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    Even If You’ve Been Living In The Same Place For Too Long, These 30 Easy Wayfair Products Will Feel Like The Refresh Button

    Yes, it's really this easy to give your home a makeover.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A modern and contemporary TV stand that'll make your living room look like it was decorated by The Jetsons. Bonus: It has three open shelves, one concealed cubby, and a drawer, so you have plenty of space to store all those DVDs you watch once a year but can't seem to part with.

    A brown TV stand in a reviewer's home

    2. An electric fireplace to keep you toasty and comfy at home — despite what temp your thermostat is currently stuck at. Practical and statement-making, you'll be wondering why you didn't get this sooner. Just imagine how cute this will be during the holiday season.

    A white fake fireplace in a home

    3. A velvet seashell barrel chair, because you need somewhere to put all those clothes you're too lazy to fold and hang. When it's not covered in clothes though, this chair will still look incredible in your home, with a great texture that feels fantastic to curl up on. Add to any room and watch the compliments come rolling in.

    A pink barrel chair in a home

    4. And a matching loveseat that'll make your living room all matchy-matchy — after all, the only thing more welcoming than one gorgeous velvet seat to sink into is *multiple* gorgeous velvet seats to sink into.

    a reviewer photo of the teal loveseat

    5. A rustic-inspired solid wood coffee table to give your home a relaxed, coffee and bookstore vibe. Once you have a hero piece like this, it's super easy to match the rest of the room with it! We should also mention this baby has 11,000 5-star reviews — and for good reason, too.

    6. A three-piece contemporary quilt set because it's time to upgrade your bedroom. This monochrome set can give your room a totally different look that'll be perfect for any season, and will probably help you sleep better, too. It's really that easy to nail a stylish look *and* redesign the (arguably) most important room in your home.

    the mustard quilt set

    7. A braided jute pouf that'll be the perfect spot to kick up your feet after a ~looooong~ day. It's boho-inspired, so it matches pretty much any decor style; plus, your fur baby is going to love it! For a cohesive look, choose one with colors that match your couch!

    8. An MCM-inspired square arm sofa because it's stylish, yet you can melt into its soft cushions. You don't have to choose between gorgeous decor and furniture that just gives you that ~ahhhh~ feeling — treat yourself to both!

    a reviewer photo of the rust colored couch

    9. An abstract canvas triptych that will instantly elevate a room in the simplest way. With its eye-catching graphic imagery and soothing color palette, you can even use this as a base to curate a whole room around. Before you know it, your home will be transformed into your home design Pinterest board.

    A set of three orange, green, black and white paintings in a home

    10. A low and rustic style bed frame because you've been ~dreaming~ about one forever. Since it's solid wood, no two beds are exactly the same, which only makes us love this one more. Plus, it looks *so* stylish and cozy you'll never wanna leave your bed ever again.

    the wood bed frame

    11. A traditional Le Creuset enameled steel kettle that'll give your home a cheery, welcoming feel. Made from fast-heating carbon steel, this kettle is chip- and stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Let's be real here, it's all about the little things, and this screams: "I'm an adult!" Bonus: Based on the color of the kettle, you can find some matching kitchen accessories and just like that, you look like you have your life together.

    the red tea kettle

    12. A set of marble bookends for keeping all the hardcovers on your TBR list nice and organized. Besides being heavy enough to keep them all upright, they also look super luxe and will give any room a hint of glamour.

    Marble bookends holding up two books

    13. A colorful area rug that'll be the pièce de résistance​​ to your home glow-up. Designed to hold up even in high-traffic areas, this uniquely textured gem will make you want one in ~every~ single room.

    A grey run with blue, orange, yellow pink and grey lines

    14. A fringed geometric lumbar pillow with a removable cover to instantly give any room those coveted Architectural Digest vibes. It's also lovely to cuddle with while you rewatch Elf for the hundredth time.

    the pillow

    15. A classic and elegant tasseled knit throw that you can simply place anywhere to up your decor game. Perfect for curling up in on a rainy day, this fade- and stain-resistant blanket is the best companion for your next Netflix binge or a last-minute guest.

    A red throw blanket on a couch

    16. Or a shaggy sherpa throw for a super snuggly ~hygge~ moment. Not only is this blanket beautiful and cozy — it's also fluffy, warm, and machine-washable. A simple yet stylish way to add that touch of coziness you're desperate to master this season.

