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    31 Problem-Solving Products From Walmart That Require Minimal Effort

    From an anti-static hair straightener to a miraculous pet-stain remover, here you'll find *plenty* of products to solve life's little problems.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Takeya cold brew coffee maker so you can always have iced coffee on hand. The easy-to-use brewer has a sleek design that customers love β€” myself included!

    BuzzFeed Shopping editor's picture of the coffee maker with caption "cold brew all year long!"
    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "Beautifully made and very functional cold brew maker. It gives a very concentrated cold brew which doesn't lose flavor or potency after adding milk into the cold brew." β€”Prabhpreet

    Price: $29.99 (originally $34.99; available in two sizes and three colors)

    To learn more about why a BuzzFeed Shopping editor loves this, check out "If You Drink Iced Coffee Year Round, You Need This Under-$20 Cold Brew Maker."

    2. A Remington 1-inch flat iron that will smooth the heck out of your hair. Best of all, it's made with anti-static technology so it will keep your hair from poofing up in the slightest humidity.

    Model's before-and-after of wavy hair and then straight hair

    Promising review: "I have always loved Remington products! I absolutely love this straightener: great quality, it heats up fast, and straightens my hair so well!! 10/10 recommend!" β€”Kelcy

    Price: $17.84

    3. A Coleman two-burner stove to make eating while camping less of a struggle. This portable set-up makes cooking in the wilderness easier than ever. And its small footprint ensures it won't take up loads of space in your car or at your site.

    The Coleman Stove

    Promising review: "Very clean and simple to operate. It packs away nicely. I use it with a 20-pound tank as we are full-time campers and set up a kitchen at two- to three-week intervals. Great buy." β€”SteveG

    Price: $43.88

    4. A dog GPS tracker so you don't have to freak out if your pup manages to get off-leash. The waterproof gadget hooks into a collar so your pup can be cozy and safe all at once. And, even if they don't run off, the wearable is a great activity tracker to ensure they're staying active.

    Dog wearing the collar next to depiction of the GPS and activity tracking app

    Promising review: "Link trackers are the best. I've tried several different brands and link has the most accurate GPS. I'm super happy with it and would recommend. All of these companies charge a service plan for use but link lets you do a month to month instead of having to commit to a whole year. Great product." β€”LisaB

    Price: $67.69

    5. A bottle of Garnier micellar cleansing water that makes taking off even the most stubborn makeup easier than ever. Simply pour some of the magical solution onto a cotton round and swipe it across your face to be mesmerized by how well it works.

    The micellar cleansing water

    Promising review: "I'm really happy I found this product! It works well with cotton pads β€” soak, lightly squeeze to un-soak, and wipe face and eyes gently. It's very thorough. It gets everything the first time. You won't regret buying it!" β€”Jenny

    Price: $6.78

    6. A handheld Veggetti spiralizer so you can easily transform cucumbers, squash, and zucchini into healthy, restaurant-quality noodles. The As-Seen-On-TV cutter is hand-wash only, but it doesn't take up loads of counter space, so ya give and ya take, ya know?


    Promising review: "Surprisingly wonderful! I was not expecting much, but now zoodles are the best thing I have experienced in the low carb world, and this is great to work with." β€”Willie

    Price: $9.97

    7. A pack of Goody hair elastics to keep your hair out of your face in the most secure way possible. I personally swear by these hair ties because no matter what I'm doing β€” laying down and lounging around, slowly moving through a Lagree class, or running full speed β€” these NEVER budge. They're truly game-changing.

    Two models wearing the hair hands on their wrists

    Promising review: "They are comfortable, and hold my hair in a ponytail without sagging or drooping. They're also not too tight if I want to put one on my wrist for putting my hair up later in the day. My hair is much thinner than it used to be so I do end up wrapping these around three times. They'd be great for someone with thick hair (like I used to have.)" β€”ASatisfiedShopper

    Price: $3.98

    8. A Coleman propane coffee maker that ensures you can get your caffeine fix in the middle of the woods. As a coffee-loving camper myself, I love having this gadget for weekends away in the woods.

