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12 Biggest Freudian Disasters On Game Of Thrones

Or: a Lannister family reunion. *Based primarily on the HBO series, not the books.*

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12. Jon Snow

True parentage unknown, Jon has always been unloved by Catelyn. By joining a band of men at the Night's Watch, he takes an abstinence vow, thus swearing off women.

Desires: Honor, respect, female love

Big Freudian Moment: Joining the Night's Watch, which is (supposedly) devoid of sex but filled with death.

11. Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion's father and sister hate him for indirectly killing his mother, he's viewed as subhuman by society, and his proclivity for whores clashes with his sensitivity about his height.

Desires: Daddy's love, romantic love, society's respect

Big Freudian Moment: Many to come in Season 4! So far though: That one conversation with Tywin where his father basically said he wanted him dead when he was born.

10. Theon Greyjoy

Daddy issues coming in from all sides, Theon will do anything to prove himself. He's also one of the most sex-addicted characters on the show, which is saying something.

Desires: Sex, his penis back, Daddy's respect, everyone's respect

Big Freudian Moment: Accidentally fingerblasting his older sister on the way to see his father -- a variant of the Oedipus Complex, perhaps?

9. Jaime Lannister

Jaime actually turns out to be one of the more rational and emotionally stable characters, but if you continuously have sex with your own twin sister, you will make this list.

Desires: Love, happiness

Big Freudian Moment: Fathering three children with his twin sister.

8. Sansa Stark

Poor Sansa has been completely cut off from her family and watched her father's head cut off by the order of her betrothed. She's now the object of desire by a whole host of creepy men and has no one to turn to. All of her childhood notions of love, marriage, and queen-hood have been shattered.

Desires: Love, family, positive male figure

Big Freudian Moment: Joffrey forces her to look at her father's severed head; she contemplates pushing him off the bridge but doesn't.

7. Joffrey Baratheon

The sociopathic product of incest, Joffrey has an obsession with violence that's almost sexual.

Desires: Absolute domination over everyone and everything

Big Freudian Moment: Forcing the two prostitutes to abuse each other with torture devices.

6. Ramsay Snow

The only character who's arguably more awful than Joffrey, Ramsay takes out his daddy issues and lack of societal respect on Theon.

Desires: Causing pain, becoming legitimate

Big Freudian Moment: Cutting off Theon's junk.

5. Tywin Lannister

Well, Tywin is the patriarch of the most messed-up family in existence. And, as the Queen of Thorns points out, he's possibly a closeted homosexual.

Desires: Family glory

Big Freudian Moment: Anytime he vigorously denies a Jaime/Cersei rumor.

4. Varys

What Varys lacks in genitals he makes up for in balls. His asexual persona beguiles King's Landing and he seems to be the smoke and mirrors behind the Capital.

Desires: Unclear

Big Freudian Moment: Revealing the pedophile he has locked in a trunk.

3. Stannis Baratheon + his id, Melisandre

There doesn't seem to be much emotion to steely Stannis, but in Melisandre he finds power, death, fertility, and sexual desire.

Desires: The Iron Throne, power

Big Freudian Moment: When Melisandre births a demon that kills Stannis's brother.

2. Arya Stark

Arya may be spunky and cute, but don't underestimate her: she is completely obsessed with death. As her sense of identity slips away, her murdering capabilities grow.

Desires: Family, vengeance

Big Freudian Moment: Acting all cute and then killing the Lannister bannermen by the side of the road.

1. Cersei Lannister

Cersei is the textbook example of penis envy. Her jealousy of Jaime and the opportunities he is allowed on account of his gender manifest themselves as sexual desire. Her power is her own sexual desirability, which is fading, and she lets paranoia overrun her parenting. Her daddy issues are never-ending and she mistrusts everyone.

Desires: Power, her children's safety

Big Freudian Moment: Every interaction with Margeary Tyrell, who represents everything Cersei is losing.


- Daenerys, with her incestuous parentage and strange motherhood situation.

- Littlefinger, with his obsession with Catelyn and now Sansa, and his thirst for power.

- Hodor

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