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    31 Things Under $50 From Wayfair That'll Probably Never Stop Being Useful

    From Keurig pod organizers to doggie steps, here you'll discover dozens of useful products that won't break the bank.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An OXO pastry wheel to perfect your pie crusts and easily cut through dough. The double, nonstick wheel features a fluted wheel for pie crusts and a plain wheel for easy cutting.

    The pastry wheel

    2. A three-piece Calphalon bakeware set that comes with two cookie sheets and a cooling rack — in other words, the essentials for baking up a storm. As if the easy, nonstick surface weren't enough to love these, perhaps the fact that they're all dishwasher-safe, is!

    The two cookie sheets and a cooling rack

    3. A 36-pod Keurig carousel to always keep track of which brews and blends you have in stock. The rotating stainless-steel organizer takes up very little counter space but works a world of good for the tidiness of your kitchen.

    Reviewer's picture of the Keurig carousel holding the K-cups

    4. A luxe-looking quilt set so you always have an extra set of bedding on hand. The top-rated set includes a quilt and two shams, all of which are made with a super soft cotton, polyester, and microfiber blend.

    The bedspread

    5. An over-the-door shoe organizer that keeps your floors from getting cluttered with all your favorite loafers, flats, heels, and boots. It can hold up to 36 pairs of shoes and fits over most standard doors.

    The over-the-door shoe organizer

    6. A six-piece dark blue cotton washcloth set to remove your makeup without it staining your towels. Plus, by opting for washable towels over single-use wipes and pads, you can cut back on your carbon footprint. Win-win.

    The black makeup towel with label that says "makeup"

    7. A spice packet organizer so you always know what marinades you have on hand in your pantry. The three-slot organizer is also great for organizing protein powder packets, drink flavor packets, and more.

    The two spice packet organizers side by side

    8. A Rubbermaid two-step stepping stool to ensure you can always reach whatever your heart is set on. The sturdy design can withhold up to 225 pounds.

    The two-step white stepping stool

    9. A set of bag clips so you can always easily secure your bread bags even if you lose the little included wire. These ingeniously-designed clips ensure that twist-n-seal bags stay airtight and your food stays as fresh as possible.

    10. A fluffy microfiber comforter that's warm enough for the winter but cool enough for the summer. The quilted pattern ensures the fluff stays evenly dispersed throughout the entire comforter, so you never have to worry about the filling pooling in one corner.

    The white down comforter

    11. A bag-saver cabinet door organizer so you can hold onto plastic bags and recycle them for another use. The simple stainless design can be screwed onto the inside of a cabinet door or, if you prefer, on the wall right by the door (or wherever you most find yourself needing to quickly grab a bag).

    The stainless bag organizer hung on wall

    12. A three-compartment soap dispenser to streamline the shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in your shower. The contraption itself weighs less than a pound when empty and is designed to be adhered to the shower wall with special double-sided tape.

    The three-compartment dispenser in shower

    13. A set of velvet nonslip hangers so your clothes don't randomly fall to the ground. Each bundle comes with 10 hangers and they're sold in sets of two.

    The black velvet hangers

    14. A kitchen wrap cabinet door organizer that makes covering and storing foods easier than ever. Instead of hiding your plastic wrap and aluminum foil away, organize them in this convenient rack that lets you easily rip off a piece any time you need some.

    The kitchen wrap organizer on wall

    15. A Conair travel steamer so you can remove wrinkles without all the effort of a classic iron. This handheld steamer features 1,100 watts of continuous steam time to smooth your favorite garments in just minutes.

    The steamer

    16. A suction-cup organizer that's great for folks with limited bathroom counter space. Simply suction cup it to your mirror and you'll have somewhere to store your toothbrush, makeup up, comb, razor — you name it!

    The small organizer suction-cupped to a mirror

    17. A two-piece beach towel set so you're always prepared for a little sun time in your backyard. The ultra-absorbent towels are 72 inches long, so they're the perfect size to sprawl out with a good read.

    The blue and white beach towel

    18. A set of three Rubbermaid glass bowls that work as well for whipping up cake and brownie batter as they do for storing leftovers in the fridge. Each bowl comes with an airtight lid to ensure food stays fresh.

    The three Rubbermaid glass bowls with lids

    19. An plastic sugar keeper to keep your brown sugar moist and delicious until you're ready to use it. The removable design can be clicked into the lid of any OXO Pop container and is designed to keep sugar fresh.

    Model removing lid off brown sugar

    20. A reversible duvet cover set that lets you switch up your bedding any time you want. The paisley design is hypoallergenic and features a zipper closure, so you don't have to mess with any inconvenient buttons (you know, the ones that *always* come undone).

    The baby blue paisley duvet cover and shams on a bed

    21. An anti-fatigue mat to make cooking and washing dishes (or even working at a standing desk) more comfortable. The padded design is made to cushion your soles in an effort to take strain off your back and, according to reviewers' praise, it works!

    The black and white marbled anti-fatigue mat on wood kitchen floor

    22. A Magic Bullet countertop blender so you can enjoy delicious smoothies without even leaving your home. The set comes with a travel cup and recipe book, which will only make you want to whip up even more nutritious drinks.

    The blender

    23. A set of three Mr. Coffee stainless-steel travel mugs to ensure you can always have a cup of joe close by. The 16-ounce mugs are designed to keep contents hot or cold for hours on end, so they're especially great for on-the-go.

    Model holding the travel mug in orange

    24. A miniature tabletop chest of drawers for cotton swabs and balls, floss, makeup, and more. The white design ensures that slim, five-drawer chest will go with just about any decor.

    The five-drawer chest of tabletop drawers

    25. A soap dish that's designed to drain directly into the sink so that you don't have to worry about messy puddles on your counter. The convenient tray is said to actually extend the life of your bar of soap because, since it's not sitting in a puddle of water, it won't dissolve as quickly.

    The soap dish

    26. An expandable shelf riser to make the most of your kitchen pantry space. The four-tier shelf lets you stack spices, cans, and more without having to actually build another shelf.

    The expandable shelf riser with spices lined up

    27. An expandable shelving rack so you can optimize your cupboard space. The wire frame features a slotted design that's sturdy enough to hold more plates, bowls, and cups in tall cabinets.

    The white kitchen cupboard shelving rack with plates on top of and beneath it

    28. A kitchenware divider that makes storing and using pans easier than ever. Instead of having to pull out a whole stack of pans and sifting to the one you need, this rack lets you separately store each pan for easy access whenever you need it.

    The kitchen pan divider in cabinet

    29. A ceramic cosmetic organizer to sort your favorite beauty and grooming products while still being able to clearly see what (and where) they are. The organizer has seven drawers, as well as a place to store lipstick on top.

    The ceramic cosmetic organizer

    30. A Takeya stainless steel water bottle that works so well you'll never want to be without it. In addition to keeping your beverage hot or cold, the design itself is sweat-proof and comes with a convenient carrying handle and built-in coaster. (Full disclosure: I have eight of them in a variety of colors and sizes and am 110% obsessed.)

    Models holding the Takeya water bottles

    31. A set of stairs for your pet so that they can always join you on the couch and bed (so long as you're cool with that). The top-rated stairs make it easy for small-to-medium pets to get to and from higher surfaces, which is great for pets too little to jump up or down, as well as aging pets who can't handle the impact of jumping.

    Dog using stairs to get out of bed

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