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    28 Pet Products From Amazon That Are Worth The Investment

    From an interactive pet camera to a seriously spacious birdcage, here you'll find dozens of goodies you'll want to buy for your pets stat.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Furbo dog camera that lets you talk to and give your pup treats from afar. The Alexa-compatible, full HD Wi-Fi pet camera lets you video chat with your pet and keep an eye on them when you're not home. It even has bark sensors so you know if something's happening in your home—or, you know, if your very good boy is being a bit barky for no reason.

    2. A case of Greenies dog treats for your pup because, trust us, your fur baby will go bonkers for these tasty and convenient snacks. Designed to look like a toothbrush, these treats work to remove plaque and tartar buildup, which means fewer vet appointments and dental issues for your pup in the long run. Plus, they taste good!

    The green treats shaped like toothbrushes with two dogs staring at them

    3. A flea-prevention medication so your cat doesn't have to get unnecessarily itchy. The top-rated Advantage II medication comes with six doses, which honestly makes the price tag well worth it.

    The flea prevention medication

    4. A calming donut-shaped bed that will make your pet feel snuggled from all angles. The ultra-fluffy bed is made with faux shag fur which makes pups feel like they're safe in their mother's nook. So sweet, right?

    puppy in the fur bed

    5. An automatic dog and cat feeder so you don't have to worry about your pet going hungry if you can't get home in time for their regularly scheduled meal. The Wi-Fi-enabled bowl links to iPhones and Androids so that you can easily feed your pet from afar. Or, if your hands are full but you're at home, you can simply ask Alexa to feed your fur baby and the bowl will kick into drive. Talk about convenient!

    The automatic pet feeder

    6. A spray pet deterrent to keep curious pets out of places they shouldn't be. The motion-activated spray is odorless, stainless, and harmless, but does the trick to deter pets from nosing around in closed-off rooms, the kitchen, on countertops, in bathroom trash cans, and anywhere else they like to get into mischief.

    The pet deterrent spray

    7. A bag of Blue Buffalo adult dog food to cater to your aging fur baby's health. The best-selling pellets are made with chicken, whole grains, and healthy fruits and veggies to ensure your pup gets all the nutrients it needs.

    8. A pack of stain-removing pads that you will thank yourselves for buying over and over again. These seemingly-simple pads can work absolute wonders. Simply place them overtop stains—pet-related or otherwise—and watch as they not only lift the color, but the scent too. It's like magic!

    9. A dog carrier backpack so you can carry your small fur baby with you wherever you go. The bag features a hole for their head to pop out, as well as a waterproof bottom in case they have any accidents or have muddy paws inside the bag. This all means that you can finally bring your little ones along on hikes and long walking adventures without worrying if they'll get too tired to walk.

    The dog carrier backpack

    10. A bottle of wild Alaskan salmon oil that will help support your pet's skin, coat, joints, and immune system as they age. The liquid supplement can be put in their food or water for easy consumption that will lead to a healthier fur baby.

    11. An orthopedic pet mattress so your fur babies can be as comfortable as possible whenever they take a snooze. The contoured bed is especially great for older dogs, as their bones and bodies as a whole become weaker, which means the added support of this mattress will ensure they keep comfy regardless.

    The ergonomic rectangular pet mattress

    12. A dog training collar to teach your pup to be on their best behavior. The buzzing collar comes with three training modes, vibration, and gentle shock (don't worry, it won't hurt them). It's rain-proof and can be used up to 1,000 feet away, so you can continue to train them even if they try to scurry off.

    The black collar

    13. A waterproof hammock for the backseat of your car so your pups can sit and lay down wherever they please without you worrying about them getting your car messy. In addition to keeping your seats protected, the hammock is made with four layers, including a cushion, so your pet will feel comfy, too. Best of all, it can be easily wiped clean and thrown in the wash — phew!

