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    8 Things You Won't Believe About Wonder Woman's Origins

    Everyone's favorite Amazon princess has been keeping a couple of kinky secrets.

    1. Wonder Woman's first appearance happened the same month as the attack on Pearl Harbor.

    2. Wonder Woman's creator, William Moulton Marston, was a Harvard-trained psychologist who kind of invented the lie detector...which would later become Wonder Woman's golden lasso.

    3. Marston was involved in the Supreme Court case Frye v. United States , which established the Frye standard.

    4. Marston was also polyamorous, living with both his wife/childhood sweetheart and his mistress/former student.

    5. He was fascinated by dominant/submissive relationships and bondage, and he incorporated that into his comic book.

    6. Wonder Woman represented Marston's belief in female supremacy.

    7. Wonder Woman has many ties to first-wave feminism and the suffrage movement.

    8. Wonder Woman was originally the secretary of the Justice Society.

    Aren't you glad you got to know Wonder Woman a little better?