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The Definitive Ranking Of The Avengers: Age Of Ultron Posters

Because when a superhero team saves the world, they should give hella great face.

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11. Hulk

Marvel Studios / Via

Now let's be real, there are no bad character posters, but there are meh ones. Unfortunately the Hulk's is a bit meh. It just doesn't invoke the same duality that Banner's did for the first Avengers movie.

Also where's the Bruce Banner character poster?! I demand more Mark Ruffalo!

10. Thor

Marvel Studios / Via

I honestly don't know what is it about this poster that turns me off. But his previous ones invoked a more badass image. I know those are for his solo ventures, but for Ultron I expected something more grand and epic. Or at least something a little more lightning-y.

9. Hawkeye

Marvel Studios / Via

Hawkeye, we can all admit, has gotten a bit of the character shaft. While this poster is really badass looking, it doesn't give a sense of the character. It's just kind of generic hero fare.

8. Nick Fury

Marvel Studios / Via

I'm going to be honest. The reason this is so high up is the look on Fury's face. He just looks so exasperated, kind of like a teacher with a highly unruly class. It's fantastic.

7. Quicksilver

Marvel Studios / Via

Props to the people who made the poster, they are trying to simulate motion in a still image. I do get the feeling that he is running. I also love that little cocky eyebrow up. It definitely seems in line with how Quicksilver is going to be portrayed.

6. Scarlet Witch

Marvel Studios / Via

There's definitely a sense of mysticism with the character here. Scarlet Witch is also one of the more cerebral characters, which is shown in her expression. I also, strangely, enough get a sense of movement for her hands here, as she conjures up something.

5. The Vision

Marvel / Via

The first full look at the mysterious android character, and wow Vision translates well from ink to screen. A lot of it comes from the look Paul Bettany's face. There's just this sort of confidence that he's in control here.

4. Black Widow

Marvel Studios / Via

This is by far the best Black Widow character poster. Her Avengers one wasn't that great and I had no idea what was going on in her Captain America: The Winter Soldier one. But Age Of Ultron? This is Black Widow: self possessed and ready for action. What is a character poster if you don't get a sense of the character?

3. Captain America

Marvel Studios / Via

This definitely makes up for the stupid costume they had him in for Avengers. He looks every inch the hero: ready to lead the team and kick all sorts of ass in battle. Plus I like the callback to Captain America: The First Avenger because I'm such a nerd.

2. Iron Man

Marvel Studios / Via

In Avengers: Age Of Ultron Tony Stark is Ultron's creator: a decision that I'm sure he will come to regret in future films. In his character poster, you can see the face of a man who realizes that he has messed up big time, but who will try to fix his mistakes. Again, it gives us a sense of the character and where he is in the movie.

1. Ultron

Marvel Studios / Via

All of the other posters have a similar theme: the character in the day with Ultron's minions descending upon them. Ultron's own character poster provides a stark, and therefore menacing, contrast. It's dark and there are no minions. He's the one who is control here and is almost alien. The Vision still has a human face, but everything about Ultron is inhuman, which makes him creepy and threatening. Thus this poster accomplishes the job best, it tells everything the audience needs to know about the character in just one image.

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