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The Stages Of Sacrificing Sleep For Fanfic

(Also applicable to all forms of media, tbh.)

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So it is hella late and you probably need to go to bed / Via

You have to adult in the morning.

Just as you're about to log off, you see it: a fanfic of your OTP / Via

Lots of kudos, reviews, and the summary sounds epic.

The downside? It's about 100,000 words and 24 chapters long / Via

And you really should be getting to bed

Immediately, you start frantically calculating / Via

If I read two chapters in an hour, how much sleep will I lose?

You start waffling toward doing the responsible thing

Pinterest / Via

Go to bed! Sleep! You have work tomorrow!

But the non-responsible side is telling you to go for it / Via

Work doesn't give fluff enough to rot your teeth! Don't you wanna see your OTP live happily ever after?!

You decide on just one chapter / Via

What could one chapter hurt?

And then one chapter becomes two / Via

Two becomes three, three becomes four...

Next thing you know, you need to be up in like an hour / Via

Clock you better be lying to me!

You go back to your regular life: sleep deprived / Via

Slamming down energy drinks and trying to remind higher brain function.

It was worth it. The fic was everything promised and more! / Via

Even though you are sleep-deprived, you are so happy.

Next time though? You may be responsible and go to bed

Who are we kidding? No, you won't. Fanfic always wins!

We Heart It / Via

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