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    30 Cute And Cozy Things That’ll Keep You Warm Without Cramping Your Style

    The cold never bothered me anyways. ❄️

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A plaid maxi skirt because you've been seeing it on Pinterest and on the gram' for months now and still haven't found the right one. News flash, bestie, this comes in over 20 different colors, so you can finally find one that goes with your aesthetic. BRB adding these in about ten colors to my cart!

    A reviewer in an orange skirt with black shirt with dog and partner in blue

    2. A homecoat that's basically a walking duvet because it's comfortable and ~actually~ acceptable to wear out of your bedroom. Not only does this keep you super warm, but It's also made of terry and cotton, so it's just so freaking cozy. BTW, this item is a favorite of Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber.

    3. A sweater dress that'll feel so cozy, you'll never want to take it off. We love this comfy piece because it's great for days when you don't feel like putting a lot of effort into your look but still want to look good. Add a pair of tights and tall boots and you're ready for work, date night, or any wintery occasion.

    A reviewer wearing a light brown dress with white heels with a child wearing white and pink

    4. A pair of V-front wide-leg pants to replace those ratty sweats you've had for far too long. Slide into these high-rise babies on days when you just want to be wrapped in a warm hug. We suggest pairing these with fuzzy socks and, of course, a cup of ~spiked~ hot chocolate or coffee.

    Model wearing blue pants with a white top and blue top

    5. A knitted bralette because sometimes you just don't feel like wearing a lot of clothing but still want to feel cozy. Made of 50% recycled materials, you can look and feel good while wearing it.

    A model wearing the beige bralette with matching sweater and black leather pants

    6. A sweatsuit great for situations where you have no clue what to wear but you sure as heck don't want to wear jeans *shudders*. Ideal for lounging around and watching TV, but dressy enough to wear out and about with friends.

    reviewer wearing the gray sweat suit

    7. A waffle-stitch polo top that'll be perfect for all the zoom meetings you're dreading. Professional yet cozy, this alpaca piece might even warm up your icy heart on a cold winter day you Grinch. (Jk jk)

    Model wearing grey sweater

    8. A bodysuit because name a better base item to get this winter, I'll wait. It's super soft and the perfect bottom layer for all your cold-weather fits.

    A reviewer wearing a black turtleneck with white pants outside in the snow

    9. A fisherman cable knit sweater since they've been haunting you and your social media feeds. Another classic staple piece that will last years to come, we can already think of hundreds of ways to style this bb. Plus it's 100% cotton, so you know it's going to be uber comfortable.

    A reviewer wearing a green sweater with black pants

    10. A pair of fleece-lined leggings that'll give you the look of leggings but ~actually~ keep you warm in the snow (like the reviewer below). With over 17,000 5-star reviews, it is safe the say the internet loves these, and you probably will too. Also, you can always layer these under pants for extra warmth.

    A reviewer wearing purple leggings with a white top outside in the snow with ski

    11. A full-zip hoodie because we both know you should probably get a new one since you've been wearing your college one for, like, a million years.

    A reviewer wearing white hoodie with jeans

    12. A striped sweater — it's a classic, and everyone needs at least one. We both know you've been seeing these and the "French girl aesthetic" trend all over your feeds right now, so might as well take this as your sign to get one. Striped sweaters are a timeless and classic staple, and this is great for looking and feeling put together.

    Model wearing cream and black sweater

    13. A cute and simple square neck top that'll jazz up any cozy look. Pair with some comfy jeans, and bam, you'll look like the lead in a Hallmark rom-com. And if you're not a jeans person (same), try pairing this with a skirt but don't forget your fleece-lined tights!

    A reviewer wearing the cream top in a family photo with jeans, a little kid in brown and black, a reviewer in a grey top and jeans holding a baby in cream and denim

    14. A quarter-zip pullover because sometimes you just need an extra layer of comfort. Heavyweight to keep you nice and cozy, this piece has earned a spot in our hearts with its super cool seam details.

