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    31 Things From Target To Help Make Every Room In Your House Cozier In 2022

    From candles and diffusers to the coziest blankets ever, there's something here to help anyone hunker down.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A faux fur pillowcase (or a few) because it's so, so soft that you'll truly be shocked that it costs just under $10. Seriously, as soon as I felt this pillowcase, I knew I needed two — and then I told my mom, grandma, and bestie that they did, too. Point blank: this pillowcase will elevate your bedding and sleep routine more than you can imagine.

    The faux fur pillowcase

    2. A large Mrs. Meyer's lavender-scented candle to ensure your house smells as heavenly and relaxing as can be.

    The lavender candle

    3. An expandable bathtub caddy so you don't have to constantly worry about dropping your phone (or piling all your stuff on the edge of the tub). Instead, this expansive caddy has slots for a book or tablet, phone, wineglass, candle, and more. Talk about a cozy bath sesh!

    The bath caddy holding a book, phone, wineglass, towel, and candles over a tub

    4. A large heating pad for days when you need to target your stiff back, neck, or shoulders — or to relieve killer cramps. This will keep you warm, cozy, and relaxed all day (or night!) long.

    The gray heating pad

    5. A set of four flameless flickering LED candles to set the mood without potentially creating a fire. These battery-operated candles mimic the look of a moving flame without any of the hazards associated with the real thing. They even come with a timer, so that you can program them to create a glowy ambiance at a certain time every day.

    The flameless candles

    6. A round sherpa ottoman so you have somewhere comfy and chic to sit and prop your feet. The wood-accented ottoman is the perfect height to pair with low-profile mid-century modern couches.

    The round sherpa ottoman

    7. An executive-style desk with woven-front contrast panels to make you feel like a boss when you're working from home — and to ensure that you sit with comfortable posture all the while. Plus, with three drawers and two cabinets, it keeps things organized and out of sight so you don't have to work at a cluttered desk all day.

    the desk, which is black with light contrast raffia panels

    8. A chenille bath mat because who wants to step out of the comfort of a toasty shower, only to be met with the harsh reality of a cold tile floor? Instead, this machine-washable, ultra-soft (and ultra-absorbent!) bath mat will cushion your tootsies' landing.

    The green chenille bath mat

    9. A 10-speed KitchenAid mixer so you can bake up a storm because what's cozier than a house filled with the scent of fresh-baked cookies and bread? And this isn't just any old KitchenAid — it's Joanna Gaines' special Hearth & Hand Magnolia model, so it's particularly chic.

    The dark teal KitchenAid

    10. A round swivel barrel chair that's about as trendy as it gets right now. The velvet fabric is soft to the touch and will instantly elevate any room. Plus it rotates, making it more comfortable to twist and turn to focus on different things throughout the room. (Fun fact: I have two swivel chairs situated between my living room and kitchen and they make conversing between the two spaces cozy as can be.)

    The navy swivel barrel chair

    11. An electric tea kettle because there's nothing better than a warm cup of tea when it's frigidly cold outside. This kettle has concealed heating elements, a cool-touch handle, and automatic shutoff — no wonder it's so highly rated! Best of all, since all it requires is an outlet, you can fill it up and then plug it in in any room, not just the kitchen.

    The clear electric tea kettle

    12. An ultra-quiet aromatherapy oil diffuser so your home smells spa-level relaxing even when there aren't any candles burning. Plus, since it has an internal color-changing light, it works well as a night-light and ambience-enhancer, too.

    The aromatherapy diffuser

    13. A heated massage pad to transform any chair in your house. Made with Smartsense technology, this pad is designed to accurately identify pressure points to ensure the most soothing (and most comfortable) massage.

    The massage pad chair cover

    14. A reversible microfiber comforter because even when you have a cozy bed frame and mattress, comfy bedding is still a must. This fan-favorite comforter has different colors on both sides, so you can easily switch it up to change up the look of your room.

