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    24 Things From Small Businesses On The Grommet You’ll Be Glad You Own

    Might be the sleek granite coaster set or the avocado sock for you. 🥑😍🍷

    1. A wooden cat eyeglass holder so you'll never lose your glasses ever again. Besides being super useful, this wooden kitty is sure to bring you a ton of smiles.

    Dark brown wooden cat holding up black and yellow glasses

    2. A key-sized multi-tool that'll easily fit in your pocket and has over 16 different functions. BRB, buying these for everyone I know.

    3. A wine bottle refrigerator storage rack to help you put half-used vino in a fridge that's lacking room for it to stand up. This space-saving item will have you wondering why you hasn't gotten it sooner

    A clear wine bottle holder that allows the bottle to lay almost flat but at a slight angle, as it would in most wine cellars

    4. A cutting board with a folding strainer, so you can chop and wash with ease. Non-slip and made with BPA-free materials, this might just become your favorite kitchen gadget yet.

    5. A pair of slipper socks that'll be perfect for cozying up in with a book in one hand, and of course, hot cocoa in the other. Bonus: They've got grippers on the bottom, so you won't slip.

    A pair of red, black, gray and white fuzzy socks

    6. A detergent cup holder so your cleaning solution won't end up dripping all over your floor. Just attach it to your jug and you're good to go.

    left side shoes a detergent just with some dripping on the floor and the right shows the cupholder attached to the jug and catching the drippings

    7. A strucket — that's "strainer" and "bucket" in one — to make hand-washing your clothes easier. You'll be able to soak, wash, and rinse all in one container.

    8. A set of granite coasters for when you want a drink after a long day. Each set comes with two solid granite chilling stones (to keep your drink at the optimal temperature), two granite coasters, and two recycled glass tumblers.

    A dark gray and light gray coaster with tumblers and stones

    9. A stretchy belt to provide the ultimate finishing touch for your favorite outfits. These belts also coe in so many colors, so you can 100% find one to match your aesthetic. Goodbye, bulky buckles!

    10. Lock and secure earring backings, so you never have to worry about those precious accessories ever again. CC: Kim Kardashian. Bonus: The backs will also provide extra support for heavier earrings.

    11. A set of magnetic push pins to hang your favorite wall art print without ruining it. Not only are these easily moveable, but they're also reusable, so you'll have them for years to come. Say goodbye to pin marks forever.

    Model using silver and white push pins to hang up colorful art

    12. A self-watering tabletop planter so your plant won't go thirsty even if you forget to water it for the thousandth time. Bonus: These look super sleek and modern, so they're a great centerpiece for your dining room or kitchen table.

    13. A produce protector and ripening buddy to get your favorite fruit ready to eat. Not only will this buddy do its job, but it's also super adorable.

    A brown and black bear fruit sock

    14. An olive boat and pit port for all who want to indulge in those tiny green things sans littering the table with pits afterward. It'll also work for cherries!

    An olive boat with olives on a table.

    15. A pair of finger-protecting gardening gloves so you don't get soil trapped underneath your nails. They're also designed to mold to your hand better so they won't slip off.

    16. A pack of biodegradable hair ties made with natural organic cotton that will decompose properly into the earth upon disposal so you won't feel bad about inevitably losing one. Bonus: They're nice and thick!

    Model holding a pack of black hair ties

    17. A 3-in-1 burger press so you can make sliders, regular-sized ones, or the stuffed patties of your dreams.

    18. A planner that'll help you get your life together because we both know it's time. (Don't worry, because: same.) You won't even have to wait until the new year to start using this since it features undated pages.

    A black notebook with green bookmark

    19. A pair of blue-light-blocking glasses because you could probably use these after staring at screens all day long. You'll get a ton of compliments while wearing these during your next Zoom meeting.

    Model wearing blue light glasses and denim shirt

    20. An insulated cocktail shaker made with pro-grade stainless steel and topped off with its own measuring system so you won't need shot glasses or anything else to get the drink mixed just right.

    An insulated cocktail shaker on a table with a drink and food.

    21. An all-in-one sifting litter box system that'll keep your home as clean and fresh as it was pre-cat. Made from 99% recycled cardboard, the system will eliminate the need for a scooper, liner, or tray. It's also water- and leak-resistant and can be reused for four to six weeks.

    Model using brown litter box

    22. A rechargeable electric candle lighter to light up the candles in your space with ease. It's odor, butane-, and flame-free.

    Model holding a white lighter.

    23. A plastic-free reusable bag set that'll make storing leftovers way easier. Not only are these made from BPA-free platinum silicone, but they're also designed to survive the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer.

    Model putting sandwich bag into blue lunch bag

    24. A set of three scrubbies to make cleaning a breeze. Dishwasher- and washing machine-safe, these will clean just about everything from non-stick pots and pans to outdoor furniture and even tiles.

    A set of three scrubbies. One is red, the other is multi-colored and the other is green.

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