Review Trolls Presents: Game Of Thrones

Real Talk from Real Trolls… Really

1. “It is to television what the Spider-Man musical is to Broadway.”

Hal Boedeker – Orlando Sentinel

2. “Its crap! wast your time on something else like andy dick swirling his thumb is his anus!!!!”


3. “It’s a bad Disney movie with violence. I keep waiting for Harry Potter to show up.”


4. “Painfully awkward to watch with your parents… If you want a good medieval show, watch Marlin.”


5. “So overrated…because all the young boys who never seen a boob before popped their first boner.”


6. “Season three was essentially a torture and snuff film… Vikings is a much better show.”


7. “The worst show I have ever seen. Shame on you HBO”

George Vulgaris

8. “Bleh all HBO seems interested in is porn… makes it awkward if your watching with people who don’t like that stuff.


9. “This show is disgusting and contains so much nudity it makes everyone feel uncomfortable.”


10. “Game of Thrones can be a big stein of groggy slog.”

Hank Stuever – Washington Post

11. “Seems like some soppy soap opera crafted by a 14 year old who instead of showing us actual plot prefers to shove boobs and sex down our faces.”


12. “Besides Dragons are cliché as hell.”


13. “Lose the drag-queen barbarians and the whole story around it.”


14. “I loved the red wedding because something had finally happened!”


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