    The comforter

    15. A heated blanket so you can get warm and cozy any time, even in the dead of winter. Rather than a small targeted heating pad, this entire blanket is designed to heat up to make sleeping even cozier (and more customizable) than ever.

    The printed heated blanket

    16. A cooling Casper mattress that will ensure you have the best night's sleep possible. It offers medium-firm support, meaning even Goldilocks wouldn't find this too soft or too firm. Lazy weekend = activated.

    The cooling Casper mattress

    17. A glam velvet armchair to give you extra cozy seating in your home (or an extra surface where you can set shopping bags, clothes, or whatever else — no judgments here).

    The velvet armchair

    18. An Amazon Echo Show 10 so you don't have to yell between rooms (or levels) of your home. Instead, you can make announcements through the device so that you can comfortably communicate from anywhere. Beyond that, this device makes streaming music, shows, and movies easier than ever.

    The black EchoShow10

    19. A 3-inch memory fiber mattress topper because sometimes you want a touch more comfort, without investing in a full-blown mattress. This top-rated, baffle-box-constructed topper ensures that the stuffing stays separated — so you won't end up with clumps and an uneven sleep surface after just a few nights of sleep.

    The baffle box mattress topper

    20. A faux-fur comforter set to wrap yourself up in while you sleep, or even to carry out to the couch — yes, you'll love it that much. While one side features silky-smooth faux mink, the other has paneled faux fur. Whichever side you use, though, you can expect to feel cozier than ever beneath it. Best of all, the comforter comes with a sham made of the same material.

    The faux fur comforter set

    21. A Dyson V8 animal vacuum so your home will be super-duper tidy and you'll feel like you can truly r e l a x (no more avoiding eye contact with dust while laying on the couch). Plus, is there anything more inconvenient or uncomfortable than being tethered to a cord when you're trying to clean? This vacuum nixes that by being totally cord-free.

    22. A giant beanbag if you like a unique look to your decor but still want a comfy place to watch Netflix. The bag has a removable faux suede cover that's machine-washable, so you don't have to worry about it getting grungy after many months of flopping on it after work. Flop freely, my friend.

    The faux suede bean bag

    23. A portable C table to give you a place to set your drink down or prop up your laptop whenever you need it. No more slumping over your computer on the couch or fumbling for a place to set your beverage out of reach.

    The portable C table

    24. A stylish sofa so you have a cozy and cute place to curl up by yourself, with your pup, with friends, or whoever.

    The green couch

    25. A foot warmer because you deserve to be cozy even when you're working. This one gently radiates heat without any exposed coils or other fire hazards.

    The electric foot warmer

    26. A LumiPets night-light to ensure that your kiddos are comfortable and feel safe wherever they're hanging out. I got one of these for my 7-year-old nephew for Christmas and he's obsessed. It comes with a remote that lets you change the colors of the lamp, as well as set timers for full light control. Plus, it's so much cuter than your average night-light.

    The owl night light

    27. A projector so that you can feel like you're at the movies from the comfort of your own home. The beauty of this one is that it's compact and can be easily moved from room to room — plus, it comes with a built-in speaker so it's basically a one-stop shop for large-scale entertainment.

    The large-scale portable projector

    28. And a projector screen for folks who want their projections to really look like theater-quality productions (you know, as opposed to watching movies and shows on a random wall — which is fine, just not for everybody). This one is designed to be crease-free, even if you fold it up between uses.

    The projection screen

    29. A Black + Decker space heater because even if your heat is on, sometimes it just doesn't reach that one spot where your desk sits. With one of these plug-in heaters, that will no longer be a concern.

    The space heater

    30. A warm steam humidifier to add a bit more moisture into the air, which can help with everything from coughs and congestion to dry skin. Best of all, unlike many humidifiers, this one has a wide tank which makes it especially easy to clean.

    A model using the humidifier

    31. And a pair of warm, fuzzy socks that'll make walking from one room in your house to another cozier than ever. These ones are tall, thick, and so comfy you'll want to buy them in every single color.

    The fuzzy socks

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