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    • Because

      During the campaign, Romney was a threat to the Democrats and their allies in the media. Running in a bad economy that Obama had not successfully improved, the Democrats knew they wouldn’t win if the campaign were about “are you better off now than four years ago.” So they made it about demonizing Romney, and about class warfare. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars and devoted millions of lines of copy to portraying Romney in the worst possible light. And it worked. Now that the election is over and he’s no longer a threat, the Democratic media has moved on. The poor dears in this comment section, however, apparently weren’t able to see that the demonization of Romney was a political tactic. They actually believed what they read and watched in their liberal media bubble, never considering that the columnists and talking heads might be spinning the truth to further a political agenda.  It would be cute if it weren’t so pathetic.

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