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    18 Things From Amazon That Reviewers Swear By For Smelly Feet

    Get rid of smelly feet once and for all this summer.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    1. A natural shoe deodorizing powder to neutralize all odors emanating from your footwear. This talc-free powder is made in the USA and promises to be fast-acting and long-lasting.

    bottle of the powder next to athletic shoes

    Promising review: "I was skeptical because nothing else worked. My shoes were getting smelly (in the toe area). I sprinkled in some powdered in the toe area and banged the shoe around to distribute it. After a couple of times doing this in between wearing the shoes, my shoes were no longer stinky. It truly does neutralizes odor. I also rub the powder onto my feet (again in the toe area) before putting on socks. There is a faint scent that is pleasant; it is not perfume-y." β€”Marichan

    Price: $11.98

    2. A tea tree oil foot soak with salt that'll make your smelly feet a thing of the past. Besides Epsom salts, this blend also includes a combination of sea salt, eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint, cajuput, rosemary, lavender, and MSM to ~naturally cure~ the stink.

    A bag of tea tree foot soak

    Promising review: "I have suffered from smelly feet and always stinking up my shoes since I can remember! I bathe every day, and I would always soak and scrub my feet every evening, and I would change socks throughout the day, and it just never seemed to help! I changed my diet, and that didn't help either! I tried all kinds of sprays, talcs, and essential oils, and no luck....I have been using this product for about three weeks, and my foot stink has completely gone away! I can't express how depressing it was to always have smelly feet no matter what I did! I will use this product for as long as it's available!" β€”Joss

    Price: $14.42

    3. Boot Banana deodorizers for your shoes, because they're super cute and actually work! Long-lasting and full of lavender, lemon, patchouli, and tea tree essential oils, this product helps removes stink and sweat from shoes. Bonus: The cotton outer skin is also biodegradable.

    A set of black roller skates with yellow boot bananas inside

    They last 6-12 months and will turn brown when they're nearing the end of their life like a real banana!

    Promising review: "My feet stink. My shoes stink. So I saw these and decided to give them a try. They are great! As long as I remember to put them in my shoes when I take them off, they don't smell bad anymore. The smell reminds me of lavender and when I first opened the package I thought the smell was too strong, but the strong smell goes away quickly once you use them. I recommend this for people with stinky feet/shoes." β€”Christopher Dupuis

    Price: $19.99

    4. An antiperspirant foot lotion to prevent your tootsies from smelling like a raccoon rummaging through a dumpster. Developed with dermatologists, this lotion promises to be smooth, nonirritating, and not greasy and features natural eucalyptus oil and other moisturizing ingredients.

    model applying the cream

    Promising review: "This stuff is amazing!! I have always had a problem with sweaty, smelly feet. At the end of the day, my wife would make me wash my feet before I could get into bed and would always complain about how bad my feet smelled. And never mind about my shoes. I tried everything! I've started using this stuff about six months ago and apply it every morning. I haven't had one complaint since! It's amazing that I no longer have to worry about taking my shoes off because of the smell. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has smelly/sweaty feet." β€”Kyle Adriance

    Price: $14.81 (or $13.33 with the Subscribe & Save option)

    5. A jar of foot powder that'll defeat the source of the odor. Reviewers rave that this product has helped them save a pair of shoes or two.

    jar of foot powder

    Promising review: "WOW, this stuff really works. I have used a number of different powders, sprays, and magic insoles over the years, and nothing has made a real difference until I tried using Gran's. I have VERY smelly feet that sweat an uncontrollable amount, and this stuff has slowed the sweat and made the smell go away almost completely on my poor work boots. My feet even feel better after my boots have been off for hours. Just buy this and don't look back!" β€”nellie

    Price: $19.97

    6. A pair of shoe deodorizers, which'll work for your favorite pair of shoes, gym bag, locker, and more. Fragrance-free, non-toxic, and long-lasting are a few words used to describe this wonderful invention.

    A set of a grey shoe deodorizers in a pair of brown work boots.

