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15 Aesthetically Pleasing Donuts That I'm Obsessed With...

TBH donuts are having a big moment right now and I'm not mad. Who doesn't love some fried dough?

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1. Rainbow Donuts? Heck Yes, give me 20!

Instagram: @sweetdazetx

2. Brown Butter and Key Lime, Can I get hell yes?!

Instagram: @dus_donuts

3. A Three-Layer Cotton Candy Donut?! Always.

Instagram: @bglasserbaker

4. These are sooo ascetically pleasing... and VEGAN!

Instagram: @wearenutie

6. This pear cobbler donut will leave you feeling fancy AF!

Instagram: @thesaltydonut

7. For those who like to wine and dine... a Prosecco donut!

Instagram: @coffeeandchampagne

9. Look at this classic coconut cloud...

Instagram: @duckdonuts

10. How about this tub of mini donuts?!

Instagram: @trishsminidonuts

11. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Donuts exist, you're welcome.

Instagram: @donutdivany

13. In case you like a little spice with your sweets...

Instagram: @thedoughnutproject

14. I would like some s'more please.

Instagram: @elmstreetdiner

15. I've never heard of a square donut before but I am here for it.

Instagram: @donutscookiesandcream
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