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    If You Spend All Day In Your Kitchen, You Could Probably Use These 31 Things From Target

    If you know your way around the kitchen or are still struggling to figure it all out, we're here to help — watch out, Bobby Flay, we're coming for you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An ice cube tray with a ~lid~ because this way you won't spill any water all over your freezer (we've all been there) before you get creative with new cocktails. Since this is made of silicone, it's also super easy to remove the cubes!

    The ice cube maker

    2. A stainless-steel knife block set for your home because sometimes you just need to upgrade your cooking knives. This set comes with 15 pieces, including ~all-purpose shears~, sharpening steel, a chef's knife, and so much more.

    A knife set with block in a home

    3. A ground meat chopper because it will change your life, yes, we're being so serious. This makes dealing with ground meat way less annoying! We swear!

    Person grinding meat with the chopping tool

    4. A manual food chopper for days when you're too lazy or don't have time to cut up your veggies (we know not everyone has endless hours to spend cutting veggies). This will save you time, and it will definitely make your life easier.

    5. A new set of pots to replace the ones you're still using from your first apartment (you moved on from that apartment, and it's probably time to move on from those pots). This sent comes with ~12~ items, and it even has some utensils.

    A new set of pots with veggies

    6. A steel bar toolset for the at-home mixologist because why not learn how to whip up a few cocktails before Valentine's Day?! These also look super ~professional~ and they would look incredible on your bar cart.

    A set of bar tools

    7. A digital kitchen scale that'll quickly become an essential, especially if you know your way around the kitchen. Scales can make sure hunks of dough are the same weight and so much more. Also, if you're following recipes from other countries, many recipes favor weight over cups!

    A white scale for cooking and baking

    8. A mortar and pestle for your favorite guacamole recipe, or grinding your favorite spices. There is nothing more satisfying than taking out all your feelings and going to town crushing ingredients for your favorite recipe.

    A grey mortar and pestle

    9. A vivid red olive oil dispenser to embrace your inner chef. Use this to show off and drizzle some oil in your favorite pan and get cooking. You can also use this to drizzle a little EVOO on anything and everything.

    A red olive oil dispenser

    10. A beechwood rolling pin for all the pro-level bakers. A rolling pin is great for the dough, but it is equally wonderful for crushing whatever needs to be flattened.

    A beechwood set including a rolling pin

    11. An ice sphere tray for your favorite whiskey drink because sometimes we just need to serve ourselves a glass of whiskey after spending all day cooking. Bonus: These work well for making small hot chocolate bombs.

    A blue ice sphere mold

    12. A salad spinner to help you clean your greens super quickly. A salad spinner makes putting together a salad ~way~ easier because sometimes you just gotta toss some greens together and call it a day.

    Model using a salad spinner

    13. An ~olive wood~ serving board for creating your own charcuterie board. I love using this medium-sized board for many things, including a hot chocolate charcuterie board and so much more. This makes every item served on it look super ~cool.~

    A kitchen set up with olive tray with tomato

    14. A new eight-piece kitchen utensil set so that you can replace your worn-out utensils with something new. You deserve some shiny new tools to make that one Tasty recipe you've been planning out for weeks!

    A set of 8 cooking tools

    15. A set of three-tier stackable cooling racks because the bakers gotta bake, bake, bake. Do we need to say that again? They are ~stackable~ so you can maximize your baking while taking up ~minimal space.~ *Chef's kiss*

    stackable cooling racks

    16. A white mandolin to help you thinly slice your favorite ingredients. This product will up your kitchen game 100%. This item is great for when you want to make Ratatouille ~Disney-style~ and so much more.

    17. A jar spatula for your culinary tool collection because it's another item that will change your life. This small spatula is perfect for digging out every ounce of product from any jar (it's especially great for nut butters, jams, and tomato paste).

    A jar spapula

    18. A utensil storage container, because you need a spot to hold all your new and old utensils. I love how simple this one is, and how it will match any style of decor in your home.

    A black and white utensil cup

    19. An electric can opener to make your life easier. This can opener is extra tall so that it can open every kind of can, automatically shuts off when it is done, and is super easy to clean — what's stopping you from getting this? Did we mention there's also a built-in knife sharpener?

    The tall can opener

    20. A box of ~pre-cut~ cookie baking sheets to make your kitchen clean-up a lot less tedious. Once you discover these sheets, you're never going back. This is perfect for the lazy cook because instead of greasing your baking sheet, you can just throw on one of these.

    A baking sheet used to decorate cookies

    21. A box grater with a measuring cup attached, so you'll never over- or under-grate whatever the recipes calls for. This also ensures a quick, clean, and easy clean-up for your kitchen. Let's be real here, after a day in the kitchen, you really don't want to deal with any mess.

    A model using a grater with a cup underneath

    22. A spoon rest so that you have a spot to hold your dirty spoon while you check your phone for a second. A spoon rest is a seriously underrated kitchen tool that everyone needs, so why not get a cute one?!

    A black and white spoon rest

    23. A silicone pastry/basting brush to step up your BBQ game, or maybe you're using it for egg wash on your latest bread baking experiment? Bonus: this is super easy to clean!

    A silcone brush and other essentials

    24. A clean/dirty sign for your home so you can figure out if the dishwasher was run or not. Plus, how nice is it to wake up in the morning and see the sign read ~clean~?

    A black and white, clean/dirty sign

    25. A 20-piece meal prep container set for all the meal-preppers out there. This set comes with ~20~ containers, so you're set for a while. I love these containers because they're BPA-free and microwaveable!

    Model using meal prep containers

    26. A new set of measuring cups and spoons for your ever-growing collection of measuring utensils. Let's be honest here, you can never have enough measuring cups and spoons, plus these look so sleek.

    A black, white and grey measuring set

    27. A cast-iron skillet because you deserve to treat yourself to something a little more luxe. This skillet comes pre-seasoned, and it's designed to be ~rust-resistant.~ Bonus: You can use this to cook basically everything, from cookie cakes to perfectly seasoned steaks.

    Cast iron skillets being used to cook outside

    28. An organization bin for snacks because this way you can keep track of every item stolen by your roommate or S.O. Plus, it looks super modern and stores an impressive amount of items.

    A snack sorter with items in it

    29. A grill pan, because it's not exactly easy to grill outside when it's negative degrees out. This grill pan will leave every item with those ~sexy~ grill marks — aka ready for the 'gram.

    A grill pan being used inside

    30. A half-sheet baking pan to replace your warped and bent baking sheet. A good baking sheet will make your life 10x times easier, trust me.

    A baking sheet covered in roasted veggies

    31. A defrosting tray to defrost everything a lot quicker (yes, it really works). We're not sure about the science behind these, but we can tell you it's not BS and the time it saves you is seriously incredible.

    A meat defrosting tray

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