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    20 Stylish Things From Target That'll Actually Keep You Warm

    Warmth > any and everything else.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A cute fuzzy cardigan because it's perfect for that weird in-between temperature when it's too hot for a puffer but too cold to go bare-armed inside. Plus it's so darn cute; I'm actually ordering this in like every color.

    Model wearing red cardigan and matching shirt with pink pants

    2. A fuzzy pullover giving you that classic French vibe. It's deliciously warm and comfy — so much so that you'll feel like you're wearing PJs out of the house, and what more could you want?

    A model wearing the striped sweater with blue and white

    3. A ribbed beanie to keep your head nice and warm as the temps drop further. Soft, comfortable, and colorful, this beanie might just be your new favorite accessory.

    A green beanie on a fake head

    4. A V-neck pullover because it's sweater season ya'll (AKA the best season ever). Textured, warm, and super comfortable, this versatile piece will probably become your go-to when you have no clue what to wear.

    A model wearing grey and white striped sweater with orange pants

    5. A cozy overcoat that's simple yet elegant and a gorgeous piece to add to your work wardrobe, especially if you're being forced to go to the office despite the snow. AND, IT'S SUPER WARM!

    Model wearing green and white jacket over black dress

    6. An open-front cardigan because you never know how cold it will be in your office, despite it being the middle of winter. It's soft, comfortable, and super cozy — aka everything we want and need in a cardi.

    Model wearing black skirt, white tee with grey cardigan and black baseball hat

    7. A boxy long-sleeve striped tee that'll give that French girl look when paired with your favorite jeans. Chic yet understated, this looks way more expensive than it is. Just don't forget to pair it with your favorite red lippie to complete the Parisian look.

    Model wearing black and white striped tee with green pants

    8. A fuzzy shacket because it's the perfect extra layer for warmth. We love this fleece bb because it's cute, comfy, and warm. What else can we say, other than we're in love?

    Model wearing black top with green and black skirt with white shacket

    9. A turtleneck bodysuit for adding a little spice to whatever you decide to layer it under. We're all about layering, especially if you get cold often, and this bodysuit is fab for a tucked-in look without having to worry about any weird bulk.

    Model wearing a green bodysuit with jeans

    10. A pair of heeled waterproof boots for the days you want to look stylish despite the rain. Although these aren't patent leather, they certainly give the look for a lot less, plus just imagine how cute they'll be with everything you own.

    A black shoe

    11. A pair of track pants that look so much like trousers, you can trick everyone into thinking you're in fancy pants. We love that these are made of stretchy fabric so they move with your body throughout the day.

    A model wearing tan pants with tan shoes and yellow top

    12. A cropped sweatshirt because although chic might not be how you would describe this piece alone, the way you style it can give you a fashionable and cozy look. You can also master a casual OOTD by pairing this top with matching pants, an oversized blazer, and of course, a dad hat.

    A model wearing matching black top and bottom

    13. A cream corduroy button-down to replace your linen one because it's a little too lightweight for this time of the year. We love this because it looks so chic and is made from soft and stretchy fabric, plus it has a roomy front pocket.

    model wearing the shirt in cream

    14. A pair of high-rise wide-leg jeans because nothing says minimalistic chic quite like these. Although leggings might be a tad bit more comfortable, jeans tend to keep you a little warmer in the colder months. Life hack: if you run cold, throw on a pair of leggings under these for added warmth!

    A model wearing medium wash jeans with beige shoes and grey and beige sweater

    15. A long-sleeve ribbed tee — yes, it's a basic item, but it is soooo ~useful~ during layering season. Use this as a base for any wintery look; throw it under a pullover, a sweater vest, or even under a dress, and bam you're 100X times warmer than you were before.

    16. A tie-front blazer for a sophisticated layer. Stretchy, sleek, and everything you could dream of in a blazer, we'll be wearing this every day for the rest of eternity.

    Model wearing black blazer over colorful top with black pants

    17. An asymmetrical V-neck sweater if you want to show a hint of skin even in the chilly months. Or throw on a turtleneck under! We're all about layering here! Made of uber-soft fabric, this piece will look incredible with whatever you choose to pair it with.

    Model wearing black and white top with blue jeans

    18. A pair of winter boots that are equally as warm as they are stylish. Toasty and designed for snowy weather, these are giving snow bunny vibes, and we are living for it.

    A warm white and tan winter boot

    19. An oversized mock neck sweater with cable details because it's stylish, comfy, and warm. Plus, it comes in so many statement colors; get ready for all the compliments.

    A blue sweater with black pants

    20. A plaid sweater overcoat that'll be great for when the morning temps dip. Ideal for working from home, this is so easy to slide over any and everything. We love this for that Zoom meeting you totally forgot you had but still need to look put-together for.

    Model wearing neutral plaid dress and black, brown and cream jacket

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