10 Steps To Protect The Hacked Snapchat Of Your Lil’ Angel

Was your teen’s Snapchat hacked? Do you fear your baby girl’s personal information was compromised? Simply follow these 10 easy steps and have confidence there will be no bathroom selifes or duck faces of your lil’ angel going viral.

1. Make sure her security system is up-to-date and current.

Flixster / Via content7.flixster.com

2. Immediately change all passwords and dispose of any list of passwords.

3. Update all her privacy settings to assure absolute security.

4. Report the data breach to site administrators so they may monitor the situation.


5. Assure she understands all the dangers of the real world.


6. Warn her contact list about the potential of receiving unwanted messages from her.

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7. Monitor her online activity temporarily, and offer parental advice when necessary.

MrWGifs / Via mrwgifs.com

8. Ask her, above all else, to make good, safe choices.

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9. Take this as an opportunity to inform her about the intentions of teenage boys.

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10. Remind your baby girl to respect your wishes because some day, she won’t have you around to protect her.

YouTube / Via pinterest.com

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