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    Posted on Oct 4, 2013

    9 Gifts Your Childless Friends Don't Realize You Don't Need

    Although likely well-intended, these gifts make for more trouble than you'd like. A fellow parent knows the truly dark reality of jigsaw puzzles.

    1. Loud Instruments And Other Things That Make Noise / Via

    They think: Let there be music!

    But really... "Hot Cross Buns" is a powerful number, although it probably won't warp Jr. into this century's Mozart.

    2. Enormous Stuffed Animals / Via

    They think: Cuddly!

    But really... Sure, easy to store in my ultra-secret invisible garage yet convenient for daily cuddle breaks.

    3. Stuffed Animals In General

    They think: Cuddly and portable!

    But really... Another plush push toward suffocation. Cool.

    4. Apparel Supporting THEIR Team / Via

    They think: Woo! Go *the mascot of the school only I went to*!

    But really... Did I ever actually make it past the tail-gating at my school? My daughter can wait to practice her beer pong wrist flick, seriously.

    5. Swaggy Baby Shoes / Via

    They think: He will be quite the miniature stud!

    But really... My little one ain't upright mobile yet, so—aren't they just pricy ornaments?

    6. 9999999-Piece Puzzles / Via

    They think: To build problem-solving skills!

    But really... It's almost like magnets hide in between couch cushions, under the fridge, etc. attracting stray pieces. Ugh!

    7. Aggressively Gender-Specific Clothing / Via

    They think: She's as precious as a princess!

    But really... She totally is, which is why we should let her know early on her color-pairing possibilities extent far beyond pink.

    8. Nickelodeon Compounds / Via

    They think: Like we had as kids!

    But really... Like we ground into the carpet, my mom's favorite velvet pumps and the neighbor's dog! SLIME TIME.

    9. Totally Inappropriate Slogans / Via

    They think: LOL! Book Club 2012!

    But really... Maybe, but still.

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