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6 Things You Will Learn In Career And Life Planning @ UNCG

Career and Life planning or CED 210-04 is a course taught by Latasha Becton. This course helps with career planning and future job skill development.

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2. That feedback is a good thing!

Even though feedback can be seen in a negative way. Maybe by the way it was said or the context it is said in. There is a reason that person said it and you should still listen! Not all feedback is bad!

3. Choosing a career path you are passionate about.

It is really important to choose a path you enjoy and can see yourself doing every day. Choosing career solely for the financial stability or social status will not make you happy in the long run.

4. Making sure our interview skills are on fleek.

Learning how to have a professional resume/cover letter, dress appropriately and go about applying for jobs the right way were useful skills we learned that are essential to being successful in the workplace.

6. It is important to set goals for the future.

Having set goals gives us hope for the future and motivation to improve ourselves. Even if these goals don't turned out as planned, it still matters that you put in hard work.

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