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    20 Kinda-Boring But Very Important Home Improvement Necessities From Amazon

    Sometimes you just gotta go back to the basics.

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    1. A Black + Decker cordless drill/drive with a 30-piece accessory kit to add to your tool collection. Not only does the battery hold a charge for up to 18 months, but it also has a 24-position clutch to provide extra comfort and protect your drill from overdriving.

    A reviewer's orange drill with accessories

    2. A set of flashlights with five modes because it's the start of hurricane season. An LED flashlight that's water-resistant and zoomable? Yes, please. I'll take 10!

    Two black flashlights with packaging

    3. A RAK universal socket grip tool that'll make your life so much easier. Made from stainless steel and with 54 individual hardened steel spring pins, you'll be asking yourself, why didn't I buy this sooner? Bonus: It includes a power drill adopter.

    A close up of a reviewer's silver, red and black socket grip

    4. A pair of pruning shears because your garden needs it. Complete with micro-shears, stainless-steel blades, and even a safety lock to keep your blade safe, this is an excellent item for any gardener (no matter your skillset.)

    A reviewer's pruning shear with an orange and black handle

    5. A three-in-in caulking set that'll make your next home improvement project run as smoothly as the rest of your home. With a three-in-one caulking tool, stainless steel scrapers, replaceable silicone pads, a sealant removal tool, and different edged tools, this set has basically everything and anything you could possibly need to get the job done.

    A grey tool with black, white, blue additional accessories

    6. Or, a smaller hole repairing tool also capable of getting the job done. It promises to mask any small flaws on your walls, whether due to other past home improvement projects or previous tenants. Resistant to shrinking, cracking, sagging, and flashing of paint, this super boring item will 100% help with big or small home-improvement projects.

    A white, blue and black bottle of hole filler in front of filled holes in a wall

    7. A 39-piece toolset with a storage case to start off your tool collection on the right foot. Each tool is chrome plated and heat-treated to resist corrosion, so everything will remain in top shape after years of use.

    A reviewer's pink and black tool set in a carrying case

    8. A set of measuring tapes because although this is the most ~boring~ item on here, they're a ~must~ for any home improvement project. Obviously, you can never have enough measuring tapes. And did I mention this comes with not one, but two?!

    a reviewer's two measuring tapes

    9. A set of waterproof patches and seal tape to conquer any item with holes in it because sometimes you just need a quick fix. Since it's known for creating a permanent bond, can be used both indoors and out, and is incredibly thick and flexible, I'm surprised you don't already own 304,393,113 packs of this tape.

    10. A multi-purpose blade and tool sharpener because some of your tools probably need to get sharpened (don't worry, you're not the only one slacking on sharpening your most-used tools.) The medium side of this puck is ideal for sharpening and finishing off an edge while the the coarse side is great for shaping and quick cutting.

    A reviewer holding a grey stone sharpening puck

    11. A Swiss Army knife with seven functions because sometimes it's easier to have all the tools you need in your pocket. The seven functions of this tool include a large blade, a screwdriver, scissors, tweezer, toothpick, nail file, and key ring. Not only will they help improve your home, but they can make your life way easier, as you'll never lose another nail file again.

    A reviewer's red swiss army knife with nail file and knife feature out

    12. A set of seven pilers that'll ensure you always have the right tool for that oddly specific project you're working on. These pliers have non-slip handles, are heat-treated, and are made from durable materials that'll last a lifetime.

    A reviewer's set of seven pliers with blue and red handles

    13. A HongWay-1,650 piece hardware kit with nuts, bolts, washers, and screws so that you'll never run out of those items ever again. What's great about this kit, other than the amount of items you're getting, is that it has dividers that keep hardware from mixing together.

    the 1650-piece kit in a black organizer

    14. A wallpaper smoothing kit for those brave enough to take on the art of wallpaper and more. This basic set not only works on wallpaper, but can also be used for woodwork, ceiling trimming, glass film, window tints, vinyl wrap, and baseboard projects.

    reviewer with red wallpaper tools on kitchen counter

    15. A basic ladder because ladders are 100% a necessity for just about any home improvement project. Fun fact: This ladder can covert to an extension, a frame, a trestle-and-plank, or be angled at a perfect 90 degrees. I stan a multi-purpose ladder.

    A reviewer's tall ladder outside a home with plants

    16. Or, a smaller four-step lightweight ladder if you don't want a big one. Not only does it have a folding step-stool with a tool platform, but it's portable, lightweight, and has a solid handgrip and anti-slid pedal. BRB adding to my cart rn.

    A small step ladder in a reviewer's home with green legs

    17. A power strip surge protector that'll give you the ability to work on about 500 different projects at the same time. Heavy-duty, space-saving, and compact, this will quickly become your new best friend when it comes to any home improvement project that requires electricity.

    A reviewer's grey power surge strip with black devices plugged in

    18. A set of paintbrushes because, ya know, you can't paint your home without the basic tools to do it. Plus, they work for both indoor and outdoor projects.

    a set of five paint brushes

    19. A 10-piece magnetic screwdriver set for that'll get any job done. All screwdrivers in this set come with non-slip handles to keep your hands safe and sound while working on the project at hand.

    A reviewer's carrying case with yellow and black screwdrivers in it

    20. And a Dewalt tool storage container because with all the tools you've collected over the years, don't they deserve to have their own space? Plus, this ensures you won't lose them.

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