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    20 Pet Products From Amazon To Subscribe To If Your Pet Is Always Hungry

    If your pet is always hungry here are some pet products you should subscribe to help your pets hunger at bay.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A box of grain-free puppy training treats because your pup deserves these healthy and tasty treats. Bring these on your pup's walk and watch them become ~great listeners.~

    a reviewer holding treats and giving them to a dog

    Promising review: "I bought these for training my new puppy. I don't know why I took them to the airport with me when I picked my up, but I was very glad I did! My little guy was scared to death and cowered in the back of the carrier. I coaxed him out with the treat. He was shaking like a leaf, so I held him and spoke to him quietly for a few minutes. A note on the carrier said he hadn't eaten anything during his only layover, so as soon as he'd stopped shaking, I offered him a treat. He gobbled it down and wound up eating almost the whole bag. I bought another bag of these (at a store what shall remain nameless), and he really does love them! So I've signed up for Subscribe & Save, and they're even cheaper buying them that way! In the photo I've provided, I had just asked him if he wanted a treat. Note the ears up and intent look." – MAINE-IAC04473

    Price: $4.27/ month

    2. A high-protein dry food without grain for your pup to ensure they have a well-balanced diet.

    a reviewers dog waiting for its food

    Don't forget to clip the coupon to save 40% on your first Subscribe & Save order!

    Promising review: "The dog likes it, so I am assuming she thinks it tastes good (yes, this means I haven't personally ate any), and she doesn't get sick from it (she is a bit of a diva in the digestion department). Additional benefit is she has a shiny coat, and I am assuming it is the dog food." – lisa

    Price: $45.79/ month (available in three flavors and three sizes)

    3. A bag of dental cat treats because we know your cat will not let you go near their mouth. These treats help clean your cats' teeth by reducing plaque and tartar.

    a reviewer holding a bag of cat treats

    Don't forget to clip the coupon to save 40% on your first Subscribe & Save order!

    Promising review: "After crunching on these treats for a year, my cat got a very good dental report from the vet. So I kept buying them until my local stores thought not to stock them anymore. I'm very happy to find them on Amazon so that Zoe can continue to enjoy these treats that apparently help with her teeth and gums. She loves them!" – BKR

    Price: $3/ month ( available in three sizes and in chicken)

    4. A container of tropical fish flakes that'll help make their water cleaner and clearer. Bonus: It promises to help your fish glow a little brighter and is said to help enhance your fish's colors.

    a reviewer's fish eating the flakes

    Promising review: "My fish seem to like this food. They never complain about it, anyway." – yehuda beyda

    Price: $3.55/month (available in five sizes)

    5. A bag of crunchy and fruity snacks with cranberries and oatmeal for your next hiking adventure with your pup. This treat is not artificially preserved or flavored so you can feel good spoiling your pup.

    a reviewer pup waiting for treats

    Don't forget to clip the coupon to save 40% on your first Subscribe & Save order!

    Promising review: "My dog LOVES these treats! When we first adopted her, she was very picky about treats, and particularly wouldn't eat any crunchy treats. After a few years, she grudgingly ate the occasional crunchy bone-shaped treat, but she wasn't very happy with them. When we picked up a bag of these treats, she LOVED them! She tosses them around the house, wagging her tail, playing with them, and ultimately happily crunching her way through the treat. She actually begs for these! She's not as crazy about the apple flavor, but these cranberry flavored ones are a definite hit!" – Michelle

    Price: $4.28/ month ( available in cranberries and oatmeal)

    6. A box of Greenies Pill Pockets because we all know your pup hates taking medicine as much as you do. These do a good job of masking the pills (you can just ask my pup.)

    a reviewers plate full of pill pockets

    Don't forget to clip the coupon to save 40% on your first Subscribe & Save order!

    Promising review: "These were a lifesaver when giving our dog pills recently. (He's worse than the cats to give a pill to and he's like Houdini spitting them out when you KNOW he swallowed it!) He gobbled these right up with no issues!" – Mags

    Price: $5.31/month (available in three sizes)

    7. A can of floating mini pellets for your favorite betta fish. This formula is designed to help make their colors shine, helps support their immune systems, and so much more. Your betta will thank you.