    Model wearing grey quarter zip with black pants

    15. A pair of ribbed pants so comfy they'll feel like your favorite pair of PJs. High-waisted and available in some gorg neutral colors, you'll be wearing these nonstop with any and everything.

    Model wearing grey pants with a white top, blue and white shoes and a white bag

    16. A chic cashmere cardi with pockets to keep you warm no matter what the weather is like outside. Relaxed, cozy, and stylish, you'll be grateful for this for years to come.

    A model wearing grey cardigan with black pants

    17. A sweater vest that you'll get a lot more use out of it than you think. Not only are they an extra layer to keep you cozy, but they also easily elevate any outfit. Try styling a colorful vest over an all-black outfit, and you'll see it makes all the difference.

    reviewer wearing the black sweater vest over a white collard shirt with a red beret and black shoes and knee high socks

    18. A basic long-sleeve lightweight tee because there is nothing more comfortable than a tee. And you probably need to replace that white tee that's no longer white...

    A reviewer wearing red and white tee with jeans and slide on sneakers

    19. A cropped animal print cardigan for my friends in the warmer parts of the country. Not every winter is a snow-fest and I see you! I recognize you! Channel all the cozy vibes with this cardi without literally overheating on your morning commute.

    Model wearing black and blue animal print  cardigan with a black pant

    20. A faux leather bodycon skirt that is actually comfortable, yes you read that right. We love this mini–midi skirt because it's basically a blank canvas and you can style it about a hundred different ways. Pair it with some tights on chilly winter evenings and on its own once the weather finally starts warming again!

    A reviewer wearing a black skirt with black shoes and a red top

    21. An oversized sweater complete with giant pockets, so you can store your phone or whatever else you want to hide this holiday season (may I suggest using this pocket for a flask (responsibly) or to store some snacks.)

    Models wearing light brown top

    22. A pair of fuzzy socks because what is cozy season without fuzzy socks? An abomination, that's what!

    A reviewer wearing a grey and white sock with brown pants

    23. An oversized turtleneck dress that'll be comfortable without being too tight. Throw this on with tights and knee-high boots, and you've got a perfect winter look.

    A reviewer wearing an orange dress with tan coat

    24. A pair of the legendary Lululemon leggings to wear even though we both know you're not working out rn. Buttery-soft and as light as a cloud, you might just need these in at least three colors of the seemingly millions of colors.

    Model wearing grey beige pants with white socks and sneakers

    25. A lightweight crewneck sweater because you can never have too many basics. Add a warm turtleneck tee under for a straight-out-of-a-Hallmark movie look! Just be warned, you might just fall in love with the struggling Christmas tree farmer from your hometown.

    a reviewer wearing a brown sweateshirt and jeans

    26. A corduroy long-sleeve button-down jacket and pants set for those people who are always looking for a cohesive outfit. Throw a simple turtleneck underneath, and you'll have the perfect "just running to grab a peppermint mocha" look ever.

    A reviewer wearing a grey set with white tee and yellow colored lens

    27. A fluffy crewneck sweater because there is nothing we would rather cocoon ourselves in than this. Soft, cozy, and everything you could want, you might just find yourself petting your own sweater instead of your furbaby.

    Model wearing bright orange top with bottoms

    28. A pair of warm tights you can wear under an outfit or pair with your favorite dresses or skirts. Warm, soft, and breathable, what's not to love about these? (Yes, the reviewer below is wearing tights!!)

    A reviewer wearing tan tights with a pink dress and pink hair and white heels

    29. A three-piece loungewear set because you deserve it. This stylish set comes with a top, a bottom, and a duster for peak loungewear vibes. Ideal for chilling at home or grabbing coffee with the squad.

    A reviewer wearing a pink set

    30. A shacket to keep you warm on a brisk day. Created with soft and fuzzy midweight fabric, this is sure to keep you nice and comfortable all day long. These are also super great for throwing on to take the doggo for a quick walk.

    A reviewer wearing a brown and blue shacket with a camera and light was jeans

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.