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    25 Things From Amazon That’ll Make Decluttering Your Kitchen So Much Easier

    Everything you need to ~finally~ organize your kitchen.

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    1. A stainless-steel kitchen caddy to store sponges, soap, and more. This caddy promises to be durable and rust-proof, and it's also easy to clean and can easily be removed.

    A stainless steel caddy in a sink, full of colorful sponges

    2. A container lid organizer, because we're all tired of losing the lids of our food containers. Made from BPA-free plastic, this item is a total game-changer, especially for meal preppers. It comes with five adjustable dividers so that it can suit your needs.

    A plastic lid organizer with red and black lids in it

    3. A bamboo expandable drawer organizer to keep your cutlery as easily accessible as your coffee machine. With six to eight compartments, it's easy to keep everything organized. Not only can it be used in the kitchen, but it could also pretty much be used for anything, like your junk drawer.

    A bamboo insert in a drawer filled with flatware

    4. Or a minimalistic compact cutlery organizer that'll keep everything in its place. The stacked design of this organizer maximizes space with minimal effort. Did I mention that this item has cutlery icons, so it's super easy to figure out where a piece of flatware belongs?

    A grey flatware organizer in a drawer

    5. A water bottle organizer so maybe you'll actually remember to drink your water. This organizer has an adjustable height to make sure that every bottle can fit.

    A water bottle organizer full of colorful bottles

    6. An expandable under-sink storage unit to keep your sink cabinet looking as neat as the rest of your kitchen. Due to its unique shape and flexibility, you can adjust it around your plumbing, making it ideal for storing your cleaning supplies.

    7. A kitchen wrap organizer rack, so you don't lose track of the aluminum foil again (we've all been there, don't worry). Its simple design makes finding a roll of whatever way less complicated. Did I mention that you can fit at least three rolls per row?

    A bronze plastic wrap storage unit holding wrap in a cabinet

    8. A K-Cup carousel that'll showcase all your favorite caffeinated beverages. This rotating vertical storage unit can spin 360-degrees, making it easy to get whatever flavor you're craving.

    A black k-cup organizer filled with various colored pods

    9. A 14-piece airtight storage container set so that you can live your best Pinterest life. These containers are BPA-free and ideal for storing just about anything, so it's time to say goodbye to inconsistent packaging.

    the organizers holding sugar and other dry goods in a pantry

    10. An over-the-cabinet-door organizer to free up your counter space. Looking for a place to store cutting boards, bakeware, cookie sheets, and more? Look no further than this brilliant invention.

    A silver over the wall organizer mounted on a cabinet door holding cutting boards

    11. A stackable can organizer rack because this isn't a want — it's a need. It can make finding that one oddly specific canned item you have for that one recipe way easier. Since it's horizontal, no items will get hidden in the back of your pantry.

    A white can organizer, full of colorful cans

    12. A stackable tea bag storage bin so your teabags aren't thrown all over your kitchen and pantry. With eight large sections to store a variety of types of tea and a hinged lid, this is sure to keep your space looking clutter-free.

    clear organizer holding tea

    13. A wall-mounted wine rack, because you need somewhere to store all that vino for wine Wednesday. Not only can you store bottles in this rack, but the bottom also has a glass holder. Bonus: It comes with wine charms. Bottoms up!

    A metal wine container that reads "wine" mounted on a wall with clear wine glasses and faux ivy

    14. An adjustable pot rack organizer that'll make it easier to find the perfect pot. It can store at least nine various-sized pots, and it can be set up in three different ways, so one is sure to suit your kitchen.

    Black pot organizer with pots and pans

    15. A KitchenAid dish rack, because it's probably time to replace your ancient one. Heavy-duty, satin-covered, rust-resistant, self-draining, and easily cleanable? Yes, please. *Adds to cart*

    A silver kitchenaid dish rack with black dishes in it

    16. A set of eight organizers to keep your pantry or fridge as organized as the rest of the house. The set is BPA-free and includes four small and four large drawers to store your favorite snacks.

    A cat looking at the clear containers in the fridge

    17. Or plastic food storage bins with an open front, so you can grab and go with whatever you're storing. There's nothing like stackable bins to keep your space super tidy.

    large stackable clear plastic containers full snacks

    18. Airtight pet food storage containers because, as pet parents, we gotta make sure our pets don't eat every morsel of food the second we leave our home. Ever struggle with pet food spilling everywhere? This comes with a pour spout to keep things less messy.

    Pet food in a clear container

    19. A mug holder to show off all those cute mugs you got from your travels or picked up at a market. Complete with six branches, this wooden mug holder will give your coffee corner a coffee-shop vibe.

    A wooden mug tree covered in colorful mugs

    20. A set of two three-tier spice racks that'll be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It's easy to fall in love with these spice racks and their no-skid and waterproof design.

    A set of white spice racks holding spice jars in a cabinet

    21. Or a space-saving five-tier wire spice rack for your favorite pantry or cabinet. It's a rustic yet modern design that will make you want to show off all your spices. Did I mention it'll be easy to install?

    A over the wall spice rack, filled with colorful spices

    22. A bakeware storage unit, so when you open the cabinet, your supplies don't come crashing on top of you. It's complete with seven adjustable dividers to make sure you have the proper amount of space.

    Bakeware storage unit, full of colorful baking dishes

    23. A three-tier hanging fruit basket to keep all your fruits in view. Since this is so elegant, it can easily double as chic kitchen decor. Bonus: Each basket can hold up to eight pounds.

    A three-tier black fruit basket with apples

    24. A paper towel holder for your wall, so paper towels are easily accessible at all times. With its easy installation, there's no need to drill — it just sticks to your wall.

    Silver paper towel holder in home

    25. A small two-tier sliding drawer storage unit to hold your favorite kitchen goodies. This unit is made from heavy-duty stainless steel that promises to last, no matter what you store in it.

    A silver storage united with colorful fruits and mugs inside

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