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    15 Things You Can Get On Sale From Chewy That Future You Will Be Happy You Bought

    You can thank us (or yourself) later.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A bag of unscented clumping clay cat litter that'll save your nose. Although we love our cats, we don't always love their smells. So let this hypoallergenic and ~natural~ dust-reducing clay litter leave your home smelling nice and clean.

    A 20 pound bag of cat litter with purple, blue, orange on it

    Promising review: "This is the best cat litter that I have ever used. I was so tired of the urine smell that kept coming from the litter box even after I scooped it. I had tried every litter you can think of, but nothing worked like this litter does. Highly recommend this litter." —Ceecee

    Price: $8.59+ (available in 20 and 40-pound bags; use code HOLIDAY20 at checkout for the discount)

    2. Or a bag of Dr. Elsey's unscented clumping litter to keep your home smelling as good as it did pre-cat. With over 3,000 5-star reviews, this litter promises to be 99.9% dust-free, hypoallergenic and hard clumping.

    Human scooping litter in a litter box

    Promising review: "I tried this in one cat box and used my old standard in the other. My cats used the Dr. Elsey's primarily and only used the other one when they had to. They like it the best. It clumps very well and doesn't fall apart when you scoop it up. The smell is better. I like the fact that it doesn't send a cloud of dust up in my face when I fill the litter boxes."—Mellace

    Price: $11.98+ (available in larger size; use code HOLIDAY20 at checkout for the discount) 

    3. A bundle of bully sticks that'll keep your pup entertained on nights when it's too cold to do anything else. Not only do you get regular bully sticks in this set, but you also get braided ones, and they are 100% digestible for your pup.

    Six brown bully sticks and three braided ones

    The pack comes with six regular bully sticks and three braided ones.

    Promising review: "Do your dog a favor and keep them stocked up with plenty of these chews. Cheaper than furniture repair!"—Jay1

    Price: $11.98 (originally $23.96; use code HOLIDAY50 at checkout for the discount)

    4. A package of Sheba meaty sticks to treat your kitty after a long cold day. Incredibly flavorful, soft in texture, and made with zero grains or corn, they are sure to make your cat fall a little more in love with guarantees though!

    A pink package of cat treats with a grey cat on the cover

    Promising review: "My cat loves this product. As soon as he sees the package, he gets all excited and cannot wait until I open it. I let him bite off the piece himself as he gets so much joy doing it. I am careful not to let him take too big a bite!" —Cindy

    Price: $1.69+ (available in four sizes; This is part of a mix and match buy two get one free deal)

    5. A small pet lollipop because your rabbit or guinea pig shouldn't miss out on sweet treats this winter. Not only is this made from 100% pet-safe and natural materials, but it's also the perfect way to enrich your furry friend's home.

    A green lollipop with a brown stick

    Promising review: "My bun loves to chew and loves this chew toy! She likes to pick it up and toss it around, in addition to chewing away on it. It lasted her about a week. This toy is definitely stimulating for her and provides her need to chew, so I will definitely be buying more of this healthy chew toy." —Gretyl

    Price: $4.99 (This is part of a mix and match buy two get one free deal)

    6. A track toy with a butterfly topper for cats who prefer butterflies over mice (to each their own). Not only will this three-tiered toy keep your cat busy for hours with its balls and spring toy, but it's also pretty cute.

    brown and black cat playing with blue toy

    Promising review: "I have a lot of toys for my cat, but this is the one she constantly goes back to! She literally will be lying on her side for 30, 40 minutes, sometimes over an hour, playing with this thing! Whenever I'm working or sleeping or otherwise can't play with her myself, this provides her with so much joy and entertainment!"—mags

    Price: $10.98 (This is part of a mix and match buy two get one free deal)

    7. A pack of dental chew sticks to keep your pup's breath fresh and keep their teeth nice and clean. These promise to be easily digestible and are made in the USA.

    A package of brown chews in a red bag, on a brown background

    Promising review: "This is the only dental chew my dog seems to really enjoy. She doesn't like the typical mint flavored of dental chews, but this is a hit!" —Jojo

    Price: $8.37 (originally $10.46; use code HOLIDAY20 at checkout for the discount) 

    8. Or gingerbread flavored Greenies that'll keep your pups' teeth as clean as yours. In addition to being a seasonal favorite, these also clean close to your pup's gum line. They fight plaque and tartar and help promote fresh breath!