    Model pouring coffee from the machine while outside

    Promising review: "Super easy to use, does not require matches to light. Makes super hot coffee, but takes the same amount of time as a regular coffee pot. We found that you need to fire it up and then pour the water in otherwise it won't take all 10 cups. We are extremely happy with our purchase!!!" β€”ScoutMom

    Price: $114

    9. A rotating laser cat toy to keep your cats endlessly entertained while you focus on whatever you need to work on. The automatic, interactive toy shoots out lasers that will keep your cat honed in on one spot.

    Cat playing with the lasers

    Promising review: "I got it for my cat but my dog won't let anyone play with it because she loves it so much. She rolls it around and has learned to push the button on and off. She spends (no lie) two to three hours with it. We have to take it away after an hour to give her a break. The batteries last a long time in them. I am so so happy I purchased this. I would by it again and again and again." β€”Tammy

    Price: $19.95

    10. A bottle of Garnier repairing conditioner so you can pamper the mids and ends of your hair with a single pump. The honey-infused formula hydrates, strengthens, and softens hair while making splits ends less visible.

    The bottle of conditioner with its matching shampoo

    Promising review: "Perfect addition to using the shampoo. Both of my daughters love this conditioner and shampoo. Leaves their hair smelling great and very soft. They both have very long, dyed hair. This product works great, without having to spend a fortune on salon products." β€”Floridian10

    Price: $6.47

    11. A set of three durable melamine bowls and lids that are so bright you'll never forget to check what's in them while they're in the fridge. In that way, they solve the seemingly never-ending issue of letting leftovers go to waste.

    The three floral bowls

    Promising review: "These are such beautiful colors and so durable! I loved adding them to my collection!" β€”Amy

    Price: $14.80

    12. An original Wet Brush to easily untangle any knots in wet or dry hair. The best-selling brush features tiny flexible pins to unfurl even the messiest tangles. It's a personal must in my post-shower routine.

    The Wet Brush in pink

    Promising review: "Love this brush! I have fine straight hair that is usually filled with knots after shampooing. The knots come out effortlessly with this brush! Highly recommend." –Dana

    Price: $8.94

    13. A Coleman eight-person tent so you don't have to worry about who's sleeping where. This expansive setup even comes with a closet so it solves the problem of wondering where to put the extra supplies.

    The teal and lime green tent

    Promising review: "We had a queen size mattress, two twin mattresses and a cot inside the tent. The door was big enough to get the queen size mattress through. The closet was a nice bonus for backpacks and shoes. The tent was easy to put up too." β€”MantecaMom

    Price: $210

    14. A jug of Nature's Miracle stain and odor remover to easily clean up after your pet has an accident. The enzymatic formula is so tough and fast-acting that you'll be shocked at how well it gets rid of even the most stubborn scents.

    Hand pouring the detergent onto a carpet stain
    Nature's Miracle

    Promising review: "This Nature β€˜s Miracle Stain & Odor remover is awesome. This really works!! For best results make sure you follow the direction on the bottle and let it sit for 15 minutes and just blot up. It has a clean smell but it is pretty strong. It does help with the urine smell also on hardwood floors. I fully recommend this product." β€”Greeneyes

    Price: $17.46

    15. A can of Dove volumizing dry shampoo that not only soaks up excess oil at the roots but lifts hair to the high heavens, too. This drugstore beauty buy is a staple in my routine and, even after trying endless high-end dry shampoos, it remains one of my go-tos β€” especially for the scent.

    The dry shampoo

    Promising review: "I've tried many dry shampoos trying to find one that works and this is it! It smells great, gives me lots of volume, and two days extra between wet shampoos with my hair and style looking great not stiff. Plus it's very affordable." β€”Shirl The Girl

    Price: $4.88

    16. A Farberware cooking utensil set to ensure you never have another moment where you have all the ingredients necessary for a recipe but not all the tools. The set comes with 17 pieces β€” including a can opener, spatulas, spoons, paring knives, and more β€” stored within a convenient rotating caddy.

