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    14 Cozy Onesies You Can Wear For Halloween And For The Rest Of The Year

    So many popular characters to choose from.

    1. An alien onesie so you can live out your Toy Story Pizza Planet dreams. The top-rated onesie is made with polar fleece, so it will keep you warm and cozy at all hours. A nice touch is that the hands are attached gloves that slip off but stay part of the costume, so you won't accidentally lose them during your Halloween shenanigans.

    2. A rainbow leopard onesie that looks an awful lot like everyone's favorite '90s school supplies. I have this Lisa Frank-inspired Halloween costume onesie and am nothing short of obsessed — especially because it comes with deep zippered pockets (all Tipsy Elves onesies do), so you don't even have to wear a bag with it.

    The rainbow leopard onensie

    3. A devil onesie if you're looking to spice things up. This zip-up, non-footie option looks great with sneakers and heels alike.

    4. A cow onesie because, who knows, maybe that's what you want to be this year. This button-up costume is made of plush polar fleece and has deep open pockets for easy storing.

    Two women dressed in the cow onesies

    5. A Buzz Lightyear onesie to keep the throwback vibes alive and well. This onesie is one of Target's many new adult onesies, which they've launched just in time for Halloween.

    The Buzz Lightyear Onesie

    6. A Snorlax onesie so everyone will understand if you decide to take a nap mid-party. The button-up polar fleece onesie is large enough to wear over clothes and has a hood and gloves that can be left on or off.

    7. A black unicorn onesie to switch up the classic idea of a unicorn. While the body is black with white stars, the interior of the hood, the cuffs, and the unicorn horn itself are all designed in rainbow stripes.

    The black unicorn onesie

    8. A Sully onesie for folks who love Monsters Inc. The zip-up onesie is made with super soft fleece and a sherpa tummy, so it will keep you warm on cold October nights (or whenever else you plan to wear it).

    Man dressed in Sully onesie

    9. A kangaroo onesie for folks who want an extra pocket front and center to store their phone, wallet, keys, drinks, candy, snacks, whatever.

    The kangaroo onesie

    10. An '80s-inspired Care Bears onesie to live out your retro cartoon dreams. This is one of the coziest options out there, as it's made with a plush-yet-lightweight velour that you'll want to snuggle up in all night long.

    The Care Bear Onesie

    11. An Axolotl onesie because ICYMI, they're the second-most in-demand pets in the United States, apparently (second to dogs, of course). Anyways, this costume zips up for easy on and off wear and comes with pockets (a must, really).

    The Axolotl costume.

    12. A Chewbacca onesie for all the Star Wars lovers out there. The zip-up silhouette is made with super plush, super soft fabric, and it's fun how the pocket aligns perfectly as Chewy's bag.

    13. A Chuckie microfleece onesie for all the Rugrats real ones reading this. The zip-up fleece onesie is warm, easy to care for, and bound to turn heads (at least for any '90s babies).

    The Chuckie onesie.

    14. A skeleton onesie that zips all the way up so that you'll look like an actual full-size skeleton. If you do choose to zip it up over your face, you don't have to worry about not being able to breathe or see — it has eye holes and air vents.

    The skeleton onesie fully zipped up.

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