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    This Roomy Calpak Bag Is The Greatest Weekender Of All Time (And It's On Sale Right Now)

    If traveling is on your agenda, you won't want to miss this deal.

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    Black Friday deals are rolling on in, so it's only fitting that I take a moment to tell you my favorite travel bag is on sale! Calpak is offering 25% off from now through 11/27, including their incredibly useful Luka Duffel.


    First things first, it's been a delight seeing life getting *somewhat* back to normal thanks to the heavy roll-out of COVID-19 vaccinations. For me (and many others), that means travel is once again on the agenda. (So long as you do it safely — as in, vaccinated, masked, and socially distanced, that is.) And, with that in mind, packing for said travel is a priority.

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    For more info on traveling safely this year, head to the CDC's site for their current recommendations.

    While you could absolutely throw your belongings into a random tote or old gym bag and call it a day, there's no denying that being (and feeling) organized makes for a much more enjoyable trip. It's because of this that I present you with what I'm officially dubbing the greatest weekender bag of all time. Allow me to introduce you to the Calpak Luka Duffel, which is sold in a variety of fashion-forward colors.

    rectangular duffel in metallic silver, gold, and black, one with a show pocket open with Vans inside

    While it might not *look* like the most spacious weekender you've ever encountered, I assure you, it is. The puffy, rectangular bag is equipped with a whopping nine pockets.

    Rebecca Norris / BuzzFeed

    On the outside, there's a side slip pocket that's perfect for a water bottle, a front zip pocket that extends the length of the bag, a side shoe pocket that's hidden in the bottom interior of the bag, and a stealthy zip pocket within the trolley sleeve. Then inside the bag, you'll find a large zip pocket that, again, extends the length of the bag, two slip pockets on the exterior of that pocket, a slip pocket on the interior side opposite of the shoe pocket, and a mesh zip pocket for smaller items. Sheeeeeeesh, they covered all the bases, don't you think?!

    Here, I was able to pack three long-sleeve shirts, three pairs of leggings, one pair of pajamas, a pair of slippers, two books, a pencil case, my computer, two chargers, two toiletry bags, and a Theragun along for the ride — all with room to spare, so I stuffed my matching Luka Belt Bag on top. Wild, no?!

    Best of all, this duffel is the perfect size to fit snugly beneath the seat in front of you on just about any airplane.

    the duffel in gold captioned "laid on its side it fits perfectly under an airline seat"
    Rebecca Norris / BuzzFeed

    Don't believe me? After receiving it as a Christmas gift in 2019 (after wanting it from the moment it launched in the fall of 2019), I took it on four flights between January and the beginning of March 2020, and it was an absolute dream. I, like you, was initially skeptical of whether or not it'd fit, but when laid on its side, sure enough, in and out with no issue. (For reference, the bag measures 12" x 16" x 7".)

    It's also worth mentioning that this bag is so spacious that it can easily accommodate its matching fanny pack within it (which I showed you in the picture series above). When I travel (and just for general everyday use), I like to use my Luka Belt Bag. However, if I were to wear that on my body when boarding my flight, it would be considered my personal item — no, I'm serious, I did this once and they tried to tell me I had to check my Duffel. So, I took it off, smushed it into my duffel, and problem solved — I was admitted onto the flight without having to pay any additional baggage fees.

    The best part about traveling with it, though, has to be how easy it is to carry around, as well as how simple it is to access exactly what you need while maneuvering through TSA.

    the writer's Bonze Luka Duffel in an instagram story
    Rebecca Norris / BuzzFeed

    When I wasn't carrying it on my shoulder (which is totally doable thanks to the long, padded straps), I slipped it onto my luggage handle and was able to roll it along (though, it does also come with a detachable messenger strap if you prefer carrying it like that). Of course, the luggage slip isn't just that, it's also a hidden zip pocket to store your most precious personal items. And since the slip side is closest to your body when rolling around with it attached to your luggage, it's super simple to reach in and grab your phone and ID.

    While I had planned to put it further to the test as an in-flight personal item, COVID canceled all my trips for the year. But that didn't stop me from using my new favorite bag.

    writer holding the Bronze Luka Duffel
    Rebecca Norris / BuzzFeed

    Thanks to its ability to hold so much, I used it when traveling from NYC to Virginia at the beginning of COVID, when I thought I'd only be staying for two weeks. Then, after quarantining here for five months, I used it as my weekender (complete with cozy moving shoes, outfits, toiletries, my computer, a book, and random essentials) when traveling back to NY to pack up all my belongings and officially make the move. Which is to say, it's been with me quite a few places.

    And, now that I'm vaccinated, I've taken it with me on weekend trips to see family and friends, traveling with it everywhere from southern cities to breezy beaches. In that way, it's the ultimate road trip sidekick, too.

    I'm not the only person obsessed with this weekender bag. Calpak reviewers swoon over everything from its trendy style to its jaw-dropping packing capacity. It's thanks to all of these things that the puffy metallic bag has not only sold out multiple times but inspired a new matte shade range, too.


    "Such an appealing bag for a few days back East. It will fit everything I need for a four night springtime visit. I won't use the cross body strap because the shoulder straps are a perfect length for me. I especially like the shoe storage for my running gear. It's all I will need other than a small handbag. Decent quality and great style for the price point." –Emily C.

    "I’m constantly looking for a big that’s spacious, holds its shape but isn’t stiff. THIS IS IT! You can use it as a weekender, gym bag, a catch-all, whatever! I love the quality, the size, the pockets. You won’t regret purchasing this!" –Kassandra D.

    "I’ve been looking for a weekend style bag for quite some time now and came across Calpak. Honestly, this is the best quality bag ever with so many compartments and is super cute all at the same time. I would recommend this to anyone!!! Also, I love how it has the slit to have it rest easy on my suitcase." –Jacquelyn M.

    "This slides right over a carry-on to stay put. It has a separate compartment for slippers or shoes and lots of inside dividers. I can roll and pack with just this for overnight or add it on top of a carry-on for a week trip. The outside zipper pocket holds iPad and kindle, etc. The side exterior pockets work well for a beverage and phone and inside pockets make it easy to keep things organized. It holds so much but it's lightweight and big enough to slip a purse in with items so it counts as your additional personal carry-on. What's more, the straps are very comfortable even when weighted down." –Katy P.

    All this is to say, if you've been searching for the ultimate weekender bag, consider this your sign: You need the Luka Duffel. Get it from Calpak during their Black Friday sale for $82.50 (originally $110; available in three colors).

    model carrying the bag in matte black

    And, as durable as it seems, there is the option to buy a 2- or 3-year protection plan ($16 to $22), which covers material and workmanship errors. (FYI: It automatically comes with a 1-year plan.)

    If you ask me, I say buy the protection plan. After all, the one and only downfall I've noticed from the metallic Luka collection (I noticed it on my Belt Bag, which I use almost daily, but haven't yet on my Duffel) is that the metallic finish rubs off over time. Since the protection plan covers material, it's definitely worth an extra $20-some dollars to maintain the stunning aesthetic of what's sure to be your new go-to bag.