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16 (American) Reactions To Boxing Day

Rule #1: If it doesn't involve eating, drinking or opening presents, it's not a real holiday. Rule #2: If it's celebrated in Canada, it's definitely not a real holiday.

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1. A True Patriot Respects Your Decision to Celebrate a Ridiculous Holiday

2. Canceling Boxing Day Would be Change We Can All Believe In.

3. The Day After Santa's Birthday Shouldn't Be Celebrated.

4. Even Wikipedia Can't Explain What it is.

5. Haz Boxing Day?

6. Conspiracy Keanu is, as usual, confused

7. The Truest American Loves America too Much to Acknowledge its Existence.

8. Miley Cyrus is the 'She' in 'That's What She Said.'

9. Oh, So You Celebrate Boxing Day. Please Allow Me to Retort.

10. The Most Interesting Man in the World has Ignored it Every Year of His Life.

11. The Overly Manly Man Doesn't Understand Boxing the Concept

12. Pssh, Please. Gots Better Things to do.

13. The Typical American Ain't Got No Time for That.

14. Yep, You Might be a Canadian if...

15. It's a Shining Example of America's Achievement Over Trivial Celebrations.

16. Even in the Future, Boxing Day Will Be Baffling.

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