    The cooking utensil set

    Promising review: "Nothing fancy, but a lot of great gadgets for the kitchen. The sales price made it a very good deal. The can opener works well, and even came with chip clips." β€”TMac

    Price: $26.79

    17. A tube of ChapStick tinted lip balm so you can hydrate chapped lips while giving them a kiss of color. The best-selling balm is sold in a handful of gorgeous shades, so there's a perfect option for whatever color you crave.

    Woman holding a tube of the pale pink lip balm

    Promising review: "I seriously love this stuff. It feels smooth and soft on your lips, and the color is just perfect. It's a natural-looking color that's a few shades darker than my lips. I keep one in my car, and one of my purse, so I can always put it on. Who needs lipstick?" β€”Chewbacca1

    Price: $3.97 (available in five colors)

    18. A tube of naturally whitening toothpaste to freshen your breath and the look of your smile. It features a subtle minty flavor that's delightful, never overpowering.

    Model brushing teeth with the toothpaste

    Promising review: "This is the first natural toothpaste I have used and I have to admit I was skeptical. Boy was I wrong! Not only does this toothpaste have a great flavor, but it also leaves my teeth feeling clean and bright." β€”Laura

    Price: $3.97

    19. A leak-proof backpack cooler so you can easily carry your refrigerated goods. Whether terrain makes wheeling a cooler seem impossible or you simply prefer a backpack style, this cooler, which can hold 24 cans, will come in handy.

    The red and green backpack with text about its leak-proof liner and exterior coating for easy cleaning

    Promising review: "This Coleman green and red backpack cooler is made of flexible, quality material. Surprisingly lightweight, strong and the straps fit comfortably with a buckle keeping them in place. The interior is made with leak-proof material and has extra-thick insulation which kept the drinks and snacks cold for the whole day. I used the bungee straps that are on top of the lid to hold a blanket. This durable backpack is so convenient and an easy way to have a cooler on all your outings. Highly recommend!" β€”Chicnvone

    Price: $89.99

    20. A pack of deodorizing dog wipes to easily clean up your pup's paws and snoot post-walk. With these lightly scented wipes, you can remove any gunk from their paws and fur without having to give them a full bath after each and every time they go outside. A real lifesaver!

    The wipes

    Promising review: "These are a 'must' to pack for my dog. They are great for face washing, potty clean up and feet and paw wiping." β€”AshuraLove

    Price: $6.84

    21. A handheld label-maker for saving you from wondering what's in each box, bin, and drawer in your home. It makes it super easy to categorize things in your home, so turn on Get Organized With The Home Edit and get to it!

    Office products on a desk all labeled

    Promising review: "I just love this label maker, I want to label everything, it comes with white labels, but I bought clear labels separate, and I just want to label everything in my's very easy to use." β€”Love

    Price: $16.99

    22. A pack of Simple facial cleansing wipes that will quickly become a staple in your routine. The soft material wipes away pretty much any kind of makeup β€” even matte lipstick and 24-hour mascara β€” with little effort, making them a must for folks who don't want to bust out a washcloth every time they need to touch-up or remove their face beat.

    The cleansing wipes

    Promising review: "My favorite facial wipes by far. I like the ingredients, the feel on my skin, the smell is quite nice, and I have much glowier looking skin with fewer breakouts when I use these compared to other brands. It also doesn't leave my skin dry at the end. I find that I definitely need to moisturize immediately after use with any other brand I have tried. I can get away without doing that with these and my skin never feels dry or tight." β€”Jade

    Price: $19.99 for four 25-packs

    23. A 6-quart Instant Pot, because this makes cooking up delicious meals easy as pie. It does the work of several different appliances and helps solve the problem of not having enough time to cook a great meal, considering it speeds up the process tenfold.

    The slow cooker making mac and cheese

    Promising review: "I have used this everyday since purchasing. I hardly use my oven or stove anymore at all and put my slow cooker in the storage cabinet in the garage. My sister has used hers to make gourmet meals while camping. It's great if you need to throw a meal together in a hurry. Many healthy recipes are available online. My sister have made cheesecake in theirs. We all sound like infomercials when we talk about our Instant Pots! Soup in 30 minutes!" β€”Grandma

    Price: $79

    24. A two-pack of Crest Pro-Health mouthwash so you're always prepared to gargle. The anticavity fluoride mouthwash will help you take your dental hygiene to the next level so you don't have to be scared of what your dentist will find when you walk into your next appointment.

