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    31 Things From Target That Are Useful For Camping, Especially As The Weather Gets Cooler

    ~Tents, and sleeping bags, and flashlights, oh my~

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    1. A top-rated four-person Coleman tent so you can have someplace cozy and dry to sleep after going on a long hike. The water-resistant tent is 9 ft. x 7 ft., which can accommodate up to four sleeping bags, though it most comfortably works for one queen-size bed. That said, it's also sold in a six-person option.

    The Coleman tent

    2. A multipurpose outdoor tarp to keep your tent from soaking through in the middle of the night. Alternatively, you can string it up in the trees to create a DIY canopy. Or you can lay it out to serve as a place for kiddos to sit and play. In other words, it will come in handy one way or another on your outdoor adventure.

    The blue tarp

    3. A queen-size 18-inch air mattress with a built-in pump that will protect your back from getting poked and prodded all night long. After all, even when you're inside a tent, rocks, sticks, and debris have a way of crinkling beneath your sleeping bag. This cushy air mattress will prevent all that.

    The TruAire Matrress

    4. A rechargeable LED flashlight to ensure that you can always light your path (important during late-night bathroom runs). Unlike battery-operated flashlights, this one is designed to charge via USB, so it's easy to keep charged. What's more, you can even use it as a backup phone charger.

    The flashlight

    5. A two-burner propane stove so you can easily whip up a delicious meal in the middle of nowhere. The elevated sides serve as wind guards, so you won't have to worry about your flames blowing out — all your have to worry about is living your best wilderness gourmet life.

    The Coleman propane stove

    6. A double-wide sleeping bag for folks who want to stay warm via cozy insulation and shared body heat. The oversized hood is designed to fit two standard pillows, and the body of the bag itself is 5.5 feet wide.

    The blue and white double-wide sleeping bag

    7. A scout survival kit just in case something goes awry on your camping trip. The waterproof dry bag holds a heat-reflective two-person emergency blanket, a Fire Lite fire striker and waterproof tinder, a 100-decibel Slim Rescue Howler, a Rescue Flash Signal Mirror, a whistle, and more — all of which will come in handy should you encounter an emergency.

    The scout survival kit

    8. An insulated stainless-steel water bottle that truly has the most innovative design around. The cult-favorite bottle has a convenient carrying handle that, when snapped into place, also locks the bottle to make it spill-proof. Plus, if we know anything to be true, it's that camping (no matter the weather) requires staying hydrated, too.

    9. A cozy fleece zip-up jacket so you'll stay warm while you take in that fresh air. The slightly stretchy jacket has a mock neck and deep zip pockets, so it will keep you feeling snuggly and keep your essential items safe from falling out mid-hike.

    The multicolored green fleece jacket

    10. A water filter straw to ensure that you have safe drinking water within reach — and without having to lug gallons of water along for the trip. The straw is designed to remove 99.9% of bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella, and every sip will leave you refreshed and hydrated.

    The blue filter straw

    11. A 10.5-quart insulated backpack cooler so you can easily bring drinks and snacks along on your adventures. The spacious, leak-resistant bag can hold up to 28 cans (!) and has pockets on the front and sides for additional snack storage.

    12. A lifted Coleman inflatable cot to make sleeping while camping as cozy as can be. The twin-size cot not only offers a more padded sleep space, but also makes for a warmer night's sleep, as the cold from the ground won't work its way through your sleeping bag. As a bonus, it has a built-in nightstand, so you'll have somewhere to set a drink, your phone, and whatever else you may need a space for.

    The lifted Coleman cot

    13. A pair of laser-cut compression leggings that will keep you comfy, warm, and dry, no matter what you get up to in the great outdoors. The leggings are made with moisture-wicking fabric, and have flat seams and deep pockets — so they're as practical as they are cute.

    The black and gray marbled leggings

    14. A Coleman sleeping bag for cool (but not cold) weather. Made with ThermoTech insulation, this two-zip sleeping bag is designed to keep sleepers warm in temperatures as low as 50 degrees.

