diet. He believed that adhering to the diet would prevent people from having impure thoughts and in turn would stop masturbation. If he could see this variation on his diet, though, he might get a little hot and bothered...

beckawall • 5 years ago

11 Signs You Work At A Women's Org

Who run the world? GIRLS.

beckawall • 5 years ago

15 Super Important Photos Of Pugs In Wigs

Top priority right now, guys. YOU'RE WELCOME.

beckawall • 5 years ago

21 Things Jewish Girls Love

Inspired by this and this and this . Also, this list proves that we are a culture of food-lovers.

beckawall • 6 years ago