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    21 Dog Products From Amazon That Basically Have No Right Being So Adorable

    From cute costumes to precious places for your pup to sleep in, prepare to spoil your doggo.

    1. A Snuggle Puppy behavioral aid toy if your pup has trouble falling asleep at night or if they get scared when it storms. The cozy stuffed critter comes with an inner heat pad and life-like heartbeat, which will make your pup feel less alone when they're scared or are simply in the process of adjusting to a new home.

    2. A hide-a-squirrel squeaky toy for inquisitive pups who love to go on the hunt and make lots of noise in the process. Plus, since it will be difficult for them to nuzzle out the toys, it will keep them occupied, which means no more boredom chewing around your home. A win-win.

    reviewer's dog with squirrel squeaky toy

    3. A set of floral bandannas to spruce up your pup's #OOTD. And, if your pup loves to switch it up, you'll be glad to know you always have multiple options.

    4. A shoe-shaped chew toy that will hopefully help your pup learn to not chew your real heels, sneakers, sandals, and boots. This plush play on Valentino shoes is so cute, and it features an inner squeaker and durable design, so it will (hopefully) not get ripped to shreds in seconds.

    the "Wagentino" pink flip-flop toy

    5. A bowtie and collar if your doggo is cool with getting dressed up. What's nice about this collar is that the bowtie slips onto it, so you have the option of letting your pup solely wear the collar on days that don't call for the added style. And, if when wearing the collar you pup goes a little wild, don't fret! It's machine-washable.

    reviewer's dog wearing the pink floral collar and matching bow tie

    6. A reversible dog harness for all the cool cats and kittens out there. This tiger-striped harness features a floral design on the other side and features adjustable chest straps to fit all breed sizes and weights, so you never have to worry about your pup wiggling off-leash again.

    reviewer's dog in the floral and tiger print harness

    7. A Chewy Vuiton plush toy for puppers with style and class. This small bag toy comes in large as well, however, reviewers say that it's still a chewy best reserved for small breeds. Not only does it look cute, it has a squeaky, too.

    reviewer photo of a Papillon chewing on the chew toy

    8. A precious little tracksuit that's great for pups who often catch a chill. Designed as a play on Adidas, these tracksuits feature super soft fabric and little hoods to give your fur baby unmatched cozy style.

    9. A Central Perk chew toy to share your love of Friends with your fur baby. The soft-yet-durable toy comes with a squeaker!

    a coffee mug chew toy labeled "Central Perk"

    10. An ~furball~-themed chew toy if you're in the business of taking funny pictures of your pup and love to get a good laugh. While these toys aren't built to withstand heavy amounts of chewing, their adorably punny nature is enough to make them worth clicking "Add to Cart."

    reviewer's dog snuggling with fireball-like chew toy

    11. A sparkly DC comics Supergirl costume that will make your pet feel on top of the world. The ultra-soft material is stretch, so it will never constrict your pup's limbs or pull their fur.

    golden retriever wearing a Supergirl costume

    12. A coffee and donuts chew toy to keep your pup entertained for hours. The donuts fit into the coffee cup and will teach your pup to sniff and dig them out.

    dog next to a pink chew toy cup labeled "donut disturb" with three donuts

    13. A harness and matching leash for folks who want their pup to match. The ultra-soft harness has a mesh liner to keep your pup cozy and free of uncomfortable friction.

    14. A life jacket for your pup that will make them look like a little fish swimming through the water. The soft cloth and foam silhouette has a mesh lining and adjustable straps to ensure your pup is as secure as possible.

    golden retriever wearing pink mermaid life vest

    15. A floating squeaky toy for pups who like to play fetch in the water. This Frisbee-like toy is large enough for bigger dog breeds but manageable enough for smaller ones.

    16. A pretty pink rosé plush toy to take the cutest pics with your pup. Rather than being fluffy and full of stuffing, this bottle has a velcro bottom to easily insert empty water bottles for a crunchy, durable toy sitch you won't have to continually replace.

    dog chewing on the rosé bottle toy

    17. A precious Ewok costume that will turn your fur baby into one of the cutest Star Wars characters. The body of the costume has cutouts so your pet won't have any trouble going to the bathroom, and the hood can be adjusted to fit around whatever type of ears your pup has.

    puppy wearing Ewok costume

    18. A water-resistant and wind-proof reversible jacket for pups who easily catch a chill. The semi-down jacket has a slick, windbreaker-y texture on one side and cozy flannel on the other. Whichever side they wear down, they'll be comfy and cute as can be.

    19. A set of cozy fleece booties to keep your pup's feet warm while giving them extra traction and endless ski-bunny vibes in the process. The look and feel are very retro après-ski, so your pup will look quite stylish.

    20. A cozy turtleneck that will make your pup look like a teddybear. The plush sweater-coat hybrid extends down your dog's back legs, over their back, and up their neck. It doesn't cover their full belly though, so they most likely won't be able to accidentally potty on it.

    21. A cow print jumpsuit to make your pup look even more adorable. It's made of ultra-plush velvet and has elastic bands around the neck and legs.

    The cow print onesie

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