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10 Reasons To Be Afraid Of Airplanes As Told By Movies And TV

Sure, planes are necessary transportation to get places and stuff, but let's just go ahead and admit that movies and television subtly try to talk us out of taking flights. Pop culture spoiler alert: resist if you can.

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2. What if your plane full of doctors crashes in middle of the forest and you're stranded there for days? I mean, if the doctors are scared, what hope do we have.

5. God forbid the marshall on the airplane goes BATSHIT, kidnaps your daughter, tries to convince you that you don't even have a daughter, and THEN attempts to blow up the plane.

6. STOP IT, Red Eye. I don't even want to think about meeting a charming psychopath in seat 13B, only to discover he already knows exactly who I am.

7. What if you were a fighter pilot with your best friend and all hell broke loose and you had to eject but one of you didn't make it?

8. It would truly be terrible if the plane started to go down because of faulty parts but they blamed it on the drunk pilot, despite the fact he saved your life with some crazy, upside down maneuver shit.

9. What if you were on an airplane that tried to fly through a violent storm and your plane crashed, only to be left with a bunch of packages and a volleyball to call a friend?

WILSONNNN! WILSONNNNNNN! You've never cried so hard for a volleyball until you saw Cast Away.

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