    A reviewer's happy red betta

    Promising review: "This is the best betta food you can buy. My betta is not the sharpest tool in the shed. If he doesn't see me add his food to the bowl, he misses it completely. Because the food floats on the surface of the water, my little guy is able to find it, even when he doesn't see me add the food to the bowl." – C. Rother

    Price: $2.01/ month

    8. A 16-oz container of temptation treats for your cat because once you give them one of these, they will not stop begging for more. (Trust me, my cat begs for these).

    a reviewers cat enjoying treats

    Promising review: "My cats all love Temptations. They particularly like this one because it is a mix of flavors. I have two senior cats and even though these are considered a crunchy treat, they are not overly hard and the seniors have no problem eating them. The containers keep the temptations fresh and the flip top lid makes it easy to shake them out. I like to save the empty containers for storage!" – Danielleshu

    Price: $7.83/ month ( available in three flavors)

    9. A meaty tender stick treat for your favorite feline. These treats have no corn, wheat, soy and no artificial flavors, which makes them even more appealing.

    a reviewers cat eating the meat treat

    Don't forget to clip the coupon to save 40% on your first Subscribe & Save order!

    Promising review: "My cat demands these. Not just a meow here or there, but she actually stands in the kitchen screaming at me if she does not get one after her breakfast. These are by far the greatest thing to come into her life and as her lowly human, I get to provide her with them. This is the easiest way for me to keep my queen happy and chunky. She is a very happy cat because of these." – Mblmrchick

    Price: $16.06/ month (available in three flavors)

    10. A buffet blend of food for your aquatic turtle, complete with freeze-dried mealworms, vitamin-fortified pellets, and shrimp to make sure your turtle is getting everything they need. This food promises to give your pet all the essential protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals they need.

    A reviewers turtles enjoying the food

    Promising review: "This is a great treat for my two aquatic turtles, it makes them so happy! They enjoy every last bite, so much variety in one jar! They eat it all up at every meal, no fouling the tanks!" – Spacey

    Price: $5.34/ month ( available in 12 oz)

    11. A bag of raw, freeze-dried chicken treats for your cat because these treats are only one ingredient! These are basically chicken jerky for your cat, so why not give them this, and maybe they'll stop trying to steal your jerky.

    a reviewers cat next to red bag of treats

    Don't forget to clip the coupon to save 40% on your first Subscribe & Save order!

    Promising review: "Finally a treat that my cat really loves. She is not big on treats but if she find the bag of these she will rip open the bag and eat the entire bag (which she has done with no side effects). I order these constantly they are expensive but don't get thrown away like so many others. If I order enough at once Amazon secures them in the plastic airbags so that don't get smashed as they do crumble easy and if they just throw them in with other things they are powder when they reach me. Thank you Amazon for beginning to go the extra mile in packing fragile things carefully." – Mike

    Price: $3.69/ month ( available in six flavors)

    12. A box of wet cat food, which is portioned perfectly for your favorite feline. Another dinner option for your cat without grain, corn, wheat, soy, and no artificial flavors or preservatives. My cat seriously cannot get enough of this food.

    a reviewers cat waiting for food

    Don't forget to clip the coupon to save 40% on your first Subscribe & Save order!

    Promising review: "Cats eat this up. They like all the flavors. I try to swap in something different from these now and then and they are not impressed. This is the brand I can count on that they will eat right up and clean their plates." – Denise

    Price: $18.24/ month ( available in three flavors)

    13. A box of Greenies so your pup's breath ~smells better~ plus, this is great for their teeth. It helps fight plaque and tartar!

    a reviewer's dog waiting for a green bone

    Don't forget to clip the coupon to save 40% on your first Subscribe & Save order!

    Promising review: "I keep these in a specific drawer and the second the dog sees me open this drawer, she gets that big stupid happy look on her face with her tongue hanging and she runs over with her tail spinning in circles so fast, she looks like she's going to take off like a helicopter. Sometimes if I give her a treat, she'll stash it somewhere for later, but these never last and she gobbles them up right away. She LOVES these things and I'll just keep buying them for her because I love to make my furry friend that happy."Jennifer

    Price: $22.60/ month ( available in eight sizes)

    14. A bag of chicken-flavored high-protein, grain-free cat food to fuel your feline. This food promises to help promote a shiny coat, support immunity, and muscle maintenance. It also boasts some healthy fruits and veggies as ingredients.

    a reviewers two cats eating the food

    Don't forget to clip the coupon to save 40% on your first Subscribe & Save order!

