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    These Microwaveable Healthy Snacks Won’t Hurt Your Stomach Or Your Wallet

    Foods For Less

    For moms everywhere, finding healthy and affordable snack options that the entire family will enjoy is often a borderline-impossible task. Between varying dietary restrictions and taste preferences, as well as an overabundance of brands and varieties to choose from, the concept of everyone all sitting down to enjoy the same food together has become a rarity in most homes. Going out for dinner provides a wide array of options, as restaurants like Outback Steakhouse and P.F. Chang’s now offer larger menu variety than ever before in order to satisfy a diverse array of clientele. But when it comes to feeding our families, Americans today are typically pursuing healthy, quality options at reasonable prices. Fortunately, brands like Feel Good Foods are working to narrow the gap between junk food and health food.

    Started in New York City by two chefs who dedicated themselves to eating healthy and helping others to do so as well, Feel Good Foods offers a line of cheap, healthy microwaveable snacks. Their line of healthy, gluten-free food options include three varieties each of: Egg Rolls (chicken, vegetable and shrimp), Potstickers (chicken, vegetable and pork), Empanadas (chicken, vegetable and beef), Taquitos (chicken & chipotle, pinto & cheddar and beef & cheddar), and Snack Bites (chicken sausage & broccoli, pepperoni and three cheese). Every item is microwaveable and reasonably-priced, making Feel Good Foods both an affordable and convenient option for today’s mom-on-the-go.

    In addition to financial and time-saving benefits, eating gluten-free is actually a healthier alternative, both for adults and for children. A switch to a gluten-free diet can provide a variety of health benefits, include an alleviation from severe allergies, improved cholesterol levels, improved digestive health, increased energy, a reduced risk of heart disease, cancer and other ailments, and a heightened immune system. Going gluten-free helps to promote weight loss as well.

    There was a time when choosing gluten-free food for your family meant sacrificing flavor for health. However, that stigma is quickly evaporating thanks to brands like Feel Good Foods on the market.

    Feel Good Foods
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