23 Pictures Of Zachary Levi, The Most Adorable Nerd On The Planet

The star of NBC’s nerd-turned-spy dramedy, Chuck, is a self-proclaimed nerd machine. For the past three years he has been the mastermind behind Nerd HQ at Comic-Con, and if that doesn’t win you over, here’s some more swaying information. (There are two videos as well for your viewing pleasure).

1. Here is a picture of him from the first season of Chuck, probably before he realized he was the bees knees.

2. Here’s another one where his incredible nerd-charm was a little more subtle.

3. But by the time this picture was taken, he knew. I mean, look at him.


5. You can’t sit there and tell me that you didn’t want to be the lifeguard on stand-by for this photo shoot.

6. How many nerds you know can pull off a super close-up?

7. And another one, just for funsies.

Apparently there’s something really interesting to the left of his adorable face.

8. He’s just dripping with CUTE NERD SWAG.

9. Admit it. He’s wearing a shirt with college spelled wrong just to be nerdy, and YOU DON’T CARE.

Or did you even notice that it was spelled wrong? You might have been distracted by his handsomeness.

10. Here he looks like a sad puppy dog and you want to know why so you can make it all better.

11. You just want to be closer to the microphone and his nerdy, nerdy heart.

12. And before you go saying “Zac’s not really a nerd,” you should probably know that he started his own brand. It’s literally called NERD Machine.

Plus, Zac says that “being a nerd just means that you’re passionate about something,” and this picture is DRIPPING WITH NERD PASSION.

13. You know who else supports Nerd Machine and Nerd HQ? Zac’s pal, Jared Padalecki. So there.

Nathan Fillion is also a friend and supporter.

14. ANYWAYS, he embraces the nerd.

The lovely, charming nerd.

15. I mean even when he played a sometimes-jerk on Less Than Perfect, he was perfect.

That’s not a problem, Zac. Not a problem at all.

16. Other than being the cutest nerdy actor ever, he is an impressive ambassador for Operation Smile, a charity that literally heals children’s smiles.

Be sure to check out the amazing efforts of Operation Smile at www.operationsmile.org!

17. And if that didn’t make your heart the happiest it’s ever been, this photo of him with a soldier really yanks at the heart strings.

18. But just incase you needed another reason to adore Zac, he was the voice of Flynn Rider in Disney’s Tangled.

He also did his own singing for the animated movie, which is pretty freaking swell.

19. Here’s a video of him smolder-ing several times, and you might want to turn on the fan.

20. He also sang a song with Smash’s Katherine McPhee called “Terrified,” which is about to become your new ringtone.

21. Watch, if you want. AND OF COURSE YOU WANT.

22. And he’s currently starring on Broadway in the musical comedy “First Date,” alongside another Smash alum, Krysta Rodriguez.

23. Next up, watch his dashing, nerdy self tackle a superhero movie as Fandral in Thor: The Dark World.

It opens in theatres near your heart on November 8th.

24. For which his contract stated that he had to color his hair blonde and pose for awesome pictures with Idris Elba.


25. Live long and prosper, you adorably nerdy man.

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