    The bottle of mouthwash

    Promising review: "It's a nice, clean, fresh taste that I enjoy. This is a terrific deal and my family loves it. I use all the crest pro-health products because it makes my mouth feel clean and my gums feel healthy. I'll be a customer for life so long as they don't change the formula." β€”Mom

    Price: $8.97

    25. A stainless-steel Takeya water bottle that makes staying hydrated easier than ever. The large, insulated bottle keeps drinks hot or cold for hours on end and will genuinely change the way you drink.

    The stainless steel water bottle in black

    Promising review: "Love my 24 oz Takeya. It fits perfectly in my cup holders in my truck. The ice stays frozen all day. I just keep refilling the water. It stays ice cold. I live in Houston and it's in the 90s every day in the summer. I work outside most of the day and I have awesome ice-cold water. Love this thing!" β€”Reuben

    Price: $27.99 (available in four colors and sizes)

    26. A portable carpet cleaner so you don't always have to rent a giant machine when someone spills or has an accident.

    The gray and purple carpet cleaner

    Promising review: "I LOVE this carpet cleaner! I am currently housebreaking two Rottweiler puppies and the Bissel Pet Stain Eraser has saved my living room carpet. It's powerful, leaves the spot on the carpet clean, fresh-smelling, and nearly dry. I use only Bissel cleaner with it and I could not be happier. I also own a Bissel full-size carpet cleaner that I also love." β€”Lisa

    Price: $79 (available in two colors)

    27. A four-piece Pyrex set that makes cooking and traveling with casseroles a cinch. The glass pans come with silicone lids so you don't have to rip aluminum foil or Saran Wrap to cover them.

    The largest Pyrex pan baking a casserole

    Promising review: "Finally got some Pyrex for my cookware! It cooks food beautifully. And what I love about this collection is it has lids for all pieces. Just perfect!" β€”Freda

    Price: $14.96 (available in two sizes)

    28. An Oster countertop oven so you always have enough cooking space when preparing for family meals. This convenient countertop oven fits a 9-by-13 pan and will evenly cook whatever you put inside it.

    The countertop oven

    Promising review: "Nice looking and easy to use. This brand is dependable. I use it for toast, pizza (can fit a large size), and lots of things when I don't want to use gas oven. Especially in the summer. Great product. And built-in light is hard to find in one of these type convection ovens." β€”RonG

    Price: $91.11

    29. A NutriBullet Pro blender to easily blend up all your favorite ingredients. The easy-to-use blender has a small footprint, so unlike many blenders, it won't monopolize your counter space.

    A NutriBullet Pro Blender

    Promising review: "Love NutriBullet products! Purchased this as a replacement to my original NutriBullet which I had for five years. Super easy to use and quickly blends everything to a smooth consistency. I primarily use to make my healthy shakes in the morning, tossing in whatever fruits and veggies I have available. Blends everything beautifully including tougher items like chia seeds, oats, and kale. Would highly recommend it!" β€”Lisa O

    Price: $79

    30. A set of Rubbermaid Clear Brilliance food storage containers for small cabinets and fridges that require stacking. These airtight, stackable containers making organizing your pantry and leftovers easier than ever.


    Promising review: "I LOVE these containers!! Very sturdy, great seal, no leak, and best of all, no odor!! I've stored jambalaya, fajita meat, stains and no residual odor left after cleaning. Cleanup is easy. Able to hand-wash or use dishwasher. I will be buying another set!" β€”James

    Price: $26.96

    31. A 16-piece Corelle dinner set that's especially fab for folks who often knick and chip their dinnerware. These ultra-durable plates, bowls, and mugs are virtually indestructible.

    The blue and white dinner set

    Promising review: "I've always been a fan of Corelle plates since my dad had them growing up. You can bang them around (accidentally of course) and they won't chip or break." β€”Tasha

    Price: $41.86

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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