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    The Adidas Sale Section Is An Extra 20% Off, So It's Time To Upgrade Your Workout Wardrobe

    Everything in the sale section is 20% off, so there no better time than the present to up your workout gear game.

    Adidas is having a 20% off sale items promotion from now through February 27th, so it seems like perfect time to refresh your workout gear. To get the deal, use the code EXTRA20 at check out.

    Time to shop! Don't worry, we won't judge if you're purchasing while doing some "horizontal running."

    1. A pair of high-waisted shorts because spring is coming. These shorts are an upgrade from your typical bicycle shorts, and they're perfect for working out and post-workout smoothies.

    Model wearing pink tight shorts

    2. A colorblock terry cloth zip-up for your favorite little athlete. This zip-up promises to be extra comfortable for gym class, practice, and any other extracurriculars.

    A grey, white and black colorblock zip-up

    3. A pair of QT Racer Sport Shoes, because not only do these look sleek, they also are made up of recycled materials. They also have ~super light cushioning~ making them a great addition to anyone's workout wardrobe.

    A pair of purple, white and yellow sneakers

    4. A pair of workout pants for days when you want to ~spice~ up your workout gear. These pants are made from recycled polyester and are lined with polyester mesh to keep you cozy even on the weirdest weather days.

    Model wearing pink workout pants with gold stripe

    5. A pair of workout pants from The Zoe Saldana collaboration. These 7/8 length tights are super cute and also come in three colorful patterns.

    Model wearing pants with white and blue design on them

    6. A pair of colorful mid-rise shorts for your favorite teen, because sometimes a little color can really brighten up someone's day. These shorts are made of cotton, so they're extra comfy!

    A pair of rainbow flowery shorts

    7. A new track jacket to upgrade your outdoor workout wardrobe. This ~classic~ piece promises to be the perfect transition piece as we await the spring. Excuse us as we daydream about wearing this.

    Adidas track jacket in black and white

    8. An "own the run" tee to encourage you to own *your* run! This tee is quick-drying, breathable, comfortable, and it's even made with recycled material!

    a model in a black running tee

    9. A hooded wind jacket to protect you from all forms of extreme weather. This jacket is water repellent, has a pocket, and it's made from recycled material, so you can run a little easier and not worry about being soaked with anything besides sweat.

    Model wearing silver rain jacket

    10. A rainbow foil tee, so your favorite little star can shine extra bright. This ~holographic~ tee is sure to make your child the talk of the town. Bonus: it also wicks sweat away!

    A kid's tee shirt with holographic writing on it

    11. A long workout tee to add to your collection. This tee is moisture-absorbing and also made from recycled material. Plus with it's length, it's perfect to style with leggings!

    Model wearing light green workout tee

    12. A workout tank, because layering is always a great choice. This piece can stand alone in the warmer months and is reflective in low-light, making it ideal for an evening run.

    Model wearing white workout tee

    13. A fleece jacket to keep you warm during cold mornings. This '80s inspired quarter-zip jacket is full of pops of color and cool stitching, so no matter how hard your run is you'll still look effortless.

    Model wearing blue zip up pullover

    14. A pair of bootcut workout pants for long walks in the park and whatever the day might hold. These pants are ~moisture-wicking~ and designed to be EXTRA comfortable! Oh, we should mention, they also have pockets!

    Model wearing black bootcut workout pants

    15. A pair of track pants because, let's face it, that pair you've kept since college has seen better days. These are designed to be breathable, comfy, and are super reflective.

    Model wearing track pants

    16. A pair of Adidas' classic superstars because everyone should have these comfy and stylish shoes in their life. Bonus: These match everything! Workout gear? Yes. A summer dress? Also yes.

    A pair of white sneakers with black animal print

    17. A colorful romper for your little one because they deserve to look fashionable too. This super colorful romper is going to make you both ready for the spring.

    A purple camo romper for a baby

    18. A new pair of running shorts, because you can never have too many running shorts. These are super soft and lightweight, plus they're black and white, so they'll match every workout tee in your collection.

    Model wearing black and white workout shorts

    19. A classic hoodie to keep throw on and off during your workout routine. This loose ~fleece~ hoodie keeps you feeling warm and cozy every day.

    Model in black hoodie

    20. A parka to throw on, so there's no excuse to avoid working out in the rain. This parka has pockets, has a UV 50 factor, it's water repellent, and it's made of recycled material; what's not to love?!

    Model wearing a black parka

    We're adding everything to our cart right now soooo you might want to get what you want before it's gone.

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