    A fluffy white blanket on a black chair

    17. A glamorous chaise lounge that will make you feel like an elegant aristocrat every time you lie on it (even if you're just taking a cat nap). Chic and with a unique silhouette, it proves that style is just as important as comfort.

    a reviewer photo of the beige chaise

    18. A large etagere bookcase because if you spent all this money on books you're never going to read and tchotchkes from all your summer travels, you should at least have a pretty place to display them. Industrial and stylish, these 17 (!!!) shelves are adjustable, so you can use this to store just about anything.

    the bookshelf

    19. A floor lamp with a built-in side table that'll provide some relaxing mood lighting as you sit and relax. Ideal for that empty corner you don't know what to do with, the table is just the right size to hold a cup of coffee and your phone. Plus, it has a USB port so that you can charge and chill!

    a reviewer photo of the lamp next to a green chair

    20. A wood-and-iron bar cart for the homebody who would rather stay in and drink at home instead of go out. In addition to holding up to 10 bottles of wine, this industrial-inspired cart can also store 10 wine glasses and has two shelves of storage space. Or, if you'd prefer, you can easily convert it into a coffee and hot chocolate station!

    the bar cart with bar supplies on it

    21. An over-the-toilet storage cabinet that'll decorate and organize your entire bathroom in one simple step. With its multiple shelves and doors to hide your excessive amount of toiletries, it might actually inspire you to use all the skincare products you've bought from watching hours of TikTok. Plus its charming design adds a bit of style to an otherwise utilitarian area.

    A white over the toilet organizer

    22. An ultra glam headboard because you're an adult now and actually *need* one in order to feel at home. With its tufted, nailhead design and plush texture, it'll make your bedroom feel like you're in a Parisian hotel without having to leave the house. Changing your headboard can seriously change the vibe of a room!

    A blue headboard in a home

    23. A kitchen island cart to make your kitchen look as stylish as the ones on the Food Network. Inspired by the French cottage aesthetic, this versatile bb will be a stunning and functional addition to your kitchen. It comes with a built-in towel rack, spice rack, and towel bar, and of course, it has a lot of storage. It even comes with removable wheels!

    A reviewer photo of the wood kitchen island

    24. A free-standing bathroom cabinet so your bathroom looks as organized and aesthetic as the rest of your home. Not only does this have super pretty molding, but it's a wonderful storage solution for hiding all the toilet paper you hoarded during the first year of the pandemic. Plus, it'll give your bathroom spa vibes which will seriously elevate the room.

    A grey cabinet in a home

    25. A set of two tall end tables to give the living room that extra storage and surface space you so desperately need. With their sleek and simple design, these open-end tables will make any room appear larger. Plus they're a great spot for snacks and drinks during those lazy nights in.

    Two black tables in a room with books and a grey couch

    26. A set of two rustic cross-back wooden chairs for a modern farmhouse kitchen look. Picking up new chairs is a super simple way to redo your dining area with minimal effort, especially since entertaining season is here. These chairs are so comfortable you might actually hang out in them long after the meal is over.

    Home with multiple colors chairs at table

    27. A four-person dining set so you can finally upgrade your dining room after watching countless hours of HGTV. Stylish, stunning and highly discounted, this item will get you all the compliments and make your house feel straight out of a magazine. Who knows, it might actually get you to cook more, too.

    a reviewer photo of the glass and metal table with four green chairs

    28. A rustic chic console table because there's no reason organization can't be stylish. Add an ornate bowl to hold your keys and mail in your entryway or use it as a place to finally display all those massive coffee table books you've been hoarding.

    reviewer photo of the console table with home decor on it

    29. A solid-wood, hairpin-leg coffee table for folks who want that hip coffee shop atmosphere but don't want to leave home. Made from acacia wood, this table shows off the natural grain and features a live edge, so no two tables are exactly alike. It will truly be a one-of-a-kind addition to any home.

    a reviewer photo of the table

    30. A 1,000 thread-count Egyptian cotton set that'll make your bedroom feel like a hotel room. Buttery smooth and made from environmentally-friendly ingredients, this machine-washable set is sure to check off all your boxes and anyone else who might be on your holiday list.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.