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24 Things That Prove Stoners Are The Most Creative People In The World

Smokers gonna smoke — regardless of an immediately available pipe.

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1. This Starburst short pipe: / Via Instagram: @leeloo1995

If you lick and stick a few Starburst together, pierce a hole through the center, and make a little bowl for the herb on top, you've got yourself a Starburst shortie. Best part? Easy to hide (eat) the evidence.

2. This meticulously sculpted use of Airheads: / Via Instagram: @queen_kief

In the same vein as Starburst, though I can't help but guess the instant pliability of the Airhead candy would make it a little easier to work with.

3. An Xbox controller that lets you hotbox: / Via Instagram: @ganjagurl_official

When your controller breaks, not all hope is lost.


4. This Wii controller-turned-bowl: / Via Instagram: @inthegutters

Punch out the toggle, line with tin foil, and get lifted.

5. A hunk of cheddar as a great pocket pipe: / Via Instagram: @dan_the_man_420

Can't imagine it has much permanence, but isn't that kinda romantic?

6. A brunch-appropriate cantaloupe bong: / Via Instagram: @tac0belle__

The little devil horns on this one earns extra credit points, TBH.

7. One brilliant use of kiwi: / Via Instagram: @riding_stars

You'd think the fruit options would be more limited, but you'd be wrong.


8. This dude demonstrating a banana's versatility: / Via Instagram: @lukecollier8

...dead wrong.

9. This strawberry shortbowl: / Via Instagram: @diabolical_devon

Maybe my pun didn't work, but it sure looks like this overgrown strawberry does the trick. Imagine how cute this would be at a picnic, as the gingham print suggests!

10. A pumpkin puffer: / Via Instagram: @marysunshine420

When PSLs aren't celebrating fall hard enough, there's always this option.

11. This pot-friendly potato: / Via Instagram: @_indigo._.child_

Poh-tatos and paw-tatos both work.


12. These Rice Krispie pipes: / Via Instagram: @texasstoners420

See — this is extra fun because you could DIY your own treats or pick up a box of them pre-made. Choose your own adventure, bb.

13. Some adorable baby bottle bowls: / Via Instagram: @itsbunnybetch

Different sizes for different stoned levels.

14. One ripping Patron bong: / Via Instagram: @midcoastmediaproductions

That's an idea for celebrating the holidays. A very good one, to be real.

15. The secret second use for holiday lawn decor: / Via Instagram: @shank_c

Yet another festive take!


16. These Legos stacked as a killer bowl: / Via Instagram: @baked_satan_brownies.666

Forgive the pun and let's instead focus on how adorable and colorful this bowl is.

17. This Starbucks cup as a legit pipe: / Via Instagram: @beer_n_swimmingpools

You just got caffeinated and focus, why not just undo that? OK!

18. A seashell turned formidable beach wizard pipe: / Via Instagram: @uncle_sexyfingers

Made with a shoelace!

19. ...but seriously: / Via Instagram: @inkrs



20. An empty hand cream tin reworked as a bowl: / Via Instagram: @kati.420

Again with reuse, reduce, recycle! I'm pretty proud of these stoners right now.

21. A hollowed marker pipe: / Via Instagram: @rachelharder_10

Perfect for backpack stashing on the fly.

22. A manly pipe fit for a lumberjack: / Via Instagram: @k_pipes_workshop

The true definition of mountain man, maybe.


24. And last but not least, an...asthma inhaler? / Via Instagram: @emelyyyyy18

This makes literally no sense and I love it.