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    31 Splurge-Worthy Electronics That You Can Get At Walmart

    Say hello to high-tech.

    1. A VIZIO 55-inch TV that will make it tough to turn down Friday nights in with Netflix. The 4K Ultra HD display is super crisp, which makes any movie or show look even better.

    2. A pair of Bluetooth Beats headphones because who wants to be limited by wires? Unlike some wireless buds, these wrap-around earphones feature a connecting cord that lets you wear them around your neck when not in use and prevents them from falling and hitting the ground if one falls out. Plus, the sound quality is *chef's kiss*.

    3. A space-gray Apple iPad for days spent snuggled up in bed or jetting from point A to point B. Just keep in mind that it's WiFi-only, so you have to be near a hot spot to use it.

    4. A pair of noise-canceling wireless Bose headphones so you can block out the surrounding world whenever you see fit. The ultra-comfy headphones come with Alexa and Google Assistant and the ability to adjust noise cancellation from levels 1 to 10.

    5. A Samsung 50-inch LED Smart TV that's well-lit from every angle. It features essential contrast and PurColor to create the brightest, most beautiful picture.

    6. An Acer Chromebook for those who can't choose between a tablet and a laptop — this swiveling device lets you use it however you please. The screen size is just under 12 inches and it has 32GB of memory.

    7. A pair of sunglasses that double as headphones because you're hip like that. These classic frames are taken to the next futuristic level with rich Bose sound quality that will help tune out the sun and the surrounding noises.

    8. A 40-inch Samsung LED TV that's great for cozy nooks or even the kitchen. It comes with Digital Clean View technology to make any picture you're viewing crisp and bright.

    9. An RCA 11-inch tablet because sometimes you want to stream on-the-go. This 2-in-1 tablet has 32GB of memory, along with a touchscreen and crisp resolution.

    10. A Google Home smart speaker so you can listen to music, play trivia, and quickly receive answers to your most burning questions. Best of all, you can tell it to remember things for you, make lists, and even to tell you jokes.

    11. A 10.2-inch Apple iPad that can be used with both Wi-Fi and cellular. It has 32GB of memory and comes with a lightning-fast USB cable.

    12. A series 3 Apple watch to help you keep track of the time. Plus, it measures your heart rate, tracks workouts, and can even withstand ocean and pool swims.

    13. A Google Nest security camera because sometimes a little extra remote home protection is stress-relieving. With this camera, you'll be able to see what's happening in your home from the app on your phone. It has a 130-degree view that can detect movement day or night.

    14. A Sceptre 65-inch LED TV that features four HDMI ports. What's more, it comes with a consumer electronics control that lets you control all connected devices from one remote.

    15. A pair of Bose SoundSport wireless earbuds for the on-the-go music lovers out there. These in-ear buds stay put without being tethered to a cord. They have active noise cancellation to filter out the surrounding world and are sweat- and water-resistant.

    16. An Apple HomePod to fill any room of your house with unparalleled sound quality. Plus, with Siri capability, you can also tap into the weather, traffic, sports, and news in general.

    17. A head-to-head table arcade game that will turn any basement into an entertainment haven. It comes with 12 Street Fighter games that the whole family (or frat) can enjoy.

    18. A Lenovo Legion laptop for the extreme gamer. With an Intel Core i7 processor, anti-glare display, and 16GB of memory, it's a dream for Fortnite fanatics and gamers everywhere.

    19. An RCA 70-inch flat-screen that will turn your home into your very own mini movie theatre. The 4K UHD LED display is top-notch from anywhere in the room.

    20. A Google Nest Hub for folks who want to be more organized in their home or office. The 7-inch touch-screen display lets you view the weather, time, maps, cooking instructions, music playlists, and more — including the ability to power off your lights, security, and so on. And, rest assured, the sound quality is superb.

    21. A Roku bundle that includes 4K/HD/HDR media player and JBL headphones. Where the media player creates crisp display and ultra-fast streaming, the headphones let you listen by yourself if you don't want to disturb other people in your home.

    22. A Lenovo Chromebook so you can browse the web and get all your work done without spending thousands on a similar lightweight laptop. With 32GB of memory and a 14-inch display, this fast laptop is worth considering.

    23. An old-school Galaga arcade machine that boomers and millennials alike will love. The retro gaming console comes with a riser to make it tall enough to play standing, though you can also use it without the rise if you have a stool.

    24. A water-resistant Bose portable speaker because it never hurts to have music options during outdoor adventures. This best-selling speaker features True 360 sound and 16 hours of play time.

    25. A pair of first-generation Apple AirPods that over a thousand Walmart shoppers swoon over. They come in a self-charging case and stay in the ear with little to no slip.

    26. A Google Nest Mini speaker so you can set up music capabilities all around your house. Plus, by having a mini in every room, you can always have answers to your most-curious Qs.

    27. An iBUYPOWER gaming set-up that any gamer is sure to swoon over. It comes with an ultra-fast hard drive and 8GB of memory, which makes gaming glitches a lot less of a concern.

    28. A VANKYO mini projector for a big-screen moment from the comfort of your own home. It's compatible with laptops, smartphones, Fire Stick, PS4, and more, and has an adjustable projection size so you can tailor it to your liking.

    29. A Nintendo Switch that will bring out your child-at-heart. The best part about this gaming device is that it can be used with your TV or as a hand-held.

    30. An Apple TV console to turn any TV into a streaming powerhouse. You can voice search with the Siri remote, share directly from your phone to your TV, and more.

    31. A 43-inch JVC smart TV that comes pre-loaded with Roku. That means as soon as you take it out of the box and log in to your streaming accounts, you can enjoy Netflix, HBO Now, Prime Video, Hulu, and more.

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