    A bag of green, red and brown dental chews for your dog

    Promising review: "My dogs love Greenies, and these are no exception. Every day they get a Greenie, and if I am late on giving them I am reminded by big eyes just looking at me. They like the gingerbread flavor, and this could be a regular flavor as far as my dogs are concerned. Been giving them since they were puppies and their teeth are clean, and no tartar build-up." —Kathymom2

    Price: $4.32 (originally $8.64; use code HOLIDAY50 at checkout for the discount)

    9. A 5-pound bag of Safflower Seed for your favorite wild birds. This food will help attract songbirds and smaller birds, so your cat can stare dramatically at them through your window.

    A brown bird feeder with tan birdseed in it

    Promising review: "The birds get to eat their fill! The squirrels will come and check it out but only for a second then they leave. They've stopped coming around the bird feeder. It's so nice! The birds love this stuff. We have several cardinals, titmice, purple finches, and chickadees that come and eat. I'm so happy the food is not being taken by the squirrels anymore. We put some sunflower seeds out for the squirrels, blue jay's and crows. If you want the squirrels to leave your bird feeders alone this is the stuff to get!" —Nicky

    Price: $10.43 (This is part of a mix and match buy two get one free deal)

    10. A refill of poop bags because we both know you should probably restock on those. Not only are these a decent size, but they are also made from durable, leak-proof plastic to keep your hands clean. BRB, ordering these rn.

    Model using a green poop bag on green grass

    Promising review: "I adore these poop bags. They're thick, durable, hide the poop smell, and come in a huge amount for so cheap! This is not a 'get what you pay for' kind of product — you get way more than you pay. These bad boys withstand picking up poop on any terrain, in any weather, and I never wonder if I got poop particles on my hand when using them (unlike thin/weak bags). And the best part? The inside of the rolls is recyclable cardboard, the box is recyclable cardboard, and the company donates lots of bags to humane societies across North America. You literally cannot get a better product, for this price, with such Earth and animal-friendly policies!" —wobble

    Price: $6.30 ( This is part of a mix and match buy two get one free deal)

    11. A pack of jerky treats to keep both you and your dog happy. All-natural, crafted in the USA and made with under 10 ingredients? We call that a win.

    A white and red package of jerky with brown strips of jerky

    Promising review: "My two dogs love this jerky. It looks so good my adult son was disappointed to learn it was made for my dogs. The jerky is not too hard its pliable, so the dogs enjoy the treat quicker and don't have to chew and chew to get the treat soft enough to swallow. I'm definitely going to keep bags on hand for treats daily." —marguerite

    Price: $9.59 (originally $11.99; use code HOLIDAY20 at checkout for the discount)

    12. A bird teaser toy with real feathers so you can easily play with your favorite feline. With its colorful feathers, crinkly materials, string, ribbons, and built-in pockets of catnip, this is totally going to become your cat's new favorite toy.

    brown and black cat playing with purple, blue and yellow cat toy

    Promising review: "My cat and I are both obsessed. The bird is even cuter in person. The string is soft and thick. It clearly will not easily break or fray, which is important for me because, for whatever reason, when it comes to wands, my cat is just as interested in the string as whatever is on the end of it. The bird is a great size (perfect for snagging but not too bulky), and the ribbons on the end are clearly quality. This has quickly become one of her favorite toys! Can't recommend enough!" —peaches

    Price: $2.68 (also available in purple; This is part of a mix and match buy two get one free deal)

    13. An algae-feeding tablet that won't cloud your tank. In addition, these 2-in-1 wafers include an algae center surrounded by fortified food. Bonus: These are high in fiber.

    Brown and green algae tablets

    Promising review: "Good quality wafers and plenty of them. Fair price as well. All my bottom feeders are excited to see these coming." —PetMomForever

    Price: $4.29+ (available in two sizes; This is part of a mix and match buy two get one free deal)

    14. A bag of new hay for your fur baby, so you can start 2022 off right. Complete with a combo of western timothy and orchard grass, this item can help support your pet's digestive system and their dental health.

    A pile of green hay

    Promising review: "OMG my guinea pig goes crazy for this. He likes dry food, treats, and all that but with this specific hay, he loves it. I tried other flavors same brand and he doesn't react the same way." —matipol

    Price: $4.79+ (available in three sizes; This is part of a mix and match buy two get one free deal)

    15. A pair of birdseed dispensers to store your bird's food safely, without fear of spoilage, spills, or even worse... bugs. Complete with pouring spout, this will make pouring your bird's food so much neater!

    Chewy, packleader123/ Chewy

    The set includes one 8-quart dispenser and one 3.5-quart dispenser.

    Promising review: "This was a great buy. Suits my needs perfectly! The dispensers are very well made, hold ample amounts of seed, and are easy to carry. My favorite feature is the pour spout which makes loading feeders a breeze." —DeeCee

    Price: $17.89 for two (This is part of a mix and match buy two get one free deal)

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