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    29 Pet Products From Amazon That May Be Practical, But Will Excite Any Pet Owner

    With everything from odor-eliminating sprays to wiggle-proof harnesses, get ready to want to click 'Add to Cart' more than a few times.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A jumbo cat litter scoop that will shock you by both its size and its effectiveness. Thanks to a bunch of little holes, the big scoop makes picking up after your pet without throwing out tons of litter in the process possible.

    The giant litter scoop

    2. A three-pack of activated-carbon aquarium inserts to keep your fishy's home nice and clean. While not the most exciting, your swimming friend will thank you for it. It's designed for tanks between 10 and 30 gallons and helps keep odor at bay, as well.

    The filters

    3. A grooming rake that will make grooming your furry baby less of a stress. The top-rated rake has rotating teeth that gently remove loose fur from the undercoat without snagging hair in the process.

    Reviewer photo: Result of Furminator

    4. An Exo Terra thermometer to keep your lizard's environment cozy and warm. By attaching it to the terrarium, you can monitor the temperature of their environment to ensure it stays comfortable.

    Reviewer Photo: Thermometer in lizard tank

    5. A box of Febreze-scented kitty litter that may seem like a run-of-the-mill necessity but smells so good that you'll be stoked about your purchase. The Febreze-scented litter clumps when soiled, which makes changing the litter less of a stress.

    A box of mountain spring scented litter

    6. A stackable pet storage container so you can keep your fur baby's food, treats, backstock bones, and catnip mice (or whatever else) in one place. The two-compartment plastic container comes on wheels, allowing you to easily move it from one place to another.

    Reviewer Photo: The stackable food containers

    7. A bag of Greenies oven-roasted chicken flavored treats that will make keeping up your kitty's oral care easier than ever. Plus, they taste good, so your cat will be purring every time they're given one.

    The treats

    8. A de-shedding tool for cats so you can groom them with ease. It comes in long and short hair models that work to expertly comb their hair without ever snagging or becoming uncomfortable.

    Reviewer Photo: Furminator and Cat Fur

    9. A box of 36 grain-free Greenies to ensure your pup's teeth stay in tip-top shape. While the delicious treats don't fully replace brushing, they definitely help get rid of plaque and other build-up, which means less doggy dentist visits overall.

    Reviewer Photo: Greenie on pup's nose

    10. A four-month supply of flea prevention that will keep your itty bitty kitty protected from any critters trying to craw within their skin. The pre-measured application tubes provide protection for up to 30 days and are waterproof 24 hours after application.

    The monthly dose

    11. A double-door wire dog crate to change the way your pup feels about their enclosed space. Made with thin wires and two doors, it gives them (and you!) options of where to enter, while also not making them feel trapped.

    12. A bag of Feline Greenies Pill Pockets that will take the hassle out of trying to feed your cat their medication. Simply stuff the pill inside the indented treat, squeeze it together, and let them enjoy what they believe to be nothing more than a tasty snack.

    Reviewer Photo: The pill pockets

    13. A park of Arm & Hammer pet waste bags so you don't have to smell your pet's poo for the entire time you're carrying it. Plus, since these rolls are compact and easily fit into a pocket, it means you won't ever have to be the person who doesn't pick up after their pet again.

    Six rolls of blue waste bags

    14. A pack of chicken nesting pads that will keep your chickens cozy. They're especially great for giving them a cushioned area to lay their eggs without fear of them breaking.

    15. A pooper scooper because you really shouldn't have to pick up poo with your bare hand (even if covered by a bag). The texture, am I right?! Thankfully, this handy scooper is designed to be lined with a bag and scooped into, so you'll only have to get hands on with tying the bag and discarding it.

    16. A Waterpik pet wand pro shower sprayer attachment that will make you stop going to a professional dog groomer because you'll pretty much be one yourself now. The arched wand contours around your pet's body so that you don't have to keep moving the nozzle, spraying water everywhere in the process.

    17. A Paw Plunger paw cleaner to save yourself from freaking out over muddy footprints in your house. The simple mug design is filled with gentle bristles that work to remove any dirt or mud from your pup's paws when filled with water. One look at the pictures of the results and you'll think it's absolutely genius.

    Reviewer Photo: The paw plunger

    18. A collapsible water bowl so you're always prepared to hydrate your pup. Since you likely bring your own water bottle on walks and other adventures, tucking this compact bowl in your pocket ensures that they can sip their way to refreshment, too.

    The dog bowl

    19. A pet ramp that will save you from worrying about whether your fur baby will hurt themselves jumping into and out of cars or on and off decks. The adjustable ramp can support up to 400 pounds, so you know it's made of sturdy stuff.

    Reviewer Photo: Ramp in Action

    20. A Petmate two-door pet crate so you can stop being worried about how much your cat will freak out at the vet. Since it has a convenient top-opening door, the vet can reach in from above and, since your fur baby likely won't expect it, they're less likely to try to claw their doctor to death.

    Reviewer Photo: The Pet Crates

    21. A car seat cover that will save you time and energy since you won't have to worry about repairing upholstery rips or vacuuming up pet hair. It straps up over the seat and wraps around the base, so your pet can sit in comfort without you stressing over the depreciating value of your car as a result.

    22. A bottle of stain and odor eliminator so you don't have to live in a smelly home filled with discolored carpets and upholstery. This top-rated, fast-acting spray digs deep into the stain to life all residue and scent, leaving like-new fabric in its place.

    A model using the spray on a white carpet

    23. A specially designed dog bowl to help your pup slow down while eating. While it may not seem super necessary, know that, by slowing them down, it helps prevent them from getting sick from rushing through their meal. This, of course, means less post-meal barf seshes for you to clean up. Exciting, no?

    The bowl

    24. A genuinely genius fish tank cleaner that you'll be so glad to own. The magnetized design has a piece that goes inside the tank that magnetizes through the glass to the outside handle. Simply grab the handle and slide it around the outside of the glass to effectively clean the inside. Told you it was genius.

    Reviewer Photo: The Tank cleaner

    25. A cat scratcher board so you can (hopefully) train your cat to claw it instead of your walls and favorite furniture. Some kitties even like laying on the boards, so maybe it will help them stay off the top of your fridge or whatever odd place they like to jump to.

    Reviewer Photo: The cat scratcher

    26. A set of pet stairs that will help your fur baby get onto the bed or couch. Whether they're small and can't jump or are old and achy, these stairs, which come with foldable legs for easy storing, will come in handy.

    Reviewer Photo: Pup on steps

    27. A set of waterproof booties to protect your pup's feet from harsh winter salts and ultra-hot pavement. The stylish little boots will keep their feet dry and cozy, so no more pad-related vet visits.

    Reviewer Photo: The Doggie Boots

    28. A candle specifically designed to nip pet odors in the bud. The natural candles come in endless scents and are adored by pet owners from all over the world.

    The candle

    29. An all-weather dog harness that will save you from losing your mind when your pup gets off-leash — because, with this well-fitting harness, they won't. The padded mesh silhouette has two D-rings for double security to ensure they safe (and you stay sane) on walks.

    Reviewer Photo: The Harness

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