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    Want Something From Gap? Time To Check Out Their Cyber Monday Sale

    ...because almost everything is 50% off plus an *extra* 10% off on top of that (with free shipping).

    Gap is offering 50% off practically everything for Cyber Monday *plus* you can get an additional 10% off (and free shipping!) if you enter promo code GAPCYBER at checkout. From comfy loungewear to everything in between, this sale has everything, including the perfect holiday gifts!

    Here's everything you need to check out:

    1. A cable-knit crewneck sweater because you can never have enough cable knit sweaters, trust us on this.

    Model wearing multi-color sweater

    2. A pair of high-rise, dark-wash skinny jeans for your next grocery store run. Bonus: These are extra stretchy!

    model wearing dark skinny jeans

    3. A funnel-neck shirt because if you slip one of these on, it will make you look chic. Throw on a pair of skinny jeans and sunnies, and suddenly you're an off-duty model during NYFW.

    model wearing a blue high neck tee

    4. A mock neck tee for layering this season; this top is perfect under any sweater or cardigan. Throw on a beanie, and you're good to go. Plus how cute is the neckline detail?!

    model wearing red mockneck tee

    5. A pair of ~cozy~ socks because you deserve it, and so does your entire family.

    A pair of red cozy socks

    6. A pair of denim utility joggers to wear instead of jeans during your next Netflix marathon. These pants will pair perfectly with any top you want to throw on!

    model wearing denim joggers

    7. A henley shirt because it's ~perfect~ WFH attire, plus you can also wear it to bed. So if you're running late for your first Zoom call of the day, you can just simply roll out of bed.

    model wearing cream tee

    8. A pointelle crewneck tee with ~ super cute~ button detailing on the shoulders — I'd love pairing this tee with high waisted jeans.

    model wearing pink pointelle tee

    9. A fleece turtleneck because why be only stylish and cozy when you can be both?! This turtleneck is perfect for throwing on to walk your pup or strolling around the neighborhood.

    model wearing grey fleece turtleneck

    10. A pair of high rise wide-leg crop khakis for dreaming of warmer days. These pants come in a few colors, making them perfect for any virtual cocktail hour.

    model wearing wide-legged pants

    11. A pair of flannel PJs joggers because we know you're already wearing these with your blouse during your Zoom meeting. So why not add one of these to your ever-growing collection.

    model wearing flannel PJs bottoms

    12. A pair of smartphone gloves in case, despite the frigid weather, you still need to check your email when you're out and about. This pair of gloves also make the perfect gift for anyone on your holiday shopping list.

    A pair of yellow and pink gloves

    13. A wrap-front cardigan to give you a Parisian vibe. This chic piece is perfect for wearing all day and every day. Don't forget the red lipstick to perfect the look.

    a model in a white top with a tie around the middle

    14. A vintage wash V-neck tee because you can never have enough tees. (Trust me on this one.)

    model in light blue/green tee

    15. A cotton flannel shirt to put on for your last hike of the season. As hiking season is coming to a close, these shirts are perfect for throwing over any graphic tee.

    Model wearing purple flannel

    16. A cozy scarf made out of recycled material – how great of a stocking stuffer would this be?

    A brown animal print scarf

    17. A pair of PJ bottoms for you to live in this winter because let's be real here, your favorite pair is starting to get holes (don't worry, me too.) These are flannel, so they'll keep you extra warm this winter.

    model wearing red plaid pj pants

    18. An extremely soft and textured crewneck sweater for baking holiday treats in. If cooking isn't your thing, this crewneck pairs perfectly with a glass of wine and mom jeans.

    model wearing a pink pullover

    19. A khaki utility jacket because we both know you're dreaming of somewhere warm.

    model wearing tan jacker

    20. A linen-cotton V-neck sweater tank to throw over your favorite button-down. The sweater vest over a button-down has been on-trend all season, and why not use this as a fun layering piece? Try layering it over your favorite turtleneck for a super ~fun~ vibe.

    model wearing green sweater tank top

    21. A pair of flannel PJ shorts for your WFH wardrobe collection or just lounging. These shorts are best paired with a cup of caffeine and your favorite oversized sleep tee.

    model wearing blue and green shorts

    22. A ribbed cami to use as base layer for any wintery look.

    model in white cami

    23. A ~print~ funnel-neck shirt for layering under a solid colored sweater. This will bring all the ~funky~ vibes you need this winter.

    model in purple turtleneck with pink details

    24. A striped linen blazer because everyone needs one in their life. This lightweight blazer is perfect for throwing on for any Zoom meeting.

    model in black striped blazer

    25. A raglan crewneck sweatshirt that's cozy, cute, and perfect for pairing with jeans, leggings, or sweatpants.

    model wearing a gray crewneck wit small blue stars

    26. An actually stylish Christmas sweater to help you fully get into the holiday spirit.

    model wearing a white sweater with a pink and red fair isle design

    27. And a rib beanie that comes in tons of colors and makes a great stocking stuffer.

    the beanie in mustard yellow

    What are you waiting for? Head to Gap for 50% off (enter promo code GAPCYBER at checkout for an extra 10% off on top of that) and start your shopping right now!

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