    The black and blue Coleman sleeping bag

    15. An ultralight warming emergency blanket that will come in use should you find yourself up Schitt's Creek (see what we did there?) without a paddle. This blanket is designed to reflect 90% of your body heat to keep you warm if disaster strikes.

    The reflective orange emergency blanket

    16. An 18-oz. stainless-steel all-in-one food jar for folks who want to carry along a hot meal. Whether you use it to prepare a meal ahead of a long hike on your trip or before even heading out on your trip altogether, this heat-maintaining kit — which comes with a spoon and built-in bowl — will prove convenient.

    The stainless food jar

    17. A Coleman canopy to keep an area of your camp shaded and covered, should it start to rain or snow or just be too darn sunny. The easy-to-set-up canopy offers SPF 50+ sun protection and has a water-resistant top, making it a great buy for just about any camper's collection.

    The Coleman Instant Canopy

    18. A compass with LED light so you can still navigate your way back home should your phone die, or if — god forbid — you lose it while camping. This compass comes with a convenient neck strap, as well as an LED light so that you can easily read it at all hours.

    The Coleman compass with necklace attachment

    19. A cast-iron skillet that you can use on a burner or in the fire, all without compromising the quality of the pan. This one comes with a convenient silicone handle to prevent accidental burns, too.

    The Lodge skillets

    20. A pair of collapsible rotisserie forks should you want to make hotdogs or s'mores while on your trip. These are especially great for trips with kids, as the length will let them take part in the cooking process without getting too close to the fire itself.

    The rotisserie fork

    21. A 10-person Coleman cabin tent so you and all your friends can camp comfortably without having to pitch five different tents. The water-resistant tent has two full-sized doors with awnings over each for added cover.

    The 10-person Coleman tent

    22. A Coleman big-and-tall sleeping bag for folks who have trouble fitting in standards sizes. This one, which is suitable for weather as low as 30 degrees, is designed for people up to 6'5" tall.

    Black and gray big-and-tall Coleman sleeping bag

    23. A heavy-duty wagon so you can easily trek with your camping gear through piles of leaves and snow alike. This one is especially nice because, in addition to lugging up to 150 pounds, it comes with four cup holders, two of which are positioned within a sturdy tray, so you know they'll stay put.

    The burgundy wagon

    24. A 125-piece first aid kit because it's better to be safe than sorry. Rather than putting all your supplies into a random zip bag, grab one of these kits stocked with essentials.

    25. A pair of water-resistant binoculars so you can see all the wildlife you want, without having to get too close. These ones let you enjoy 12x magnification, so you can check out all the birds and deer in the forest without getting into their ~personal space~.

    The binoculars

    26. A mummy-style sleeping bag that's designed for temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The tapered design of this down sleeping bag hugs the body to offer all-encompassing heat, all through the night.

    The mummy-style sleeping bag

    27. A hammock to swing around in during the day, or, if you're feeling up to it, sleep in at night. This lightweight one can support up to 400 pounds and is designed to support two people. So, whether you pair it with the mummy sleeping bag above or rely solely on shared body heat, you're bound to stay warm while enjoying this one-of-a-kind camping experience.

    The red and burgundy hammock

    28. A double folding chair so you have somewhere to cozy up during your camping trip. The chair, which has built-in pockets for books and phones, as well as two cup holders, is designed to support up to 600 pounds.

    The double-folding chair

    29. A pair of trekking poles to provide extra footing if there's snow, ice, or just a lot of leaves on the ground. These poles have spiked ends to make traction less worrisome during the cooler months of the year.

    The blue trekking poles

    30. A box of 100 Band-Aids so that you can cover up any cut, blister, or other small injury that Mother Nature throws at you. These bandages are designed to stretch with you, making them especially great on fingers, toes, ankles, heels, and other joints.

    The Band-Aids

    31. A plush flannel-lined Coleman sleeping bag for nights when the temperatures drop below zero. It has a big-and-tall design, so people up to 6'7" tall can enjoy its warmth. Also, it comes with a secret hidey pocket on the inside to store your essentials.

    The flannel-lined Coleman sleeping bag

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