    Promising review: "These shoe deodorizers work great! I can not say enough about them. My closet was beginning to smell like stinky feet. Not any more. I put these in my shoes when I take them off at night, and no more stinky feet odor in my shoe or my closet!! It is magic! I read the reviews and only hoped it would be as good as they were saying they would be. I highly recommend. I can see that these would be great in any small space area that needs a deodorizer, locker, bag, maybe even car?? I might try it on the floor in the back seat carpet area and tell you how it works. Fingers crossed. Great Product!!" β€”Karalee Petruzzi
    Price: $10.97 for two (or $10.42 with the Subscribe & Save option)

    7. An antifungal tea tree oil body wash that'll wash away all your sins. Not only does this product help with smelly feet, it can also help with ailments such as athlete's foot, ringworm, toenail fungus, and eczema, and it even helps soothe itching.

    before, reviewer's feet with yellow toenails, and after with toenails a lot less yellow

    Promising review: "Worth buying. I have used this for over six months. I have smelly feet, so anytime I need to eliminate the smell, I use it, and it works very well. The smell is a little strong, but that is to be expected. Overall great product." β€”Nathaniel

    Price: $15.30 (or $14.54 with the Subscribe & Save option)

    8. A set of cedarwood insoles to help fight sweaty tootsies and remove shoe odor. This natural solution has cedarwood essential oils, is BPA-free, vegan, and has no added chemicals. Think of it like shoe deodorant.

    A pair of pink flats with the wood insole

    Promising review: "I have purchased these cedar insoles a few times, and I must admit that I am mildly obsessed with them! They are the best solution I've found to smelly flats with pretty much no downside to speak of. For years I'd been walking around with stinky feet looking for an elegant solution to stinky flats. I've tried anti-odor sprays (ew) and no-show socks (so annoying), all with pretty meh results. Then I stumbled upon these insoles and they have worked wonders! I put them in all of my shoes that I wear a lot and want to wear without socks. These inserts even make it possible to wear cute flats with no socks when I travel and am walking many miles per day, without my boyfriend refusing to talk to me when I take my shoes off. They can be cut down to the perfect size (which I did when my size was sold out and I had to buy a full size larger); they are comfortable and don't irritate my feet at all. I replaced the fabric insole in my Rothy's shoes with these (which, by the way, stank to HIGH HEAVEN), and they completely solved the odor issue. It may seem pricey compared to other solutions, but it's SO worth it. I use these constantly and replace them every few months. Stinky flats no more!" β€”karen

    Price: $44.70 for three pairs (available in men's sizes 3.5-14/women's sizes 5-13.5)

    9. A tube of antiperspirant lotion for hands and feet because, let's be real here, your hands are probably sweaty as well. Why not go for a two-in-one product? It'll help keep your hands and feet dry and prevent smell.

    tube and packet of lotion

    Promising review: "This works wonders. Dry, non-smelly feet!! Make sure the product dries before putting shoes on, especially ones without socks. Will repurchase when mine is gone." β€”J. Hale

    Price: $13.98 (or $13.28 with the Subscribe & Save option)

    10. A classic set of shoe deodorizer balls that'll refresh your shoes and keep the scent and bacteria at bay. To use, you just twist the ball, drop it into the shoe, and you're good to go. Who would have thought getting rid of smelly feet would be this simple?

    A pack of six, blue balls in a hand

    Promising review: "This product is awesome. My shoes smelled terrible. I dropped one of these into each shoe, and by the next day, the bad smell was gone. Highly recommend!" β€”Tre Jenkins

    Price: $12.99 for a pack of six (available in three scents)

    11. A natural foot and shoe deodorizer spray so your feet don't smell terrible for that picnic date you planned. Not only does this product promise to prevent order, but it also allegedly ~removes~ the scent entirely from your feet. Bonus: This spray works on any material.

    A green, white and orange bottle of spray in a red pair of shoes

    Promising review: "I don't like admitting this, but I have the sweatiest and most horrendously smelly feet. I have a lot of leather sandals that I like to wear during the summer, and after a few wears, the smell is something like a dead animal. I didn't have high hopes for this product, as nothing has ever truly eliminated the odor and usually just covered up the road carcass smell with chemical fragrance. This stuff is amazing! After a few uses, this spray made my smelliest shoes no longer smelly, and new shoes never develop Frito funk to begin with. This is a small miracle in a bottle." β€”Lililee

    Price: $12.90 (or $12.26 with the Subscribe & Save option)

    12. A bottle of Dr. Scholl's deodorant power you'll realize is necessary after getting a whiff of your feet after a long summer's day. In addition to destroying odors, absorbing sweat, and giving all-day comfort, this powder also promises to leave your feet feeling super cool.

    bottle of foot powder

    Promising review: "Everyone who has smelly feet after a hard day of work should get this product ASAP. I put a little bit of it in my sock or shoe. When I come home from work, no smell at all! It feels great knowing that when I go by someone's house or have people in my home that my feet won't smell sweaty when my shoes are off. Must buy and will continue to buy when it's close to finishing. Remember, a little powder goes a long way." β€”creator

    Price: $5.87

    13. A shoe powder that'll keep your feet smelling like bubble gum. Yes, I'm so serious right now. This fast-acting powder is kid-friendly, safe to use on various materials, and made in the USA.