    The car seat hammock

    14. A pet ramp so your dog can easily get in and out of your SUV or truck. While most pups can easily jump into sedans, trying to get into taller vehicles can be quite the challenge. Thankfully, this extendable, nonslip ramp makes it easier than ever.

    The pet ramp

    15. An automatic litter box to save you from having to forever get hands-on with your cat's potty situation. The bestselling litter box is designed to sift out clumps so that your cat won't track litter all through the house. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

    The automatic litter box

    16. An artificial grass bathroom mat that will teach your pup to potty in the right places. The odor-resistant, antimicrobial mat features a three-layer pad that makes cleanup less of a hassle — simply rinse with soap and water and you're good to go! (While rinsing pottied-on mat might not seem all that glamorous, it's a lot more eco-friendly than constantly buying disposable mats, so keep that in mind.)

    The artificial grass pad

    17. An outdoor cat house so your furry feral friend has a covered place to weather any storms or other extreme weather. The weather-proof structure has windows and is easy to assemble — no tools necessary!

    The outdoor cat house

    18. A nearly 5-foot cat tower for your fur babies to have the time of their lives. The cat tree house features multiple levels, scratching posts, and places to lay and hide, making it a fun space for your kitties to lounge and explore.

    The gray cat tower

    19. A faux shag pet blanket to make your pet feel as cozy as possible. The long shag design makes pups feel like they're being cuddled by their biological mother which is honestly adorable. It's not accident-resistant but it is machine-washable so it balances out.

    The faux fur shag blanket

    20. A 20-gallon fish tank so your fish friends have plenty of room to swim around. The tank itself comes with decor and LED lighting, so it will even serve as a piece of attention-grabbing decor in your home.

    The fish tank with the LED lights shining into it

    21. A Petmate two-door pet crate that makes getting skittish pets to and from the vet less of a hassle. The airline-approved crate is applauded for its double-door design that lets cats walk in as they please or be placed in from above — which, honestly, is probably safer (read: less chance of scratches) for the owner and the vet, as your pet will be less suspecting of being removed from the top.

    The two-door pet crate

    22. A heated pet bed so your pupper doesn't catch a chill at night. The ovular bed has bolster sides for them to rest their head and plugs in for low-wattage heat that's cozy as can be.

    The plug-in electric beds

    23. A set of folding pet steps that will make it easier for your small or aging pup to get into bed or up on the couch. The four-step stairs feature skid-proof liners on each step so that your upper won't slip while making their way from one level to the next.

    The plastic dog steps

    24. A trunk cargo liner so your pup(s) can stretch out on long car rides without you having to worry about them having an accident. The waterproof liner is easy to clean and, in addition to keeping your trunk dry, will keep it protected from scratches, too. Just make sure to buckle your pups in with a pet seatbelt so that they don't go bouncing around in the back.

    The cargo cover

    25. A de-shedding tool to making combing your cat less of a struggle. Nearly $30 for a pet comb may seem unnecessary, but The FURminator is designed to gently remove any loose hair from the undercoat without wreaking havoc on the topcoat or skin. So, if you ask us, we say "Well worth It!"

    The furminator tool next to a pile of cat hair

    26. An interactive dog toy that might be more than you'd normally spend on a dog toy but will keep your pup entertained and full, so pretty worth it, we think. The toy is designed to bury treats so that your pup has to sniff them out. Cute, no?

    The interactive dog toy

    27. A laser cat toy to keep your kitties occupied for long periods of time. Sure, it might be a tad pricier than your typical catnip mouse or bell ball, but the laser will keep them occupied in a single space so that you don't have to keep a constant eye on them.

    The laser cat toy

    28. A spacious birdcage so your fluttery friends won't feel cooped up. The wrought iron cage measures 53 inches tall (though the cage itself is 27 inches) and has a shelf to store whatever birdie supplies you see fit. Best of all, it's on wheels so you can easily move it from one room to the next.

    The spacious bird cage

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