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    20 Small Kitchen Additions That’ll Help You Be More Eco-Friendly

    Because even small changes can have big impacts.

    1. A pack of three beeswax food wraps that'll keep everything as fresh as when you first made it. In addition to keeping everything in tip-top shape, this product is washable, silicone-free, and plastic-free so it's good for you and the planet.

    A reviewer's breads and a reviewer's bread covered in a blue wrap

    2. A dish cleaning duo set to help you clean your dishes as easily as you dirty them. This set caters to hand-washing dishes as well as the dishwasher (which you rarely use). All you need to do is apply the powder onto the dishes or sponge, add water, and scrub. For the dishwasher-lovers out there, throw in a tablet in and boom, you're ready to run it. No plastic bottles needed!

    A blue tin of white tablets, a light blue bottle and a yellow sponge with suds on it

    3. A bacon sponge that legit absorbs all that extra grease from the fried food you just made. Additionally, it's made from cotton, so it's compostable and biodegradable.

    An image of a white sponge with brown, red, black and green label and a red and white fabric on the side

    4. An eco-friendly refillable hand soap because you should probably pick up a new one to keep by your kitchen sink. Complete with a bottle designed to ~last forever~, you can refill it however often you need. We suggest trying it with all of their scents! Just add water and a tablet, and your soap is ready to use. Also getting refills instead of buying a new bottle will save you so much $$$.

    Model using foamy hand soap from white jar of soap

    5. A reusable coffee filter to save you time and money in the morning. Made out of 100% organic hemp, this will cut down how fast you go through your single-use coffee filters.

    A reviewer using hemp filter in drip coffee machine

    6. An everyday multi-surface cleaner from Mrs. Meyer's that smells like lemon verbena to freshen up your home during your weekly reset day. Not to mention using a multi-surface cleaner with some rags is much less wasteful than using a bunch of disinfecting wipes.

    7. A dishwater detergent pod so you can keep your glassware looking as great as when you first bought it. No pre-wash needed, which we call a win. FYI, it's dye-free, chlorine-free, phosphate-free, and phthalate-free.

    A green box of white detergent pods with glassware

    8. A set of silicone lids for bowls that you lost the lids to and don't feel like buying new ones. Not only are they dishwasher and refrigerator-safe, but they also come in a variety of sizes, so you can totally find ones to work on everything in your kitchen. Just slip them on your bowls and say goodbye to saran wrap and plastic lids of the past.

    A reviewer's jar with a lid on top of it

    9. A compost bin that'll help get you started on your composting journey. Designed with an airtight lid and an activated-charcoal filter to keep your bin smelling fresh, this baby will hold all your food scraps until you're ready to empty it without stinking up the kitchen. Bonus: It's made out of rust-resistant stainless steel so you can give it a good wash and not worry about ruining it.

    A white compost bin that says "compost" in black a in a reviewer's home with hand and dish soap next to it

    10. A pack of compostable bags to go wth your aforementioned compost bin! They decompose naturally, so there's nothing to worry about and will keep the inside of your compose bin nice and clean. Bonus: these can also double as pet waste bags. We love a multi-use item.

    a reviewer showing compost bag in compost bin

    11. An oven scrub cleaner because it's so easy to forget to clean your oven but it's soooo important. This baby utilizes essential oils, pumice powder, and other plant-based ingredients to get the job done and it can be used to clean your oven walls, door, glass, and even your racks. Additionally, this multi-use gem can also help you clean your stove top, stainless steel, cast-iron items, and even your air fryer. Heck. Yeah.

    A white jar of oven cleaner and a silver metal sponge

    12. An all-purpose cleaner you can use to clean anything your 'lil heart desires without worrying about harsh chemicals. Formulated with plant-based and ~biodegradable~ ingredients so it's safe for humans and fur babies alike, this will have everyone complimenting how clean your home looks and smells.

    A reviewer's photo of the white, green and clear bottle

    13. A compostable tea bag made out of wood pulp paper, to replace the ones you use that leak microplastics. Not only are these convenient, but they double as the perfect tool you can use to infuse milk, soups, and so much more.

    A reviewer showing a full tea bag above a red mug

    14. A cloud cloth to help you finally find a sustainable way to replace paper towels. Designed to be the perfect combo of sponge and dishcloth, this might just change your life. It's made from cotton and plant cellulose, so it's extra absorbent (read: it's said to absorb 10x its weight), and it can ~replace~ as many as 1,500 paper towels. Yes, you read that correctly.

    A set of six cloths in periwinkle, light blue and dark blue

    15. Or a set of Swedish dish cloths that'll work just as well as your favorite paper towel brand. They work for every kind of cleaning, including deep cleaning (which you should probably be doing soon anyway) as well as a quick spill clean-up. *adds to cart*

    A reviewer using a pink cloth

    16. A set of natural dish brushes because sometimes you just need to bring out the ~big tools~ aka these babies. Complete with a compostable handle and bristles made from bamboo and coconut fibers, this will keep your pots and pans looking wonderful.

    A example of each brush and what it can be used for according to the store

    17. A set of machine-washable bamboo towels made to last longer than your typical towels but can be used the exact same way. Bamboo can be grown without pesticides, irrigation, and chemical fertilizers, making it a more eco-friendly choice while still being the convenient ~papertowel-esque~ product you need.

    18. A produce bag bundle for storing produce and bulk dry ingredients in something other than plastic bags. Lightweight and easy to use and clean, these are perfect for grocery shopping and fridge storing alike.

    A reviewer storing greens in mesh bag

    19. A glass tumbler with a lid and straw, to replace your daily coffee shop cup. Not only will this work for your favorite caffeinated beverage, but maybe, just maybe, it will encourage you to ~actually~ drink more water.

    A glass bottle with a light pink grip, a strew and lid

    20. A set of reusable and silicone bags that'll keep your lunch fresh and sustainable. Getting rid of single-use plastic bags has never been easier with these self-sealing reusable bags. Bonus: These are microwave, freezer, dishwasher, boiling water, and even oven-safe!

    A reviewer collection of white and orange storage bags

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