    A colorful bottle of food powder with bubble gum

    Promising review: "Super easy to just throw in my boyfriend's work boots when he gets home from work. That boy's feet STANK so bad; I can smell them from across the room. This stuff has saved my nose from many of nasty nights. Throw it in when they get home after work, and you will not have smelly feet in the air when they come home and refuse to shower." β€”Melissa

    Price: $11.99

    14. A peppermint foot spray and deodorizer to keep your feet smelling minty fresh. Made from natural and nontoxic ingredients, not only does this claim to eliminate odor, but also to be moisturizing.

    spray bottle of product

    Promising review: "If you have smelly feet or shoes, this is it. My shoes have the worst order, which then leaves the horrible smell on my socks. I have to leave my shoes outside cause the smell is unbearable. This product is a lifesaver; I've been looking for an antibacterial spray to rid of any bacteria or sweat in my shoes to kill off any smell. I definitely will be purchasing more once I finish the first bottle." β€”Leslie Dominguez

    Price: $13.97 (or $12.57 with the Subscribe & Save option)

    15. A natural deodorizer spray with 12 essential oils that'll eat up any odors that your shoes might have. Besides working on shoes, this can work on a variety of items in your home.

    A green bottle of spray in a black and white shoe

    Promising review: "I like this foot spray. It has a nice smell that really works to eliminate odor. I have used it in shoes, and my feet are no longer smelly at the end of the day. I thought I was going to have to get rid of my favorite pair of shoes, but this spray saved them! I have also used this spray on my carpet to get rid of pet smell, and it works." β€” Joy

    Price: $13.95 (or $12.56 with the Subscribe & Save option)

    16. A tea tree antifungal soap and antibacterial body wash made from organic and natural ingredients, because it's time to treat your feet after a long week. Not only does this item help prevent smelly feet, but it claims to also tackle body odor. Paraben-free and made with no synthetic ingredients, you're going to be mad you didn't discover this sooner.

    pump bottle of the product

    Promising review: "This stuff is amazing!!! I do construction for a living, so I'm on my feet for long hours every day. I have always suffered from athlete's foot. I have tried many other products foot sprays, powders, and boot driers. This stuff started working in about two days. No more smelly feet, and my feet actually felt better. I wish I would of found this product years ago!" β€”Sean fagan

    Price: $16.87 (or $16.03 with the Subscribe & Save option)

    17. A roll-on antiperspirant to tackle stink this season. This antiperspirant seeks to help decrease foot odor and sweating and helps to prevent the growth of fungi.

    A blue and orange bottle of foot antiperspirant

    Promising review: "The best foot deodorant product in the market. My feet sweat so much, and can easily wet my socks even I don't have shoes on. This product is a game-changer for me. I did not impress on the first couple times because I felt that my feet were wet from the roll-on liquid. However, the trick is you have to let it dry completely before you put the socks on. I have a small fan to dry it after rubbing the roll-on on my feet. There will be some white residuals on socks and shoes (if you don't wear socks), BUT it is a lot better than having sweaty and smelly feet!!! Thanks for the great product. I have been using Neat Feat products for almost 10 years. Highly recommended." β€”Plasmon

    Price: $9.99 (or $9.49 with the Subscribe & Save option)

    18. A tea tree oil foot soak with Epsom salt to free your feet from fungus and odors. This soak is made from essential oils, and in addition to combating odor, it also promises to soften and moisturize your feet.

    reviewer soaking their feet in a spa with the soak

    Promising review: "I feel like by using this product, I have brand new feet! I'm constantly on my feet, so they've started becoming rough, smelly, and I had developed many calluses on my big toes. NOT ANYMORE! My feet are soft and no longer smelly. I am so very thankful!" β€”Anne-Marie U.

    Price: $14.79 (or $14.05 with the Subscribe & Save option)

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and/or clarity.