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    30 Things You Miss About Roommates When Living Alone

    Without pants or other people around to judge you, life is pretty sweet, but seriously — who's gonna split this Pad Thai with me?

    1. Sharing cleaning duties.

    NBC / Via

    Suddenly your one-bedroom seems to have. So. Much. FLOOR to mop!

    2. Splitting bill$, too.

    ABC / Via

    So you could save money for the more *important* things.

    3. Someone to take the blame.

    MTV / Via

    Sink overflowing with crusty dishes? Couldn't be you. Oh wait. You live alone now. That was you. Gross.

    4. Fashion advice.

    ABC / Via

    Great ideas you maybe hadn't considered.

    5. Carpooling.

    CBS / Via

    That song just doesn't sound as good sung solo.

    6. Reminding you what happened last night.

    MTV / Via

    Can I get a witness?

    7. A captive audience.

    Touchstone Pictures / Via

    Your friends and coworkers are sick of hearing about your new diet — but a roommate has no place to run.

    8. Assisting with tricky clothing.

    Warner Brothers / Via

    Not to mention neck-shaving assistance. How are you supposed to see back there??

    9. The occasional homemade goodie.

    ABC / Via

    Especially that one who stress-baked while studying for the GRE.

    10. Someone to help you eat the dinner you made.

    HBO / Via

    If you take just a bite of this quiche, I am officially validated.

    11. Necessary reality-checks/"shame".

    MTV / Via

    If another human is around to witness you chugging pickle brine, you're probably less likely to overload your sodium intake. Probably.

    12. But! They can make *you* feel more normal.

    FOX / Via

    *pats head* We're gonna pretend that pickle juice thing wasn't a thing.

    13. Pep talks.

    ABC / Via

    Instead of the eye-roll your laptop prefers.

    14. Someone to celebrate small victories with.

    NBC / Via

    The hot water is back on? Ah, hell yeah.

    15. Their pets.

    Blogspot / Via

    All of the cuddles, none of the 6 a.m. walks in January.

    16. A back-up alarm.

    ABC / Via

    Sometimes your clock radio, phone and, like, the sun — JUST ARE NOT ENOUGH.

    17. Justification for ordering take-out.

    WB / Via

    Although eating a whole pizza yourself isn't too bad.

    18. Company for running boring/necessary errands.

    WiffleGif / Via

    It's not like any of your friends who live across town are dying to accompany you on a hunt for killer tub grout.

    19. A hand around the house in general.

    ABC / Via

    Hi, can you help me get this thing I can't reach from the couch? Thanks.

    20. Partner for Sunday Funday.

    Comedy Central / Via

    Or... other make-believe stay-at-home observances.

    21. Helping you host house parties.

    NBC / Via

    Good for crowd control, entertaining the masses and deflecting the obligatory invites.

    22. Letting you in when you forget your keys.

    Disney / Via

    Now you get to call a locksmith and pay up $50 when you misplace your keys. LOL.

    23. Two words: sick clique.

    ABC / Via

    When you're not the only human snot factory in the house, it doesn't seem as gross.

    24. Comfort.

    NBC / Via

    Complaining on Tumblr softens life's blows only so much.

    25. Dropping knowledge randomly.

    ABC / Via

    When it's put THAT way...

    26. Reminding you there's life outside your head.

    HBO / Via

    So get out of bed.

    27. "Borrowing" "essentials" when you run out.

    E! Channel / Via

    Gotta make stir-fry for dinner but you're all out of olive oil? Borrow a splash. Maybe a splash of wine, too, while you're at it.

    28. Being weird together.

    CBS / Via

    Then it's almost OK.

    29. Coming home to a pal.

    NBC / Via

    Instead of your half-nibbled Little Debbie snack cake.

    30. Someone to listen to your problems.

    HBO / Via

    Tea parties with your stuffed animals doesn't usually summon similar closure feelings.

    However, your old roommates can always visit your new home.

    NBC / Via

    And then leave you to rehearse your solo break-out electro-slackgaze musical project sans pants. Or sip on pickle juice. Or whatever it is you wanna do and now can...

    ...because you live alone and that means you're the king/queen of your castle.

    Sony Pictures / Via

    G'on witcha pantless dance.

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