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5 Things Angelenos Do That Piss Each Other Off

Why can't we all just get along?

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1. Hate on Other Areas of LA

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The great Westside v. Eastside and Westside v. The Valley debates run rampant wherever you go. Can't we all just recognize each area for what it has? The Valley is generally better for parking, and if you work there, you don't really want to leave much. The Westside has the beach, of course, and a number of pretty yet expensive cities to explore. The Eastside has downtown, more public transit, and cute hipster neighborhoods, but chances are you've got to travel elsewhere for work. Let's all team up and hate on Orange County.

2. Talk About Earthquakes Like They're No Big Deal (But Not Really)

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Unless you live somewhere that's frequently an epicenter (in which case, I'm truly sorry), most Angelenos don't feel earthquakes too much. So when we do feel one, we all seem to take to Twitter and say things like "Was that an earthquake?" and "OMG, that earthquake woke me up/scared my cat/knocked a piece of paper to the floor." The problem with this is when we make fun of the East Coast for freaking out over an earthquake, as happened a few summers ago. West Coast residents laughed like, "Haha, those East Coast people, it's just an earthquake. We have them all the time, what's the big deal?" The big deal is that we're used to it here, and we STILL make it into something. Always too cool for school, us Angelenos.

3. Divide Up Our Friends

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This can be a problem anywhere you go, but nowhere as much as Los Angeles, where everyone is "industry" or "non-industry." The problem here often lies in the kind of job you're holding down. Industry people who work on sets often have crazy hours, working overnight shoots, Sundays, and sometimes for months at a time straight, and then not at all for a few weeks. This can make it hard to coordinate with your non-industry friends, who may be more likely to work 9-6 five days a week (though that's rare anywhere, come to think of it). And industry people are all about the networking - they're all trying to connect with the same kinds of people, find a writing or collaboration partner, whatever it takes to get their next job. But really, can't we all just hang out?

4. Act Like We're Too Good for Public Transit

Jimmy Kimmel / Via Instagram: @jimmykimmel

We all complain about how public transportation in LA sucks. And yes, this is true. However, it's still accessible to you sometimes. They're currently building a line from Santa Monica to Downtown... how convenient is that? There are all kinds of buses, so even if you're going from Culver City to Hollywood, it's doable by bus. And hey, Jimmy Kimmel went to the Emmys downtown via subway from Hollywood and Highland, so if he's not too good for it, neither are you!

5. Fail to Recognize the Importance of Water Conservation

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In case you haven't realized, California (as well as numerous other states) is currently experiencing its worst drought in a long time. In fact, some say that at the rate we're going, we'll be dry in a year. So when the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge started making big waves, I was shocked to see how many friends and LA-based celebrities were all too happy to dump giant buckets of water and ice over their heads onto the grass or pavement. The initial defense was, "My one bucket won't make a difference," but pretty soon, it became hard to argue that fact. Supposedly, fines will be given out for anyone caught participating, but due to the fact that few have been issued for breaking lawn-watering restrictions, I can't see them cracking down on this. The point is, if you want to help this cause, DONATE. Make a video that doesn't waste clean water and brings attention to this issue, Matt Damon style. Or go the Charlie Sheen route - the guy has made some questionable decision in the past, but this time, he hit it out of the park.

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