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    20 Pairs Of Flip-Flops That Are Actually Comfy

    And the best part is that these will leave your feet blister-free.

    1. A pair of flip-flops that actually have arch support! (Yes, you read that correctly.) The insoles of these shoes are actually yoga foam, so on top of them being comfy, they also are waterproof and slip-resistant!

    a reviewer photo of the flip flops

    2. A pair of comfortable nonslip flip-flops for so you can do all the things you want to do. In addition to being super soft and lightweight, they also can be easily wiped down.

    A reviewer wearing pink flip flops with jeans

    3. A pair of Clarks flip-flops that are designed for walking in! Bonus: These lightweight flip-flops *actually* have arch support as well!

    A reviewer wearing tan flip flops with white toe nails

    4. A great pair of cork-sole flip-flops for those looking for a more eco-conscious option! Designed with no plastic usage and an ethical production process, you'll probably need these in at least five colors.

    5. A pair of Skecher's flip-flops to keep your feet from being overheated. For all my wide-footed besties, these also come in wide! You can legit see from this photo how comfy they are!

    A reviewer wearing grey flip flops with red toes and colorful leggings

    6. A pair of simple braided flip-flops that give us all the summery vibes. Subtle but super cute, this is a great alternative to your basic summer shoe.

    A reviewer wearing white flip flops

    7. A pair of delicate-looking flip-flops to throw on with any outfit. Sleek and simple, these machine-washable shoes are a need this summer. Bonus: They are made from 100% recyclable materials.

    the white and brown flip flops

    8. A pair of orthopedic-friendly flip-flops because nothing is worse than no support in shoes — and that includes sandals. Though you might not want to admit it, your foot probably needs the support after wearing those beat-up ol' flip-flops you've had for decades.

    a model wearing the flip flops in black

    9. A pair of New Balances because their flip-flops are equally as comfortable as their sneakers. Fun fact about these — they have a molded footbed, so they adjust to the shape of your feet!

    a reviewer wearing the black and blue sandals

    10. A pair of elegant Volcom flip-flops that will add a surprisingly chic look to your favorite summer maxi dress. When you wear these, don't be surprised when everyone tells you how put together you look!

    a reviewer wearing the flip flops in black

    11. A pair of Adidas flip-flops for your post-gym coffee run. They're called "Comfort Flip-Flops" for a reason. Complete with a quick-drying footbed, these are simple and durable, yet still stylish and sporty.

    A pair of black and white flip flops

    12. A pair of cushioned Reef flip-flops that require no break-in time which your busy, on-the-go lifestyle deserves. Just imagine a blister-free flip-flop — aka the dream! They are also designed with traction and durability in mind.

    a model wearing the reef flip-flops

    13. A pair of crocs because love them or hate them, they're super comfortable and practical. Lightweight and perfect for days by the pool, you might just need to grab them in a few shades.

    a reviewer wearing the croc flip-flops in white

    14. A pair of T-straps because you're unique and deserve a unique flip-flop. In addition, to being extra comfortable, these are also partially made with renewable sugarcane!

    15. A classic pair of Havaianas that will have you singing and dancing to "Havana" on your next beach visit. In addition to being super lightweight, these are waterproof *and* soft. What's not to love?

    16. A pair of FitFlops, a brand that are lauded for their next-level comfort, that'll feel like you're walking on actual clouds. Oh yeah, plus these are slip-resistant *and* have built-in arch support!

    17. A pair of Under Armour flip-flops that'll keep your feet comfortable, no matter where the day takes you. They have a fast-drying strap for days when the temp is higher than your blood pressure. 🥵

    18. A pair of thick woven flip-flops to make any summer look feel comfy and casual. Complete with a yoga mat base, these flops will cushion your soles *and* have all the arch support you'll ever need.

    a model wearing the tan flip flops

    19. A pair of stunning bedazzled Kenneth Cole flip-flops that'll get you a million compliments and then some. Glam yet supportive, these will 100% be your go-to for all your fun summer events.

    a reviewer wearing the white and silver rhinestone flip flops

    20. A pair of flip-flops that's designed to make your arches feel like they're being hugged with each step. AND they have a soft, moisture- and bacteria-resistant lining? We have no choice but to stan.

    A blue flip flop

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