    Promising review: "We have tried lots of cat foods throughout the years and we always end up going back to Blue Buffalo Wilderness. We have tried other brands and our cats become really annoying if they don't like their food. (They will wake us in the middle of the night by meowing and walking on my husband and I while we sleep.) When we feed this food – particularly in chicken – they rarely bother us in the middle of the night. " – Christa A. Benjamin

    Price: $34.78/ month ( available in three sizes)

    15. A millet spray for your favorite feathered friend because it encourages birds to eat, adds some nutritional value to diet, and it's an all-natural product. Bonus: It's great for ~bonding time~ with your bird or playtime.

    A reviewer's blue bird enjoying the treat

    Promising review: "This product is a must have for your birds and I use a lot of Kaytee products. I have Zebra and Society Finches and they all love it! You can hang it from the cage or simply drop it on the bottom floor. They enjoy eating it and when it gets lighter it is fun to watch them fly around carrying it! Some have even used it to put in their nests. This brand always arrives fresh and has good sizes inside. I like to keep it around all the time so I highly recommend this for your birds." – Doris S.

    Price: $4.99/ month ( available in six-count)

    16. A bag of bacon flavor dog treats that'll make your dog beg for more. We just know your dog is obsessed with bacon and cheese, so why not let them enjoy those ingredients in treat form instead of your leftovers.

    a reviewer's dog enjoying bacon treats

    Don't forget to clip the coupon to save 40% on your first Subscribe & Save order!

    Promising review: "They give you quite a few of these and my dogs love them. This is pretty good value for the money. I'd recommend these. I haven't tasted them myself but my dogs love them." – derek h needham

    Price: $7.58/ month

    17. A bag of baked carrot biscuit treats to give your small furry friend to improve their dental health and so much more. This product contains no artificial colors or flavors so that you can feel great giving it to them during playtime or your next training sess.

    a reviewer's bunny with the treats

    Don't forget to clip the coupon to save 40% on your first Subscribe & Save order!

    Promising review: "My bunnies love these treats so much! They're definitely a favorite. The resealable bag is convenient. Made with mostly healthy ingredients, they can have three to five a day, and boy do they. They come running for these! They're hard, so I'm sure it's good for their teeth to chew on them." – JP

    Price: $2.39/ month

    18. A bag of chicken rawhide-free large chews for spoiling your pup. These chews are a favorite of many (especially my pup), complete with a veggie outside to keep them both happy and healthy.

    A reviewer's dog enjoying a chew bone

    Promising review: "I have two pretty serious chewers. They prefer these bones over all of their longer-lasting dog bones, and these don't stink (which is more than I can say for most dog bones they like). I'm also less worried about digestion and choking hazards since these are rawhide-free. I buy these bones regularly and will continue to do so. Just don't expect them to last more than a few minutes for big chewers." – KD

    Price: $10.30/ month

    19. A giant box of grilled wet cat food covered in glorious gravy for your kitty — ideal for the cat who likes a sample a variety of dishes.

    A reviewer's collection of cat food

    Promising review: "I really love to be able to get my cats food from Amazon at a GREAT price instead of leaving the house and being caught in traffic. Love this product." – Michele Rita

    Price: $15.49/ month ( available in Primavera Variety)

    20. A few wild bison naturals, long-lasting dog chews for your dog to embrace the call of the wild. These chews promise to be highly digestable and have no added salt or preservatives in them.

    A reviewer's dog waiting for a chew bone

    Don't forget to clip the coupon to save 40% on your first Subscribe & Save order!

    Promising review: "I buy these on a subscribe and save and I received a large box of various items and threw the Nylabone package the stair landing and forgot about it. This morning I see a torn package on the stairs and wondered what it was; I get closer and started to chuckle. A torn package (and I think it's sealed really, really well) and NO BONE!!! My dog loves these!" – hmmmnice

    Price: $4.74/ month

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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